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I don't--not having modded it, I'm not familiar with how it works. I modded rebellions, that's why I know how they work. Too busy working on 13 to go researching it right now.

I fixed the days display issue, thanks for the report! They were just a few quests that didn't draw from the assigned days, but had a fixed text display (ie, instead of the quest displaying "You have X days" and X being defined elsewhere, the text display was just written as "You have 7 days"
Here's some highlights of Balance Mod 13.0 prerelease
(available for download on the Discord: https://discord.gg/b5ddSHK ).

Unique bodyguards recruited by some 40 lords (Harald Fairhair gets his berserkers from the sagas, Alfred the Great gets some of the reworked infantry old captain, many norse lords get vikingr from their place of origin, etc)

Tournaments reworked (each of the 21 factions has a unique weapon loadout creating a different tactical experience and reflecting cultural tendencies, 50 tournament reward prizes including some artifacts newly added to the game and unobtainable elsewhere, very rare chance of a visit from one of 4 deities (Odin, Freyja, Loki, Thor) after a victory giving a bonus)

Many new troops added and lines expanded:

- Frisians get 5 new units, including infantry using the newly added Frankish throwing axes, and cavalry riding Frankish Stallions in their final upgrade (2 new models, a tad slower but stronger in charge normal mounts) (basically having the Frisians adopt a little Frankish military influence to introduce added variety in troops).

- Britons get tier 4 and 5 elite cavalry to go along with some general strengthening of the line (Briton military weakness is now reflected in the AI troop recruiting tables, not the units themselves, leaving the Briton player the chance to revive their glory without feeling like they are using subpar units).

- Norse troops can now “go viking” and upgrade to vikingr at points (increases the ship sailing speed boost and comes with more immediate power at cost of higher wages and less long term potential), with an integrated line including berserkers and ulfhedinns (reworked to differentiate between the two) and ship captains (now with a special x4 ship speed bonus), and full line of warrior archers (old norse warrior archers gets a tier 3 lesser version underneath, and two tier 5 upgrades taking different paths), along with a tier 5 upgrade added to the tier 4 dane axe warrior.

- Swedish troop tree introduced (accessible through mercs/vikingr only), including a final upgrade possibility to Varangian mercenaries (ie, Swedish from Kievan Rus) riding 2 new horse models of large ponies/stocky horses (more maneuverable and tougher than normal horses, but a little slower). Varangians very rarely show up in mercenary pools in Norway and Denmark only. Somewhat inspired by the Varangian Guard forming in the Byzantine empire around this time (if Varangians went south to become mercs, why not west as well) and borrowing from later records of how Kievan Rus military often worked (elite mounted bodyguard supported by local levies)

- Newly added Danish and Norwegian mercs appearing in taverns throughout map. Vikingr are sometimes also available for hire in Norway and Denmark (local warriors looking for a captain, and helps balance the previously added polarized religions by allowing pagan players to have stronger recruiting in the home regions of Denmark and Norway).

- Female warrior line increased in strength greatly by addition of tier 4 and 5 units. Equipment and appearances reworked to be a mixture of all cultures rather than anglo/saxon focused (since they are player only and can be recruited from any location).

- Irish get a tier 5 sword/javelin skirmisher and a new tier 4 warrior inserted before the champion, upgrading the champion and pushing them out to join their mounted bodyguards as branching tier 5 options. Picts get a tier 5 crossbowmen and their special hornmen at tier 3 upgraded to be better javelin skirmishers, and then the standard bearer moved to be an upgrade to the hornmen.

- Saxons get some chance of mail armor at tier 4, and new tier 4 and 5 long axe wielding (1.5 handed) troops for breaking shields (lower wages and faster upgrades than normal bodyguards).

- Angles get some chance of mail armor at tier 4, and new tier 4 Northumbrian Mercenaries and tier 5 Captains (very skilled spearmen, but very expensive, as they are mercenaries, and somewhat worse armor than mainline spearmen), representing the disarray in the area and displaced warriors, and harkening back to anglo saxon mercenary past in arrival in Britain.
13.0 is almost done after today, but will be left for testing for a while on the Discord before official release. The changelog is over 10 pages long single-spaced, so I'll just share a few random recent additions here:

- Uhtred of Bebbanburg is now the Northumbrian claimant (also fits retaining norse culture after the rebellion better than Oswine)

- Female PCs can recruit the Troll into their party, as well as convince happy widows to join their warband and be trained into the new elite sword sister units
Tonight’s update to 13.0 will likely be the last (with another couple weeks of final testing on discord and then general release), so I wanted to particularly highlight the contributions of a few community members, and separately thank them. Of course there will also be a long thanks section in the release, but the below individuals have all gone above and beyond, and produced work that has directly made Balance Mod better.

First, Kauna from Discord has created a set of shield retextures that look amazing, as well as altered banners to incorporate a red raven banner for the reworked Ubba.

The idea for the banner originally came from Ale, who has also done great work with importing and tweaking models for the throwing axes and added horses.

I also want to thank Luc, who has produced a planning tool for players, and who has spent great deal of time assisting me by checking both the redone companion skills/attributes and the new character creation points.

Finally, Muirhied has carefully worked on multiplayer weapon selection, and Samot has helped him implement and test the changes, together with ideas and contributions from their multiplayer server community.

