Who of the old guard are still around?

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Today I logged on again from a long time ago... and I see this [...]I waited a while if they were going to fix the game's flaws, but very little came out of it, which was not a surprise given the dev attitudes.[...]. Just like my thoughts.

I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.
Hasta siempre compañero
Terco's words are made mine own. Literally logged in since Jan. 2023, a year and a half hiatus. Look up dev update post. Still same sh-stuff to be fixed, nary a feature added (just made to work, not quite 'added'). Just spent the last week downloading and installing the necessary mods
I'm not sure I can be considered old guard, as I never quite got the hang of ....social interactions.... enough to remain active on the forum (either that or some crippling autism+adhd, my doctor will know soon enough), but on a persistence scale, I do stem from the olden days, been here for a handful of seasons, seen my share of Soon™ memes, even had a local artist draw up my own cartoon and took it as avatar.

I will now go enjoy a night of Bannerlord, maybe a weekend, if my need to add more mods doesn't take over until I give up. If this is my last post for another year... Well, there's the answer. If I remain for another few weeks... the chroniclers will state I hath stayeth enough to register.

Every now and then I come by to look at my old posts. It also now occurs to me as I type this that my profile is nearing ****ing 20 years of age. Jesus ****ing christ.
I feel oddly seen. Every time I log in, I head straight to my profile and look what I posted before. I feel less shame nowadays, that might be called progress.
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