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Story Mode: playing exiting Clan

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Hey, had been awhile since been here on these forums.

I'd like to know what you people think of a Story mode, a type of Campaign that instead creating a new character you'd be able to chose a existing Clan in Calradia and would be able to mold the history from it.

What you guys thinks? Should be a new mode or a mod? If a mod anyone with a idea for this, that allows selecting an existing Clan to play with it?



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do you mean to play an existing lord or to create a charachter into a existing clan, replacing or "dethroning" the current clan-leader?

I think it´s easier to create an establiched landed clan - something like Viking Conquest Lordly start(Where you created a level 13 hero with a Village). In BL you could start with a T3 clan and a castle. All steps in Charachter backbround awards 25 skill instead of 10. you start with X placeable Focuspoints and Y placeable attribute-points. You ahve your siblings as clan-members.
I would like to start as a bandit clan or as a clan member of a already existing mercenary clan. Since spawning into a existing faction clan is nearly the same like we have it now
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