I appreciate all the feedback and help, but I am truly grateful for the efforts of those listed above, who have all taken time out of their lives to work directly to make Balance Mod better. Thank you!
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Balance Mod 13.0 Final Changelog, Part 1:

Tournament weapon selection changed (much better spear for example) and expanded (1.5 handed swords in ireland), and weapon loadouts are now faction specific. Each faction's tournaments should feel unique. There are spear vs sword tournaments, Irish champion sword only tournaments, spear tournaments, no spear tournaments, all different mixes of 1-5 weapons looking to faction flavor. Only 2 factions have ranged weapons in their tournaments (1 mounted no shield javelin, other foot shield javelin), the other 19 factions have no ranged weapons in tournaments. A handful of factions have 100% mounted tournaments (Picts, some britons, some irish), rest are 0% mounted. In doing this change, also fixed a Vanilla VC bug with tournament weapon assignments (it wasn't that noticeable because vanilla VC had all tournaments set the same, with every weapon, but even then the bug was subtly shifting the weapon loadouts to be out of proportion from what was set).

Tournaments now have 50 prizes (up from 4), each with an individually tailored text message for the award. Includes some unique items not otherwise obtainable elsewhere. Tournament prize acquisition tweaked. If you don't get a prize, you get a small extra purse of coins now. Chance of getting an item is slightly smaller (16.6% vs vanilla 20%) to reflect increased quality of some of the nicer items on the list.

4 Norse gods (Freyja, Odin, Thor, and Loki) can very rarely visit you after a tournament victory. Each raises a different attribute point by 1. (note, Odin also appears to grant an item, when he does that, he does not raise attributes)

General moderate tweaks to soldier abilities, loadouts, and economic effects

Bandits no longer more expensive than normal troops. Big discount for low honor players

Bandits no longer have higher upgrade costs (handled in levels being higher than they should be already, due to quirks of warband upgrade system having xp to upgrade determined by troop upgrading from's level, rather than troop upgrading to)

Mounted troops now have a flat increase to their wages to account for maintaining horse, not a multiplier

Threshold of damage to interrupt melee attacks increased

Several AI lords have abilities, relationships, and personalities tweaked

Switched married/unmarried for two Norway lords to create better courting conflicts, adjusted several ages

AI courting heavily tweaked, now occurs less often. Initial courtship assignments less likely, more addition over time

Reworked bonuses from special conditions and abilities

Berserk now gives somewhat smaller speed bonus, but gains damage bonus. Wears off periodically, can be restarted, but does not give penalties from base even when it wears off (wearing off simply prevents you from reactivating for a while)

Removed damage penalty for ambushes

Text added to alert new players why they aren't getting recruits from opposite religion fiefs: "You may be unknown or unlucky, or perhaps religious differences are at work. Pagans and Christians rarely join each other, unless a leader is well-loved by locals. Some lands like Northhymbre and Frisia are a mix of Pagan and Christian, generally more Christian in villages and more Pagan in castles."

Lots of explanatory text popups to guide new players, tell them about features, and guide them to where they can get help

Wrote a lot of new tooltips to explain difficulty levels and their effects for various settings

New Difficulty Type Preset: Balance Mod Recommended Settings, available from dropdown when starting new game

Tweaked Lord Personality distribution on world gen, now finely tuned on a hundred point scale to generate an interesting mix (probably, but it's random after all)

Arena weapons changed and weapon loadouts altered. No ranged weapons. Arena now rewards less gold, more XP

Renown gain tweaked. Now renown gain decreases less in mid and late game (falls off by 1 point for every 300 existing renown, instead of vanilla 200), but there is a slight general reduction. This will extend the early game a little bit, but allow mid to late game to have more actions grant worthwhile renown, speeding renown gain there and allowing rewards from more actions. It is hoped that this change will pace the game better, and allow late game to feel more rewarding.

Tournament renown gain given a further scaling effect, so that it has base renown gains partially countering the general Warband renown decay mechanic, preserving it as a useful renown tool even for famous players

Assorted dialogue and text changes

Fixed some inconsistent handling of scotch musician

Added some explanatory text to help players understand trait effects

Increased time scale to .5 (was .25). This is a little like holding down the fast travel button to speed map movement (though not as dramatic, and you can still do that yourself to make it very fast). This should hopefully eliminate the need to use the Alternate Vanilla Travel Speeds version for most players, as it cancels out the effect of balance mod slowing down speeds. In general, map movement shouldn't "feel" slower to you in any appreciable amount now, just the day/night cycle will tick by faster. This also eliminates the need for the timescale optional add-on.

Standard bearers now use bodyguard type armor, not noble type armor, in many cases, and in a few cases cloth armor, to further differentiation.

Several small tweaks, like Pictish bodyguards getting elite shoes, irish bodyguards getting slightly increased skills, glove assignment tweaked, weapon assignment reworked, etc.

Standard skillsets for troops now give more agility (affects every tier)

Veteran and Elite catagories get added riding (this ensures that the top tier cavalry has at least the same riding skill as lower tier cavalry)

Horses removed from almost all AI Lords. Riding skill of AI lords increased for the few cases where a lord did retain a horse. Should help the AI lords perform better, and fits better with the time period anyway. Only Glywyssing, Alban, Mumain have lords who ride horses (these are also the same three with noble oriented mounted tournaments, ie mounted swords or spear)

Norway's Guthorm name changed to remove "Haraldsson". This seems to be a confusion in vanilla VC: Guthorm Haraldsson was the son of Fairhair with Asa, but this is much too early for that. The devs seem to have intended instead him as the Guthorm who was an uncle to Fairhair, and who Egil's Saga tells us was the son of Sigurd Hart. I experimented with doing a broader rework of him, but in the end opted to just drop the Haraldsson from the name, and solve it that way

Tier 5 horsemen now use heavier javelins (more damage, less ammo). They are mailed and have great combat skills, so this will allow them to do damage a little faster and then begin running down enemies (though more likely, they will inadvertently end up in combat before running out of ammo anyway)

Saxons and Angles now have a chance of mail armor with their tier 4 swordsmen and spearmen

Restored norse standard bearer, as well as gave its function back from huscarls. Since new troops are being added anyway, rationale for using it to create dane axe warrior gone, save compatibility will be broken anyway. Dane Axe Warrior still remains of course, just now has its own slot

AI recruiting party templates adjusted to reflect changes (including those occurring later in the changelog). However, not all troops are open to direct recruiting by AI, or are limited, as for example the elite Briton cavalry are more a "what if" if a great player king arises to restore the Britons, rather than a current reflection of their AI situation, except for a few lords getting them in special bodyguards (mechanic later in changelog).

