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In order to prevent useless dramas and possible problems in the future, we ask every team captain to express their agreement/disagreement with the use of MOSS software.

Please use the form below:
Team you are representing:
Do you agree with the use of MOSS?: Yes/No

Thread will be unlocked once the list of authorized people for reviewing MOSS files is completized.


Team you are representing: Hawkband
Do you agree with the use of MOSS?: Yes and No

Hey. I support the idea of using protection against cheating. But the problem is that in our clan usually people are adults, and everyone will make this program difficult. I would suggest either putting it on certain players, or by contract between clans for a clan battle.

To use it or not, it was decided personally by the leaders of the warring clans. I myself would use the program myself, but it will be difficult for some of my soldiers to install it, for they are far from all these installed programs. It will be difficult to establish for everyone.

I propose to make a stream with the judges. Usually the video shows the use of third-party programs.
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