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So I temporarily expelled a few clans in my kingdom to gain their fiefs but now when I try to recruit them back by talking to the clan leader there is no option to. I tried going to war with the clan and capturing the leader too but that didn't work. Do I have to wait until they automatically join another kingdom for me to recruit them back? Can they even join another kingdom?
Most of the logic involves their current kingdom. If they aren't in a kingdom, you may not be able to recruit them. I think the player is the only one to use the vote to eject a clan from a kingdom. It looks like the code assumes AI clans are always in a kingdom. AI clans can defect from one kingdom to another, so they are in a kingdom the whole time. The only time they aren't is if the player starts the vote to eject a clan.

I wonder if they stay around forever.

This is a good find!
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