Ship captains upgrade stats a little bit, given chance of war axe, upgrade paths created from elite vikings to it (though these are very unlikely to happen, as elite vikings are high level, and xp to upgrade is determined by the unit upgrading from, not upgrading to)

Cap for ship speed boosts from sailors raised. Ship captains now count 4x, vikingr count 2x (for reference, sailors count 2x, norse lvl 23 and above count 1x). This doubles the effectiveness of vikingr and ship captains for this purpose

Speed bonuses now require a minimum of 20 troops. No more 3 sailors in a boat being faster than a fully crewed ship

Alliances and Truces now last much longer

Both regular troops and companions now get much more XP from combat kills. This should shift the balance a little more to combat being effective for training troops (and therefore a little less dominated by the safe passive training)

Cost for AI to recruit troops significantly increased. Should make losses inflicted against them hurt a little bit, and further shift the money side of things to making for fewer, more epic battles (rate of recruitment was already slowed previously, but now their hiring costs are also higher). With the more elite AI lord armies in Balance Mod, this should fit well

Vastly raised bandit spawn size threshold. This is the mechanic where VC blocks bandit party spawns when they become large, by making the number of parties per spawn point reduce down to few or 1. Now, it should go ahead and spawn them anyway. Should work well with the Balance Mod random bandit party sized spawns in particular, and give a good variety throughout the game

Basic Vikingr buffed a bit. Some adjustments to viking troop stats. Reavers and Highwaymen buffed substantially.

Multiplayer strength template increased to 18. Multiplayer weapon changes by Muirhied, further work on multiplayer assignments by Samot0423

Ulfhedinn made into spear users to differentiate from standard Berserkers (nothing wrong with spear using berserkers, from Haraldskvæði: "Wolf-skinned they are called. In battle They bear bloody shields. Red with blood are their spears when they come to fight.")

Ulfhedinn and Berserker stats and items tweaked somewhat (bersekers lose gloves, axes upgraded, some stat changes, etc)

Basic attributes (for lowest level NPCs) lowered a bit. New templates for certain npcs

Added Tier 4 and 5 Briton Cavalry units

Adjusted lord equipment (example, getting the other frisian noble mail on one of the frisian nobles)

Svear Warrriors, Ulfhedinn, and Berserkers now give sailing speed bonus (set at 1x, the same as high level norse troops) (for berserkers this will mean they upgrade from a better sailing unit, 2x, but this seems justified by their refocusing of priorities, and creates a better tradeoff in the two upgrade paths between them and ship captains, with their lower combat ability but 4x bonus) (this involves new upgrade paths edited a few lines down)

Size of speed bonus changed a bit

Assorted troop adjustments (example, Frank horsemen and old captains get guarantee ranged flag, old captains get guarantee polearm)

Integrated vikingr and bersekers into the norse troop tree. Some words of explanation: none of the faction troop trees are a "regular" army, so the norse troops should be capable of "going viking." Introduces interesting choices for player, as the viking upgrades often offer quite a lot of immediate return of combat ability, as well as a better (2x compared to 1x) ship speed boost, and potential for slightly lower wages for a low honor player (standard wages for normal player), but poor long term potential, as they have high levels relative to their counterparts, and warband XP to upgrade is calculated by unit upgrading from, not unit upgrading to, as well as generally having worse upgrades available to them (namely, a choice between a berserker path, which is better offensively, or a ship captain upgrade, which has solid armor and gives an amazing 4x sailing boost, but none measuring up to the regular upgrades)

As for berserkers, I decided on them being upgrades from elite vikingr, rather than normal norse troops. The reasons are mostly gameplay: first, they wouldn't compete well against tier 5 norse troops, but do compete well against ship captains, and fit with the generally worse elite vikingr upgrades, that in turn create the tradeoff at the tier 3 norse upgrade choice. Second, the berserker units both end up with very high stats, seeming to indicate they should take longer to train, and the higher level of the elite vikingr (29) compared to the tier 4 norse (26 and 27) ensures that the upgrade takes longer, reflecting this.

Moved Norse warrior archer to tier 4, standard for its level, modified it a bit, altered name

Added norse tier 3 archer unit beneath it, with old name

Added at tier 5 two norse archer units taking different paths

Reduced level of tier 2 norse archer to create standard xp requirements

Mercenary finn archers made substantially better, cost increased

Better arrows made slightly stronger in ammo to damage (base arrows left unchanged), quiver assignment in units tweaked

New bow added (repurposed unused bow) for activating heaviest powerdraw without item modifiers (for troops)

Archer troops slightly tweaked in skills and equipment

Made single enclave village in Northymbria of pagan norse settlers with 100% chance of norse recruits

Lord of Bebbanburg renamed "Aelfric Uhtredson" (one additional reference to Saxon Stories/Last Kingdom to add to the list)

Added special bodyguards to over 30 lords (Harald Fairhair gets berserkers, Alfred the Great gets elite saxon spearmen and veteran captains, etc)

All three age choices on character creation now equalized in total attribute points (but different distributions). Previously, I eliminated all Vanilla VC differences in total attribute points between character creation choices like virtue and personality, but left age having 'adult' as somewhat better because it made sense. But I decided that from a gameplay perspective, leaving in what is essentially a trap that will permanently handicap players roleplaying older characters (who get a massive -4 attribute penalty, equivalent of 20 experience levels in vanilla VC) is not a good idea.

