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Warband Matchmaking Client (WBMM) [v1.8 BETA]

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I'm actually disappointed that only 3 cheaters were caught…

- Taleworlds has no cheat policy, well they almost has no multiplayer policy for warband too
- Multihack aimbot is one click away
- Cheaters forgiven far too easy in this community
- No preventive or detector measure for cheats or cheaters
- Warband is too cheap almost everyone has their secondary or tertiary id for it
- Most of the cheats impossible to detect without something like what mynes did or some stupid move which comes from cheater. For example if you would ask me about nessa I would tell that he probably has multihack but I couldn't prove that. Tyhke actually warned us about eduard being a wallhack before he caught. But I told him that Eduard is a good guy wouldn't do something like that.

If you sum those cons and if you are a good man who just want to play warband and enjoy with an application which you made for people to play competitively, I believe you would do the same mistake which mynes has done. Of course without the knowledge or awareness of privacy legislation. So Im glad those cheaters discovered but Im sad about that there is a cost for mynes. Because it's too obvious to see that he had no ill intentions while he was doing that. Of course you don't have to trust him but I belive he already proved he is trustworthy and well intented. Also if his intentions was ill we probably wouldn't know that he was getting our incredibly important private informations because he wouldn't give away those cheaters in exchange of detection of his evil work.

Also if you think recording a pov is enough to catch an aimbot I think you are wrong. (this is actually off topic)

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You all dont deserve Mynes. Dudes worked hard to make a matchmaking client for you to enjoy and also managed to catch cheaters in the process. Mynes is a super stand up guy who would never do anything malicious with any screenshots he took. If you're seriously worried about the small chance that the client takes a screenshot of your steam overlay instead of the game, just dont alt tab for the 20 minutes a match takes.


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It's not about what pictures he got, it's about the process of installing whats essentially spyware on hundreds of computers, without telling anyone, while telling them to not trust their AV software.

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I would completely understand that line of thinking if the anticheat was doing anything that was truly malicious. You guys make it sound like he was able to nab your bank statements using warband screenshots.


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While very unlikely technically it could have, since it caught steam overlay and you can use online banking there.

The point is nobody knew so they didn't know to be cautious of what private info they thought safe while playing warband.

Again, I don't care and I doubt any actual serious data was caught, but the complaint and breach of trust is obvious.


I agree that mynes made a mistake but he wouldnt share the cheaters if he had evil plans. I will give him an another chance because he is working a lot for all of us. I hope he can catch more cheaters.

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The TW moderation team is aware that there has been an issue regarding WBMM. The case is currently under review. This thread will remain closed until further notice.


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We have decided to keep the thread closed and remove the links to the download and source code. While this was an amazing initiative and had the potential to greatly enhance the competitive scene, the fact that data was being gathered without users knowledge or consent is totally unacceptable. We don’t believe there was any malicious intent with this, however, these kinds of covert actions cannot be permitted on our platforms. We have issued a temporary ban to Mynes and have sent a mail explaining the situation to him/her.

Moving forward, if any project like this is to be allowed on the forums, the gathering and storing of data needs to be done in compliance with data privacy laws in all relevant countries.


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We have been in contact with the WBMM team and have reached a solution which we hope works for everyone.

The project has been handed over to a new lead and the contentious parts of the client (capture of running processes and screenshots) have been completely removed. A privacy policy has been put in place which explains what data is captured and how that is handled. Users will need to read and agree to this if they want to use the client.

We have given the WBMM team the go-ahead to open a new thread and wish them the best of luck with this project. We would ask that any further discussions about this in the new thread are kept civil.
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