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  1. Sir_Smittih

    Help... my wife won't die

    So... after my first wife (Phaea) had two children she stopped getting pregnant. So naturally I stripped her of her armor and weapons and sent her charging into battle. She died on the third charge. That freed me up to marry Monchug's daughter Alijin and have another two children. She also...
  2. Short_n_quick

    Resolved [1.5.6 beta] Wife is not where encyclopedia says she is.

    My character's culture is Khuzait and I was khuz vassal for a while, but then I resigned and went to merc for Vlandia. After my first wife died in battle I married another one. When I met her and her father, she was near Vlandian lands (not starting Vlandia territory, but nowhere close khuzait...
  3. A easier way to control birth

    Right now to make your wife pregnant you have to wait/be in the same location as her. It make take few days, can take few weeks and many tries over this. But today I remembered an old game, that probably doesn't even exist anymore - Fable 3... Remember that? On Fable when the dynamic of...
  4. Lukar

    Give an option to change appearance from clan-members!

    I whant to have an option to change the appearance from clan members! It would be cool if its possible to change the appearance of the brother, sister, wife and companions for example! What do you guys think?
  5. Need More Info 1.5.6 Wives Not Getting Pregnant?

    Started new campaign for 1.5.6. Got married. Got brother married. No time to sit in castle or town. Brother's wife (Abagai) dies in battle Sit in castle. No pregnancy Get brother re-married Sit in town for many, many, many days. No pregnancy Am I just unlucky or is there an issue with brother...
  6. CoJoIsMyMoJo

    Need More Info Wife doesn't get pregnant.

    I've been with the for a number of years. I've tried carrying her in my party, I've tried waiting in a town, and I've tried assigning her a role as governor of one of my cities and still nothing. I have no idea what's going on so any help on it would be appreciated.
  7. Resolved Cannot use wife as governor or view her gear

    I married Svana (Sturgians) and immediately added her to my party. When I went to the inventory screen and cycled through my companions she was not showing up. So I checked my party menu and she was on it. She was also on the character screen. She does fight in battles and I can leave her in a...
  8. Julius_Persi

    Fertility Chance and no man needed example, The Calradia Secret:

    Hi guys, playing Bannerlord, I made a Female Queen to =>Empress to reunite the empire, not expecting to have Inhetirance, I married my character Senua to a noble of Neretzes Family Called Amaliana. Cuz I was smithing many Javelins to convince in the future Nobles to join to my empire, meaning a...
  9. Bartoneye

    Resolved Tablut Board Game AI Confusion

    For relevancy, I am running: RTX 2070 32gb Ram MSI Z170A motherboardi7 7700k Kaby Lake Intel processor clocked to 4.20 GHz 850w Corsair power supply Dual 1080p, 144hz monitor setup. Have a little over 400 in-game days, playing an Imperial Male background, married to Abagai and part of the...
  10. Resolved Wife shows in city clothes in character window

    Summary: I just married Elys, daughter to king Derthert of Vlandia. When I open the character window, she appears in her city clothes and not in armor. My character and companions do not have this problem. Version: e1.4.3 - Beta Installed community-made modifications: none Computer Specs: OS...
  11. Resolved My wife aren't pregnant after 5 games

    Summary: Hello, I have 400days maried on my game where I have 6 fiefs. And my wife aren't pregnant I see this problem can arrive so, after 5 games I always can't have a baby, I don't know why and now I redownload my game just in case. How to Reproduce: Quest/Settlement Name (if related): I try...
  12. Where's my wife?

    Does anyone know what factors decide which companion will accompany you in a city? For me it is always the first companion I ever hired and nothing I have tried has changed that. She used to be my quartermaster, removed that and no change, moved her down in the party panel so not next to me...
  13. Rhyuus

    Help! The Vlandian Army kidnapped my future wife!

    Skimming through the pages of Calradias thickest book, through the marvellous depictions of potential Queens, i have found the lady of my dreams. I followed rumors, travelled far, crossed the lands, till i finally found her. Twice i had the honor to meet her grace, but that all changed when the...
  14. Resolved Wife companion duplicates herself

    I had my wife companion to create another party, so she could roam around. She got captured by the enemy faction, Vlandia and put into prison, in a city. Then I paid ransom automatically to release her. After that, she moved to one of our fief which was far away from me at the time, so I thought...
  15. Wife can die with death not enabled.

    I married a really decent noble and immediately made them a party leader. Geared them out with the best stuff I could find and gave them 100 troops, a lot of them upgraded. A decent amount of time later I'm minding my own business, capturing castles, etc. and I realise my army is missing a...
  16. Keimpe

    Wow that is a bit steep.

    A piece of head armor for almost 400.000? I got it from my wife. She is managing my town. And i got her gear. Fair trade. But wow. That is a lot of Denars. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SVUeEdN5Cn7PX_hAQhkdXpnuNjz0-OlM https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tReGBeAu89EETFu01cGTuZ3DXj2l7Po-
  17. DuskoS

    Need More Info Wife can't stop getting pregnant, even when outside of party

    So to start I've done the usual, had my spouse in my party for a couple of "seasons" made three kids. Let her have her own party afterwards yet she still keeps getting pregnant (Who the hell is getting her pregnant?), i'm already at the 10th child and she just got pregnant while being imprisoned...
  18. SexualT-Rex

    After Recent Update My Wife Is Not Getting Pregnant. Period.

    She is in my party. We have been married for an in game year and a half. No pregnancy. No babies. No babies=no heirs. No heirs=downfall of my inevitable rise to ultimate "god emperor" hood. Is this a bug?
  19. Unresolved Wife dies after childbirth of 13th child within like 2 years, can offer her hand in marriage??

    So, I didn't even get a notice of the fact that my wife died, I found out when I couldn't give her a role in my Clan anymore. Turns out, with some buggy texts (I hope I remember to add a screenshot of that later), that she died while giving childbirth. Again, please fix that, I don't really need...
  20. Amen

    Unresolved Bug with companion\wife\party leader.

    Summary: She stay in my party even when i create party make her as leader party. How to Reproduce: Not sure how this happen. She my wife in game. 1) Send her to city as governon 2) Take her in my party 3) Great party and make her leader 4) Someone take her as prisoner 5) Again take in my party...
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