Text added to help better explain character creation

Removed vestigial code related to gender differences in attributes (the differences themselves were already removed in prior versions)

Reordered some code to be better for performance

Removed some aging effects, including chance of attribute loss

Elite Frisian units added.

Throwing axes added. Added to units connected to Frankia and a few vikingr units (Danish elites, Ship Captains). I realize there isn’t good evidence of throwing axes used in this period, but they were in extremely common use about a century earlier in Frankia (of the type of the model used, a Francisca model), so I think there isn’t much harm in putting them in some Frankish units, as well as a few vikingr units that might occasionally adopt weapons used by a people they had a lot of contact with.

Frisian units tweaked in abilities and equipment

Frisian noble mail repurposed as additional Norse mail (they were not being used currently outside of a single lord each, which is a total waste of a wonderful armor model, as Frisians lacked noble units, and they fit well with the other Norse noble mail)

Norse bodyguard (bear or wolf pelt) and Orm’s Lorrica now weighs more and stats tweaked slightly.

Player relations with hostile factions now restored at expiration of mercenary contract
Balance Mod 13.0 Final Changelog, Part 2:

Lend Companion Quest now gives the companion that went away XP. This should hopefully make players find the quest welcome, rather than a disruption. Thank you to InVain and TLD modding team for this idea.

Berserker recruiting changed (now, if over 1000 renown, a random roll between 0 and your relation with pagans is made. If you roll over 70, you get two Ulfhedinn, if you roll between 10 and 70, you get 1 berserker, and below 10 you get nothing. Recruiting successfully drops your relations with pagans, but can be counteracted by donating to the hoff (relations boost buffed)).

Donating to monasteries now grants a very large renown bonus (an advantage for Christians, as hoffs do not get the same), to reflect some historical realities of the role of the church at this time.

Donating to either hoffs or monasteries (NOT priests in towns) gives a small chance of attracting divine attention, and a bonus to an attribute. This shouldn’t be overpowered, as you’d be looking at paying on average over half a million coins spread over repeated visits over a span of game years just to get 1 attribute point generally, but if you are visiting a location anyway, it’s now worth perhaps seeking the blessing of the gods, rather than treating it as a one-time mechanic in order to max out your relations score.

Rebellion system adjusted. Player charisma/leadership no longer prevents rebellions worldwide, instead it is limited to preventing them within player’s own kingdom, and specifically preventing the relations loss if the lord is high enough relations to player to not want to rebel. With low relations with vassal lords, rebellion is somewhat likely even with high leadership and charisma. Some numbers adjusted, including threshold of relations and relation loss.

Refuges and Troop Camps should no longer join battles. This should better reflect their leaderless role, avoid exploits using the refuge to ambush AI lords, and also allow the player to drop troops into a camp for smaller battles without having them join anyway (but a reminder, if you drop all troops of a given kind from your party into a camp or garrison, then they will lose all accumulated XP and progress towards an upgrade—same is true in other Warband mods, XP is stored by troop stack and only as long as the stack has at least one member in the party). Thanks Kyomaku for suggesting.

Frisian AI lords no longer recruit Frankish Cavalry (except for the King, who has it as a unique bodyguard). This was introduced for some variety, but the new unique bodyguard gives a better way of achieving the same.

Frisian troop tree recreated as a normal troop tree (now on standard faction levels, progresses up to tier 5,). Additional units added, existing rebalanced.

Manage of non player owned settlements limited to lords within your faction

Nobles of Britons/Norse/Angles/Saxons now get access to noble helmets (previously unsused for troops) (picts/irish already had access)

Gave Clovis Frankish axe and Frankish throwing axes

Hidden modifiers to forced conversion from character creation virtue and personality choices removed. Now, you get the same positive modifiers as the best possible prior combination (forced conversion could use the boost anyway). I think this should render personality choice a purely roleplaying one (affects dialogue), as character creation total stat points were equalized in a prior version.

Runed hammer item added as a rare tournament award (28 blunt with a very short length, and unable to be modified. Generally not the best weapon, but if you really want a powerful blunt weapon, it’s out there. A 1/300 chance of getting in any given tournament victory, so its very rare)

Siege surrenders resulting from strength imbalance (not starvation) have raised thresholds--now you must generally have 8x the garrison (was 1.5x), or if the enemy commander is a king then 15x (was 3x), or if the enemy commander is a lord within his own home fief then 30x (was 2x, effectively now lords are unwilling to surrender their home if they are personally present and in command)

Complete overhaul of all skills, WP, attributes, and items of companions

General balancing pass on equipment and stats, hundreds of small tweaks (examples, Angles tier 4 spearmen shoes upgraded, Angles, Saxons tier 4 units given gloves, etc)

Spotting range increase

Created tiers 3 through 5 frisian cavalry (giving them a two pronged troop tree, still much simpler than normal, and a little lower in quality than full factions, but a little more interesting now)

Briton horsemen changed to lvl 23 and slightly nerfed (given that we now have tier 4 and 5 upgrades)

Scaled powerthrow and athletics across units

Scaled shield skills for players to match ai (shield skill is determined as a function of weaponmaster in VC)

Viking elites equipment adjusted

Svear warriors (mercs) lowered in level to 23 and slightly nerfed

Svear elites skills lowered slightly

Svear Viking facial appearance adjusted to match other Vikings

Some early guaranteed helmet flags removed

Monastery/Hoff fetch quests changed to be offered even at high relations, and give a large XP gain (earlier change of increasing relations gain reverted)

Berserkers and ship captains tweaked

Balancing pass on vikingr, elite vikingr, and svear merc equipment and skills

Manhunter troop tree presentation replaced by Swedish troops (Nothing really interesting going on with the manhunter line, this should be more interesting to player)

New Varangian Mercenary unit added, using 2 Rus ponies imported from Brytenwalda (thanks to Ale from Discord), replacing skirmisher cavalry merc (I’m not sure anyone hired them). Swedish elite Vikingr can upgrade to them (removed berserker upgrade path)

Frankish horse added, using 2 horses imported from Brytenwalda (thanks to Ale from Discord), given to the new Frisian higher tier cavalry units and Frankish mercs, and available for purchase in Frisia.

