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Even though some might say the player base is too small to make a complete mmr system I would disagree, as community have seen it work on unofficial matchmaking discords.

Any popular competitive mmr based game is using somewhat of a bell curve to distribute player by their rating and balance the games accordingly.

The current issue with Bannerlord is that even if you are very experienced player, it is virtually impossible without meaningless grind to gain mmr, which in turn makes rating system completely meaningless, and it just feels like the games form by "mashing the whoever available players together", leading to 3-0s every time.

I have recently out of curiosity just decided to record mmr gain/loss after my last 10 games in Skirmish mode (I have most screenshots available as well, if devs curious my BLID is troechka#1824)

Starting at Sergant 1723 mmr (far from theoretical top):
Win +1 mmr
Win +1 mmr
Left the game -30 mmr
Loss -6 mmr
Loss -8 mmr
Win +2 mmr
Win +1 mmr
Win +1 mmr
Win +2 mmr
Win +1 mmr
Final mmr 1681
70% WR and be down -42 mmr.

Following up with biased argument, meanwhile within top 100 leaderboard there is only 1 player who is even remotely known in the community for "being good".
This just creates an image for meaningless effort with a guaranteed stomp from either side to play "ranked skirmish" and most of the playerbase just gravitate to the community servers.
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"games form by "mashing the whoever available players together", leading to 3-0s every time" - this seems to be how it works.) Sometimes it’s 5-6 relatively good clan players against 6 no-name newcomers. I can’t believe that the ranking system is in any way involved in such cases.
The ratings system is absolutely meaningless as it currently exists.
The ability to change the team during the match could improve the situation a little. Because half of the matches happen 6 vs 3 (or something like that) due to the fact that some players systematically leave.
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I think they should balance teams so that the average rank is roughly equal on both sides, should work even with small player bases. Premates should be able to opt into being split for team balance, or have longer waiting times if no players with a similar skill can be found and the tolerance increases only over time.

As for players leaving: How about adding surrender polls so players can leave as a group when they are once again matched against an obviusly superior opponent?
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