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Just thought I'd share what I am currently doing after many play through's to keep things a bit spiced up.
-Bannerlord difficulty
-No death's
-Only my compainion's will be clans of my kingdom when I start it, and will not recruit any other clans.
-Will not gain any new companions after reaching the limit of 10, these 10 will be all I have.

I started as empire and got one companion from each other faction with a different combat specialty to start with, They will come with me everywhere and clear out all hideout's for good experience.

Hawk - bow, Shieldmaiden and Golden (Sword/Shield and pole arm) Ideally I would have gotten swordsman for the sake of having shield in the north and sword in the south... I mean, you know... gotta catch them all... but he was not around and wanted to start training asap, of the hill's - crossbow, and fairhair for throwing.
These guys I will keep with me for aslong as I can to train them to maxed in their specialty.

I currently am part of the western empire.
I married myself and brother into the empire, family will look after my keep's for the most part.

For the remaining 5 companion's I am getting 5 empire and using them to run my parties (to train their leadership and steward).

I am strategically planning on gaining the keep's I want (currently missing one, right in the middle of where I am... Zeonica, which Gario's still owns, Will be a bit hard to get him out... So now back up plan... When i rebel and give the fief's to the empire companions I am training, That is the first I will take. Bear in mind their clan levels will be lvl 2 to begin with, so they will be very limited, hence why I train them first in leadership.

When the time comes I will let go of all my maxed specialists in combat as they will be given their own feif's too (the 5 from other factions).
Good-bye my band of merry men, and all the best!

After alot of play through's and learning of the game, I just thought this would be the coolest way to end.

Any thoughts?
Well, Kinda depressing....

After learning companion's no longer get lost right after making them a lord/lady, What I wanted to do since i started the game became a reality.

As an attempt to do what I see as the perfect run, I trained 1 companion from each of the factions besides empire to be superior warriors, doing hide outs over and over and over getting them to 275+ in their warrior proffession, then making them run parties, right when it was time to start making them lord/ladies..... My shield maiden (still a companion at this point) was running a party in my army, after capturing a castle she left the party, the army and was lost.

She would have been about level 30, I hired her at the same time as the hawk and the hawk is currently level 29.

If it is the case they go missing at level 30, why not just cap them to that level.

The hawk only needs 1 more level before he is ideal for a clan leader to finish off a perk in leadership.... I really hope he does not go missing.

I can still finish my game without the shield-maiden, just wont be the same.

If they all go missing at lvl 30, well...... what a very depressing end to my friendship with bannerlord.
On second thought, I can't even look at the game any more about worry about the other companions and being depressed my characters just get deleted after all that work, I mean I just completed her and now see what I saw as a perfect run is thrown away.

Grinded my companions to lvl 30 to max their potential and invested 800k or so gold into gearing each of them.
Now the game wants to throw it in the bin.

I loved the game very much, but I don't even want to look at it now...
Not sure I could come back after this.
Great game, depressing end.
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