Wild horses weakened. Wild ponies removed (pictish tier 4 now only uses wild horses).

Significantly buffed the female troop line (Thanks Hersir Olgierd Osvaldsson for engaging in discussion that reminded me of this)

Expanded female troop line range of random appearance to cover more regions

You now can change lady equipment when you have over 30 relations with them

You now can change lord equipment when you have over 95 relations with them

Honor change from attacking neutral caravans/villages halved (now -1): making raiding a little more treated as normal, though enough will still plummet your reputation.

Driving cattle to a village and donating without being asked now increases your relations with the village with no cap

Some troop balancing, including buffs to angle/saxon horsemen WP and armor, and buffs to lvl 23 and 26 non-norse skirmishers

Mercenary formula by faction tweaked. Frisia now is the most viable place to find Frankish cavalry mercs (about a 20% chance, while other towns have only around a 3% chance). Otherwise reverted to system where norse towns only get norse mercs but Christian towns get all mercs including norse (reflecting historical realities of the time).

Upgraded weapons of 20+ lords (thanks to Ale on Discord for suggesting Ubbe get an axe)

Marshal campaigns extended in time

Ponies made more manuverable

Expanded tournament participants to many troop types from the particular faction instead of generic fighters

Egil and Solveig now give sailing speed bonus same as elite norse troops (half as much as helgi/elite viking, 1/4th as much as ship captains). Reavers give same bonus.

Reworked women shoes assignment

Some differentiation in troop tree weapon tendences (swedes shifted towards tendency to axes, for example)

All weapon assignments on troops reworked for better logic and consistency across culture and upgrades

Old hero boar grove now is equipped with the same armor and helmet you get for killing him. Old hero stats increased. Thanks Ze_Young_Kestrel from Discord for suggestions on improving Old Hero.

New irish and pict tier 5 units

Archer slinger equipment reworked, in many cases to give them better chance of more ammo

Norse, angle, saxon, briton tier 1 unit gets chance of spear, norse tier 1 replaces sling with bow

Angles and Saxons made stronger overall to make up for lack of variety’

Added parry to Irish short sword. Thanks Samot0423 from Discord for report regarding Irish short swords

Tweaked multiplayer weapon balance. Thanks Muirhied and Zdezlaw for suggestions on multiplayer

New irish tier 4 swordsmen

Berserker trait reworked to be for 3 minutes seconds, once every 10 minutes (no exhaustion or penalties when runs out, just you need to wait to activate again)

Other traits and status effects reworked (in particular, getting system consistent by limiting ways in which numbers can be overwritten)

Mercenaries now show up in slightly less numbers, and units cost more to hire.

AI Berserkers Ulfhedinn no longer get boosts from the ability, instead their base stats are increased (this is to make the troop tree clear to players in what they are getting, instead of burying boosts in hidden modifiers)

New models for frankish throwing axe and some helmets imported from Brytenwalda with help from Ale

Edited some equipment loadout orders to aid troop tree presentation being more informative

Reworked bandit upgrade tree, changed stats. Moved ranged upgrades to the bandit line (had been terminal, because the ranged upgrades were coming off a melee only unit)

Bandit Leaders renamed to Bandit Kings and given upgraded stats

Looter parties now have chance of coming with a bandit king, his elite bodyguard of highwaymen, or a troop of footpads, along with the peasant slingers. I always found these parties bothersome—tons of peasant slingers with no loot. Locked relevant quest behind level 10 to avoid hammering new characters.

Veteran mercs can upgrade

All norse units now slightly taller to reflect historical situation (higher average height from diet with more protein) (this is a slight increase in height, NOT troll size). Other cultures track this according to nutrition and elite status (ie, nobles everywhere get tall)

Many lords shifted taller

Old hero in board grove now huge (troll height)

Swapped ulfhedinn berserkers between two Viking parties to reflect new differentiation in upgrades and weapon use

Reworked many weapon sets to better distribute

Balancing pass on all WP and equipment across tiers and cross faction

Differentiating Angles/Saxons: Angles get swords more often, including Angle bodyguards get a chance at a special sword, while Saxons get 1.5 handed axes spread in their line

Old Captain reworked as elite spearmen. Made tall, stats increased, better equipment, renamed veteran captain

Alfred the Great given some of the new veteran captain as special bodyguard

NPC women made shorter (reflecting realistic difference in average height, does not affect player)

Special smiths fixed to make more sense and be less of an unknown lottery (no more lottery games with seaxes, now for armor you can either take a choice of the 3 helmets in the game, or a random style of top-line mail, for weapons, you can either order a great axe, bow, or spear, or take a random shot between two styles of blade (one widow maker, the other laufi))

Fixed some text display of time for quests

Adjusted prison break equipment to mercenary disguise (thanks Luc)

2 handed axes now have crush through blocks chance

Frisian and Angle troops even more likely from mixed villages than before

Norse helms that lack mail/leather made slightly less heavy

Nerfed crown armor (Thanks ashghan11 from Nexus for this and some animation changes suggested by the submod he created)

Dane axe tier 4 gets tier 5 new unit to upgrade to

Dane axe troops get shield and guaranteed javilins (to allow them to protect themselves from initial volleys by holding the shield).

