realistic but not fun

  1. Necropolitan13

    Game Difficulty Settings Poll - Can realistic be fun?

    I've played over 300 hours and started probably a dozen characters, and have played largely with the difficulty settings set to realistic (with normal combat AI difficulty). I want a realistic experience. I'm not looking to be some godlike hero who singlehandedly wins wars. This has led to a lot...
  2. SP - Battles & Sieges Let us command armies after dying.

    Is it realistic? No, probably not. Though you could have briefed some companions on what orders to give if you were knocked out. So I think it's reasonable enough. Why? Because the AI that takes over is actually fecking retarded. I was slaughtering an army of 600 with 200 units. About 100...
  3. Wife can die with death not enabled.

    I married a really decent noble and immediately made them a party leader. Geared them out with the best stuff I could find and gave them 100 troops, a lot of them upgraded. A decent amount of time later I'm minding my own business, capturing castles, etc. and I realise my army is missing a...
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