[WB][S][TC]EmpireIV Ver. 1.0 [WSE for EmpireIII 64 bit OS required]

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Lor Dric said:
I think for my 15 skins I will use

Playable- human, human female, zombie, skeleton, orc, orc female, blueman, and goblin
non-playable- hobgob, dwarf, green elf, black elf, yellow elf, giant, and orcgre

These sound like good choices.
Is that frostmourne in there?

Screens are looking great, it is just very hard to read the text in them (menu, notes, etc) for my old eyes  :smile:

--> background is taking focus from the text areas
Yeah, how can I sign up as an Alpha Tester. I have some QA experience and I'd like to help (when and where I can). Seriously love your work and I look forward to a polished full build! :grin:
A bug I noticed in Empire III was that AI trade ships tended to clump up next to ports without actually reaching their destination. Some kind of pathing issue.
At first i would like to be alfa tester. Do you have required feedback format?

Woild be nice to have more buildings in game so more room for grinding and building up for kingdom.

Anything specific you want us to look at, or should we just try to bash everything?  :razz:


EDIT: The background image on inventory and trade screens makes it really hard to see items properly. Maybe just keep that background simple.
The new island is REALLY crowded, and has all the fantasy races clumped together. Are you planning on moving them around or replacing some old factions with those?
Challenged Czar Slash to a duel in the castle of the town Hagga.  There were trees at the spawning spot, but the rest of the field seemed pretty open:

This is how the Czar looked; I presume the problem is that he is not clothed in armor designed for his faction.

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