Redid many armor stats to better match their models (norse bear/wolf byrnies especially—the models varied widely on how much arm and leg coverage there was, but the stats moved uniformly based on the name rather than the nature of the model)

Woodcutter axe transformed to light dane axe, distributed in dane axe wielding norse units

Dane axe norse units given athletics boost

Added Angle mercenary units, representing the disarray in the area and disposed warriors, harkening back to anglo saxon mercenary past and arrival in Britain, and giving a strategic alternative of more immediate power and spear focus at much higher cost of maintaining unit to angles (strategic variety instead of tactical variety, to preserve the angle focus).

Saxons get dedicated 1.5 handed axe users at tier 4 and 5 (shield breaking in conjunction with their spear focus)

Noble axes renamed and used more broadly in factions, and increased a bit in stats

1.5/2 handed axes made faster (base stats are when wielded with two hands, after all)

1.5/2 handed axes given polearm animations (should be more accurate to how they are held and used historically, rather than hands at the edge). Dane axe strength requirement lowered,

Frisian troops weaken in equipment slightly, but given guaranteed ranged (for replicating old frank tactics of a throw on charge of their throwing axes or right before lines meet)

Irish champion swords slower, heavier, more damaging

Removed leftover noswing axe versions

Switched irish tier 4 cavalry to melee line, adjusted

Altered some wage calculations (AI no longer pays extra for mercs, given new unique bodyguard system means some will be recruiting them and presumably have unique connections, also mounted troop is now a flat additive modifier to represent horse feeding costs rather than a multiplier, bandits no longer more expensive beyond what is baked into their higher level for lower stats)
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Balance Mod 13.0 Final Changelog, Part 3:

Norwegion and dane mercs added

Heavily tweaked mercenary assignment formula to be more fitting for location and achieve better balance

Vikingr now appear in taverns in Denmark and Norway looking for an expedition to join. They give a higher sailing boost than normal mercs and don’t have the same wage penalty, so they provide another good reason to recruit your raiding parties in the homeland for pagan players

Reduced companion leadership bonus to max party size (from 5 to 3 per leadership point, ie a 10 leadership companion adds 30 to max party size now). Capped companion leadership bonus to max party size at +200 men

Crown bonus switched from leadership/persuasion to persuasion/trade to better match second outfit use and avoid fluctuating max party limits

Crown obtainable from special smiths to get replacements if needed

Irish and Picts get better horses at tier 4, lose mail armor for standard bearer

Tier 2 female troop prostitution dialogue from vanilla option replaced with purchasing fresh supplies and tents. Among other things, the economics made no sense at 450 gold, and I’m not sure what we were supposed to imagine about that 3 day mission when the player army numbers in the hundreds.

New elite tier 3-5 female troops get dialogue reflecting their new warrior status (inspiration on the battlefield to explain their passive morale boost, rather than mention of being married to soldiers, among other reasons, because if 30 soldiers had wives in the party and the rest didn’t, I’d imagine that would hurt morale more than help).

Attribute gain from levels now occurs once every 2 levels (allowing the player to, at level 38, reach the levels of the AI lords in attributes). Starting skills are lower (putting more pressure on skills as a limiting factor). The combination of these changes means the balance mod system is a midway point between VC leveling and Warband leveling, in terms of skill point vs attribute point scarcity.

The random event that gives +2 attribute points from letting a guy build a building is removed (never made sense in vanilla VC where that is 10 levels worth of gain, and not needed in balance mod with more attribute gain from levels).

Companions rebalanced to new system, now there should be a chance for meaningful progression and growth in companions, rather than them being locked in and near maxed from the time of joining.

Newly written event added to replace removed attribute gain event

Added explanatory notes throughout character creation

Reduced starting skill levels to fit new system

Both Briton tier 2 archers, Briton tier 1 recruits, and Bandits now have bows mixed into their weapon loadout alongside the slings

Briton tier 3 archer now has slings mixed in

Backgrounds reworked heavily and new ones added

Enabled troll height as an option named giant height. Have fun (note, it’s actually not that tall in modern terms, a little over 6 feet. And graves from this period of elites sometimes are that tall. It just looks tall in VC in comparison to most because the average person in this era has stunted growth, and is rather short).

Fixed companion “noble” status to match their backgrounds and lore

Replaced crafting backgrounds with sailing backgrounds (weapon maintenance points are disappointing for players who turn off the weapon breaking rules, and sailing is a huge part of VC). Also warrior father and boat building.

Varied up female face assignment (among other things, made Alof Ragnarsdottir no longer be a clone of a Rhodri daughter and a Wessex lady). Fixed some oddities (Hild, a brunette, having two red-headed parents). Maybe 30 appearances changed.

Item assignment overhauled on units

Lords now equip better throwing weapons

Raiding franks in southern Denmark now include Frankish cavalry and pretty well armed spearmen

Added initial fief assignments for some factions to better get the castles to the more important lords

Changing equipment options for lords and ladies at high relations

Tweaked Assassins and drunks

Training peasant missions peasants upgraded

Most mission troops improved (spies, murderer, etc)

Now player keeps weapons in tax revolts

Arena battle new fighter spawn rates now ramp up slower (should mean more fights for player, less dogpiling player or AI killing each other)

Irish swords -1 slashing damage, +3 piercing

Some swords repurposed from Briton to common, to make units less standardized and fill a variety of new roles

Wandering in to a village and saving it gives a better reward now, like when taking a quest (I mean, you saved them, does it matter that much if you talk to a guy in a tavern first?). Still lower if you did it for a lord though. Also, xp rewards assume greater player strength contribution (higher). Also, more items are given if player opts for reward (because it was almost never worthwhile before). Also looting enabled for this mission (never made sense to not get loot).

