siege bug

  1. In Progress Walls during siege of Oristocorys Castle teleported into the water.

    Summary: How to Reproduce: That's a good question, I was fighting western empire since choosing side in the main story quest. Just before the glitch I was calling an army and besieging Oristocorys Castle. It happened just after starting a siege. Glitch didn't fix itself after reloading the game...
  2. Resolved [1.6.0] Siege of Quyaz, spawn defenders problem.

    Summary:Hi, in map siege of Quyaz (Aserai), have problem with spawn defender units. How to Reproduce: In tower (most right, if look how attaker) spawn units defenders, blocked unbreakable door. Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related):Quyaz siege Media (Screenshots &...
  3. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Today I let the AI f6 a siege out of spite and disgust for the lack of being able to jus.... well ANYTHING

    I took razih of the Aserai faction, beautiful town, fully upgraded, 5k something prosperity, install full security garrison and a golden boy governor, continue irrigation, you know the pro plan to stabilize the town, nothing special. On to the next one. Everything's fine at first..... then it...
  4. LyonExodus

    In Progress Reposting Of 1.5.9. Beta Milita and Gate Bug

    Summary: Original Post 1: Original Post 2: How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  5. LyonExodus

    Main Gate Siege Bug 1.5.9. beta

    The 1.5.9. beta is a stable one for sure but some problems are still present as expected in a beta. Many of those problems were encountered during Sieges. not only related to AI. We all know sieges are far from perfect but it's worrying when things, for some reason, get worse ending up in...
  6. LyonExodus

    1.5.9. Beta Milita Not Fighting Bug

    The 1.5.9. is a stable one for sure but some problems are still present as expected in a beta. Many of those problems were encountered during Sieges. not only related to AI. We all know sieges are far from perfect but it's worrying when things, for some reason, get worse ending up in breaking...
  7. In Progress Wrong troop assignment to groups while siege

    Usually while attacking castle/town troops are assigned to 6 groups or so (some of them all melee units, some all ranged). But while assaulting Melion castle I noticed there were fewer groups - all mixed melee and ranged. So at the beginning infantry is uselessly standing far away. And later...
  8. Resolved 1.5.7 Kuşatma Sorunu

    Batanya'da paralı asker olarak katıldığım tüm kale kuşatmalarında hata alıyorum ve oyun çöküyor. Bir kere meydan savaşında da çöktü. Güncellemeyi yeni yaptım, oyun dosyalarını doğrulamadım henüz ama bir şey değişir mi bilemiyorum, bakacağım.
  9. Need More Info Siege Bug

    I was besieging a city, then the rebellion started and it became impossible to lead an assault
  10. YouMoMCallME

    Resolved The Flying Siege Tower the City of Phycaon.

    The Flying Siege Tower the City of Phycaon. BETA 1.5.0 Full Ultra Settings Steam Version Computer Specs: Win 10 gtx 1080 i7 9700k 16gb ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4S SSD 500 GB
  11. YouMoMCallME

    Why does AI build all siege mechanisms but does not destroy enemy walls and only then he doesn't attack. BUG

    I think it would be more correct for the AI to destroy the walls first if there is a possibility, but only when the walls were destroyed by the AI to attack the enemy. There would be less loss of troops. Beta 1.5.0 All ultra Settings Steam Version No mods Computer...
  12. No fight when siegeing castle/towns

    After latest update (e1.4.2 and e1.4.3) when i start a siege on a castle/town i automatically gets the victory when i deploy in battle, even though there is 500+ in garrison. After I leave the battle the castle is mine like i won the fight.
  13. Resolved Castle towers during some sieges are blocked off

    Summary: When both sieging and defending sieges, some castle towers are blocked off. Parts of the textures also seem messed up. This does not render the siege unplayable, but does seem to intefere with the AI pathing causing troops to get backed up trying to move through the blocked doorway. Idk...

    The ladders are clearly not working please get to work on fixing them or change the siege towers with ladders to use ramps
  15. Should All Lvl 2+ Seige Towers Be Changed To Ramps Instead Of Ladders?

    Seen as the ladders are useless is there a mod that changes seige towers with ladders to ramps if not someone needs to try make one?
  16. Bando

    Siege and battle formations bug

    Got a pretty bad one here. In sieges sometimes all units are mixed together into two formations so I've got archers and infantry both climbing ladders and siege towers and ultimately my archers get wrecked. Had this bug since 1.3 The other bug is formations such as shield wall working however...
  17. Need More Info besieging ai ui leave bug

    A khuzait army was in the process of attacking kaysar castle (after the initial siege). I move in to help them with my army and click on the khuzait army where the ui opens up with option to attack, send troops or leave. I decided my odd was not good enought and decided to leave. When I was...
  18. Bannerman Man

    [Bug/Oversight]: Besieging armies continue to consume food while in battle, leading them to break away mid-combat.

    Summary: Besieging armies will break the siege off and leave when they run out of food. However, because AI battles play out in real-time they still appear to consume food while they are in combat with the defenders. This leads to cases where a battle that was clearly in favor of the attacker...
  19. Bug- Besieging Castles

    I noticed a bug while besieging a castle last night. An enemy party engaged me while I was at my siege camp. I managed to convince their leader to join my cause and after the conversation was a success, it went back to the map screen and the siege menu disappeared. I couldn’t move and I was...
  20. [Hata] Kuşatma sırasında farklı birliklerin karışması sorunu

    Kuşatma sırasında 2 farklı birliğim (okçu ve piyade) olmasına rağmen oyun kafasına göre birlikleri 3'e veya 4'e ayırıyor. Ve hepsini rastgele karıştırıyor. Piyadeleri seçiyorum yarısı okçu yarısı piyade oluyor, okçuları seçtiğimde de aynı şekilde. Ayrıca ekstra bir tane daha grup oluşturuyor...
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