Who of the old guard are still around?

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What became of her? And Leprechaun for that matter?
She only came by the forum for brief stints that were a few months apart in 2016/17, so she decided to step down as a moderator. After that she kinda faded away, though she might turn up again at some point.

Not sure on Leprechaun.

****, i was just declared old guard by orion. neat. :iamamoron:
28th of February? That doesn't make you old guard, it just saves you from being a post-Warband newblood. You're like the Gen X of the forum, not old enough to be cantankerous and stodgy, but too old to be an overstimulated & underachieving teenager. Now get off my lawn, you're old enough to know better!
If we're operating on 2010 as the line, I just sneak in as a member of the old guard (June 3rd, 2009).

Elven years have gone by fast. :lol:

Also feel you on the data science, sometimes I'm pretty tempted to bail on academia and just make some cash (although that seems par for the course for getting your PhD).
I'm not exactly active, nor am I truly of the old guard, but I do log on from time to time. I assume by now though that anyone who wants to find me from here knows how, be it Discord, Steam, or Facebook.

Kinda weird to realize that in two weeks I'll have initially registered on here 11 years ago.
I vaguely recall Ingolifs!

And yeah Kobrag, it was okin with the Moomin avatar who had beef with your perversions.

As for joining dates, too bad we don't have the convenient join-date statistic page any longer.
Wait, it was the sex stuff and not just how annoying I was? Then again, I only became annoying because of how liberating it was to talk about stuff, coming from a fairly conservative family. >.>

Ah well. ^.^
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