Expanded text in many areas

Certain marriage relations effects more significant

Modified factors for recruitment of ai lords

Beating the fugitive is harder, but you get his spear and shield after, as well as his money

Sometimes changed fathers and names (often to better model family relations, especially where the lack of a father means brothers otherwise wouldn’t recognize each other, and would court their nieces, but mostly only where records are murky enough to leave things open)

Generally gave guaranteed ranged to highest tier units, as well as fairly elite infantry in some factions (Britons for example)

Expanded unique bodyguards across additional cultures and lords

Tournament participants are now unique to the culture of the town (not generic fighters)

Thrown weapons generally no longer have bonus to breaking shields (leads to better combat feel in general especially with the increased use of guaranteed ranged and the increased powerthrow of elite units, and it didn’t make much sense, you can stab a spear with greater force than you can throw it generally)

Throwing axes retain bonus against shields (but are otherwise inferior), giving them a niche they had historically for the franks

Fixed vanilla VC bug that prevented faction leaders from having their assigned renown (they were getting generic renown instead)

Ubbe gets very high renown, and several other lords have their renown assigned as well (Egbert, ‘king of nothing’, gets very low renown, and is only given a village).

Fixed a vanilla VC bug where castles were missing the check to prevent tournaments from starting with feasts, leading to an empty wilderness scene and potential for glitches (Castle tournaments were always a bug, not a feature in VC. That’s why they were so weird. And there are reports online of them causing save corruption, so I fixed the bug)

Increased random (non feast) tournaments (they are more frequent now, this more than makes up for losing the glitched castle tournaments)

Increased prisoner limit for player

Added Gungnir dialogue to Sigurd Ragnarsson

Reordered some checks and inserted new ones to improve performance on map

Removed diplomacy horse slowing with damage effect (for performance reasons)

Relations now run through mothers (pretty much all kinds). The ragnarsons and rhodri sons now recognize each other. Moreover, uncles, aunts, inlaws, basically everything should run through mothers, creating even more interesting family interrelationships.

Added grandparents and grandkid relations. In-law relations run up 2 levels and laterally, but not to other branches of the family, as seems right based on the kinds of infighting and competition we would expect (ie, brothers in law, grandparents in law, but no uncles in law)

Redid some sword model assignments to better match their stats and role

Reassigned some swords from Britons to general pool to increase variety

Set some Alba fief assignments to match lords (thanks Kestrel for suggestions)

Implemented looting after village battle infestation battles

Bebbenburgh now recruits angle troops for garrison while under norse rule, as do the starting angle lords in northumbria, including lord of the city (vassals, but they really shouldn’t be recruiting norse, but rather have their own base of support as client lords of the great heathen army)

New trait system: at level 13, you get a basic trait, and then you are allowed to seek out a master to train you in other traits. Should be a lot more fun, and you can change your trait now.

Many edits to family relations to make political aspects more interesting

The Troll will now join female PCs

Nobles (including lords) and some elite units now somewhat taller on average from better childhood nutrition

Made titles better track initial fief assignment among norse

Added family relations to create better connected, powerful families, sometimes crossing faction lines by marriage. Should offer more interesting families for player to marry into as well.

Changed some lords, adding new ones like Guthrum in Northumbria

Gave Ubbe Jorvik

Added some more family relations

Changed some facial appearances (Thanks Ale!)

Changed some appearances (in particular, female troops rolls between young and middle aged, rather than elderly, same for some npcs)

Improved the new elite female troops (now runs all the way to tier 5)

Some AI lord and lady faces swapped or altered (in particular, less 2 red head parents having blond and brown haired children, which is not likely genetically)

Added recruiting mechanic to tavern dialogue with owner (replaces the money for relationship buying drinks mechanic), a gamble on a variety of possible hiring results

Added recruiting option to happy widows to become warriors in training under female PC

Fixed a text bug in companion conflict (thanks for reporting Kestrel)

New autocalc/party strength formula that better reflects actual strength of troops (tier 5 troops in particular were being vastly undervalued in vanilla for autocalc/AI battles, as well as renown calculations, this should help the player see more logical results in a variety of circumstances). Also better accuracy in estimating early game player or companion strength. Soloing no longer as overwhelmingly effective in generating renown.

Added new shield textures and banners by Kauna (who did an amazing job!)

Siege reinforcements once again limited (field battles remain unlimited)

Assassination attempts less likely and come from more lords that hate you rather than always the same guy

Higher relations needed for friend support in fief assignment votes

Made martial and upstanding lords willing to marry female PCs

Some personality assignment and wp changes to ai lords

AI lords made more stable, less prone to revolt or be indicted

Less relations changes between ai lords based on religion

AI lords no longer get as angry at king over marshal appointments

No longer lose relations when telling lord looking for new king to leave your realm (so you can clear them out without penalty)

Completing the chronicler quest to obtain 3 towns now grants a huge renown boost (awards 60 renown four times in a row, which is reduced by renown decay, so likely +200 renown, as befits the accomplishment involved)

Player recruits angle troops at Bebbenburgh rather than Norse

Adjustment mercenary availability (including sometimes mercenaries not being available) and increase wages (now 225% normal, was 175%)

Fixed threshold for prisoner recruitment cost to increase to better match tiers, adjusted price. Increased bandit recruiting price, adjusted chances.

