Who of the old guard are still around?

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Llandy was here
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I vaguely recall Ingolifs!

And yeah Kobrag, it was okin with the Moomin avatar who had beef with your perversions.

As for joining dates, too bad we don't have the convenient join-date statistic page any longer.

You can still get the stats from the old forum for old guard. It would be nice if that stuff was moved over.


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Damn i`m older than most of the "old" guard here.

I was lurking the forums for a long time, and only made an account back in 2009 (2nd year college) when i got M&B1 (Nele, Nele car, car nele...something like that was the nick) but didn`t actually post anything on forums iirc. Then i stopped hangin arround for some time, and forgot the password, email, username and all, and made this account only in 2014.
Now im a scrub


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Wait, it was the sex stuff and not just how annoying I was? Then again, I only became annoying because of how liberating it was to talk about stuff, coming from a fairly conservative family. >.>

Ah well. ^.^

I think it was the lurid descriptions of you having 5 hours of sex with some guy just out of prison... that and the furry ****.


I think it was the lurid descriptions of you having 5 hours of sex with some guy just out of prison... that and the furry ****.
Jokes on him, the Furry community is growing exponentially. >:3

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It was never on for me on the old forum. If it was an option on the old forum, it must have been defaulted off. And yes, I already figured that out.


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Christ, don't you people ever die?!

Turned 72 earlier this spring. Seeing changes every year of course, but honestly . . . I think MOST of the worst changes happened right around 45 or 50 and since then, I've managed to maintain a steady state much more readily than I would've ever guessed. The one thing that I find continually frustrating is metabolism: it just seems to get slower and slower and that means less and less calories to maintain normal composition.

But with that said: I think when I consider the whole package (body, mind and spirit): I'm healthier now than when I was 50! You never know when some deadly external or internal force pops up and says "Time to go . . ." but if I'm lucky, based on how I feel today, I'd say I can make it easily to 100 and MAYBE even still be coherent enough to come on here and taunt my young Commie buddies :razz:
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