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Ik ben momenteel bezig met een mod genaamd 500 AD: the Dark Ages. Ik ben van plan te zijn voice acting gedaan in oude talen nauwkeurig tot de periode. Dit omvat Frankische, dat is vrij gelijkaardig aan het Nederlands. Ik vroeg me af of er Nederlandse mensen bereid zijn om wat voice acting in Frankische voor mijn mod doen zou zijn?



I am currently working on a mod called 500 AD: the Dark Ages. I plan to have voice acting done for it in ancient languages accurate to the period. This includes Frankish, which is quite similar to Dutch. I was wondering if any Dutch people would be willing to do some voice acting in Frankish for my mod?


Alle hulp is waarderend.


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Sure, what do you need? But keep in mind that you posted this in the wrong section, you wrote the German Topic in Benelux and the Dutch one here :razz:


The basic command lines like the ones below. Some dialogue would be great, but I understand if you don't have the time or even want to do that.

Unit Summon
"Everyone!" = "Al!"
"Infantry!" = "Fardmanna!"
"Archers!" = "Bogomanna!"
"Cavalry!" = "Hrosmanna!"
"You other men!" = "Iuih andar manna!"

"Men, stand your ground!" = "Manna, standet iuair ard!"
"Follow me!" = "Fulgot mih!"
"Charge!" = "Fehtaþ!"
"Mount!" = "Bestridaþ!"
"Dismount!" = "Lihtaþ!"
"Hold fire!" = "Haldaþ iuair skiutandi!"
"Fire at will!" = "Skiotad at willan!"
"Advance ten paces!" = "Steppeþ tain stapa!"
"Fall back ten paces!" = "Fliot tain stapa!"
"Tight formation!" = "Thīhti!"
"Loose formation!" = "Lōs!"
"Use only blunt weapons!" = "Niotaþ airist dol wāpan!"
"Use weapons at will!" " = "Niotaþ wāpanna at willanne!"
"Shieldwall!" = "Skiltwall!"

Vowels with a macron are just longer, so you linger on them. Doubled consonants are also held (like the long n penknife).
a = like in bath (RP pronunciation)
e = like in bed
i = like in free
o =  like the o in knot
u = like in boot
ai = like in air
au = like in fought
eo = e like in bed and o like in knot but said quickly, almost like eyo
iu = ee like in free and u like in boot but said quickly, almost like eeyu
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