Wife can die with death not enabled.

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I married a really decent noble and immediately made them a party leader. Geared them out with the best stuff I could find and gave them 100 troops, a lot of them upgraded. A decent amount of time later I'm minding my own business, capturing castles, etc. and I realise my army is missing a party. I go to re-add it but there's not a 3rd party... Strange, maybe they were captured? Nope, no option to recreate the party with that leader and they're just gone from my clan screen.

So yeah, my wife died. In the codex entry it says "during childbirth". Which I get is realistic but it's just not fun. Why should I lose my best companion with my second best gear and 100 decent men on random chance?

Wouldn't be so bad if you could select an option to stop trying for children. I've got 5 now and that's more than enough...
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