1. In Progress Main Character is fat no matter what I do in character creation

    Summary: I decided to try the sandbox option in beta 1.5.9. My character is gradually getting fatter and fatter. I've played about 20 days in-game, and she looks about about 4 months pregnant, and continues to grow. Did you sneak some kind of "diet" mechanics in here and not tell anyone, hm? How...
  2. Viking2419

    Character always looking away from the view

    I spent a lot of time creating my character's hair, beard, and face features. I want to be able to see my character's face anytime when I turn the camera to him but if is so frustrating that I can't never see my character's face because when I look at him he immediately looks away from the...
  3. SettraTheImperishable

    Bannerlord Characters

    Here we can share characters with each other. If you press ctr+c in the character creator menu, you can save that character and next time you can just press ctr+v in the same menu to use it. I start Ragnar Lothbrok: <BodyProperties version="4" age="30" weight="0.429" build="0.9074"...
  4. SettraTheImperishable

    Turn off idle animations during character creation

    This is a minor issue, but for people like me, who like to spend a lot of time in the character creation menu making sure every facial feature is adjusted (near) perfectly, the movements the character make can become quite annoying. When I play an rpg game that has indept character...
  5. Suggestion: Spy

    I would like to suggest to insert a spy system. A player is able to recruit characters that do covered operation or can track sensible targets for you. If player is a mercenary can only have 1 spy If player start a kingdom or become a vassal, can have multiple number of spies A spy can give you...
  6. deleted

    Somebody please created MOD with ALL LORDS ARE MEN...... 3-5 female hero is fine, but not half of lord all female, I try change them 1 by 1 but got stuck at some point
  7. How Many people want MALE ONLY LORD in Bannerlord?

    Just want to check how many people want MALE only LORD?( maybe 3-5 outstanding female only, not half of them woman) I check the forum and mod, no one exist. Oh yeah and simply also, I don't want to Fight and beheaded A WOMAN.
  8. erden520

    In Progress Karakter El bug'ı?

    Karakterlerin elleri silah tutarken ya da tutmazken fark etmez böyle gözüküyor. ( ) , ( ) , ( ) . Npc lere yakınlaşınca düzeliyor. Grafiklerden dolayı mı diye hepsini ultraya alıp baktım yine aynı. Bir kaç önceki versiyonda...
  9. Short Siblings

    Not sure if this is a bug or intended. Is anyone else having strange things happening with their siblings height? For instance, their older brother who has their height slider all the way to short. Playing a sturgian currently and my character height is little above average. My brother is legit...
  10. Is this normal? Can Learning rate reach 0?

    Just look at the picture it will explain itself Some more details: I'm lvl 27, the only thing I did is fight a group of bandits on first few levels then I ran straight into Seonon and haven't moved my character from there and I have been smithing 24/7 for 82 days I...
  11. In Progress Change of main char name are not persistent

    Change of main characters name in "Clan Menu" are not persistent. Will be reset on load save game.
  12. Apocal

    In Progress [1.5.7] Children inheriting culture solely from mother.

    Summary: Children in cross-culture marriages (i.e Khuzait father and Aserai mother) are only inheriting culture from their mothers. In previous versions, sons inherited culture from their fathers and daughters inherited from their mothers. How to Reproduce: Find or set a cross-cultural marriage...
  13. erden520

    Resolved Helmets issues after 1.5.6 Update.

    Something weird happened to helmets. Character's eyes are now above to helmets' visors. And something happened to character's beard too. I'm leaving here what i am trying to say. Before: / After: . I hope you fix this. (Another helmets also have the...
  14. erden520

    Helmet issues after 1.5.6 update.

    Something weird happened to helmets. Character's eyes are now above to helmets' visors. And something happened to character's beard too. I'm leaving here what i am trying to say. Before: / After: . I hope you fix this.
  15. Bishop Heahmund

    Give an option to make the character dismount directly after start of a battle!

    I need the horse for my character for the travel speed but i dont use the horse in battles! It would be nice if there was an option to make the character directly dismounted after starting a battle!
  16. Antaeus

    In Progress Shoulder armour doesn't fit female characters

    I tend to play as female characters... shoulder armour doesn't seem to quite fit them. It is a consistent experience for female characters. I'm currently on version 1.5.5 Beta, but it was also present on 1.5.4 and earlier versions. Summary: Most shoulder armour doesn't fit female characters...
  17. Resolved Most hair and beard options missing when editing character mid-game

    Bug Description: - I noticed this bug was listed under the "known issues" list, but on the list it is described as something like "hair and beard options disappear when resetting character customization". - I wanted to let you guys know that the issue likely encompasses more than just the reset...
  18. Resolved Character Creation Hair Options Missing

    When I first created my character all of the options appeared as expected (20+ beards/hair). However, upon entering character creation in-game by pressing V, in addition to all the other options (which seem to appear as normal), my hair options are limited to about 4 and beard options are...
  19. In Progress About movement of female player characters

    When pressed caps lock and the character is walking, the female player character walks like a man, while the player's sister and other female characters are normal. At begining, I thought you didn't design movements for different genders, but after seeing the actions of NPC characters, I...
  20. Iorek

    Character Screen Bug: "Gain 16496 skill points to level up this character"

    I only noticed this today, but there seems to be a bug in the character screen where it displays outrageously large numbers for level progression, and refers to these numbers as "skill points". Now I've actually been leveling up fine, so I'm guessing this is a labeling bug. I suspect there's...
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