Added a few more unique bodyguards, strengthened Osrige recruiting templates (more Viking mercs hired), strengthened a couple smaller Briton factions with unique bodyguards

Pitiless personality now a bit more tolerant of fief grants than before (pitiless now same as cunning)

Reworked lord feuding behavior, upstanding no longer feuds with martial, instead martial feuds with cunning. Upstanding feuds with debauched and cunning from reworked good natured feuds (good natured personality isn’t used in VC so they were doing nothing previously.) Rewrote strings. Inheritance feuds inside of family now broadly appear across personalities rather than being based on martial personality (but upstanding does not trigger them). Each type of feud less likely but more opportunities to cause them.

Defections/indictments harder to trigger, relations with vassals given a tendency to rise if below -40 (should keep kingdoms more stable and stop the endless cycle of kingdom hopping for ai lords)

Blocked courting of Aslaug and Rhodri’s wife by player (courting by AI was blocked in prior version)

‘bury the dead’ post battle loot option now restricted to Christian faith. Made less overpowered early game by setting a min for certain calculations (meaning you need to be giving up a decent amount of loot even if your renown is low to generate results). However, the cap on max renown gained is raised so from great battles a large amount can be generated, overcoming renown decay and remaining useful in late game

You now need more than 10 reputation points to be offered the collect taxes quest. Lords aren’t going to just let some unknown (or bandit) be trusted with their tax money any longer.

Pitiless lords now support giving villages to lords who don’t have any fief

Pagan players now get renown and honor from giving all loot to troops (similar formula to the revised one for bury dead option, which pagans have lost access to). This reflects the historical importance of generosity in a Norse lord’s reputation, and the increased usefulness balances with the ability of Christian players to generate renown from monastery donations (added earlier in the changelog)

Pagan lords now have a tendency to support giving a fief to whoever took it, regardless of personality type (Christian lords have the same behavior as vanilla: those who are martial, upstanding, or bad tempered tend to support whoever took the fief, the others do not) (bad tempered lords aren’t such bad guys at heart, here, as in a few other places in the code, they seem to try to do the right thing). Pitiless lords now support giving villages to lords who don’t have any fief. Pitiless personality now a bit more tolerant of fief grants than before (pitiless now same as cunning)

When finding a new faction to join, lords now very strongly prefer to go to a faction of their original culture so long as it isn’t already completely flooded with lords (should lead to a more sensible distribution of lords, rather than irish lords in Norway and the like) (for this purpose, we treat saxons as the same culture as angles, and picts as irish as unified as well.

Added some text to backgrounds that grant literacy (including new ones)

Set some division assignments for better handling of guaranteed throwing weapon infantry (note that VC doesn’t link player and AI division assignments, this is just for the player, and they can change them easily anyway)

Made berserkers/ulfhedinn in Morrigan ambush no longer immortal. Removed their 185% damage modifier

Extended the ranged accuracy nerf from fog in Morrigan ambush to apply to player troops as well

Modifiers from equipment no longer reduce skills during tournaments (also fixes the exploit where a player can use pict ritual equipment before a tournament to get a skill boost during)

Adjustment to companion wages

Expanded some of the new tournament participants

Allowed tournaments to be simulated when feasts conclude (important for AI lords having a chance to win)

Fixed a bug in vanilla VC with how tournaments replenish during feasts

Included a max on lord ransom amounts in response to feedback from very long (10 year campaign) player (thanks JonasG for feedback)

Vastly increased number of random ship names (from vanilla 23 to over 150). Replaced a lot of anachronistic names taken from later periods when the Norse had christianized (there were names like “Good Friday” and referencing the virgin mary, all in norse, which made little sense in this time period).

Changed vanilla vc better ship inclusion of Hedeby castle to Dublin (castles don’t sell ships)

Differences between norse and non norse port ship quality made more dramatic

Vikingr bandit ship parties no longer recruit regular sailors, instead more vikingr (they should be more deadly and thematic now)

Repurporsed some storyline only low level archers into also being part of Frankish raider bands on sea

Added Kauna’s visual mod for ship hulls and finishes. She has done amazing work, thanks Kauna!

Sail developed by Brujoloco and modified by Kauna, added as a custom sail (if you have your own custom sail, back up before installing, but since the vast majority of players don’t make their own custom sails we are providing one)

Basic use of tactics by outlaws (instead of pure charge)

Rewrote and reworked some dialogue with spouse

Increased crew capacity of trading ships

Non norse no longer use longships in battle (they perform alright with the enhanced crew capacity ships, but this means it is advantageous for the Norse to fight their enemies in naval battles, which should be a good change)

Altered ship assignment so that troops are more likely to fill up capacity on single ships rather than spread to multiple in ai parties

A new character will wander the mead halls of the world, and assist you (his functions including changing your height selection, resetting dungeons to allow them to be explored again, and many others)

If Morrigan becomes lost to the player party, the tavern visitor can find and return her to the player

Female PCs can now elect to take a wife instead of a husband (a workaround for the Vanilla VC issue that prevents female PCs from throwing feasts—if they choose to take a wife, then they can throw feasts). This option is part of the new tavern visitor, and is entirely opt-in—unless the player chooses to activate it, things will work like they always have.

Special invasions can be trigged for added late-game challenge (Frankish invasion of Frisia, Irish uprisings, Swedish invasion of Norway, and Viking invasion of Wales)
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THANK YOU for 13.0

Kauna for shield textures and banners, as well as ship hulls, finishes, and sails visual mods, as well as discussions and recommendations on a variety of issues

Brytenwalda team for throwing axes and horse models and Ale for importing them

Thanks to InVain and The Last Days modding team for the idea of granting companions XP from the lend companion quest

Thanks Jonathan Cooper from Discord for naming suggestions and feedback on realm stability and chronicler quests, extensive writeup on late game matters, and suggestions on garrisons

Thanks BladeofKain from discord for suggestions on saxons

Thanks Luc from Discord for consultations on revamping leveling, attributes, and skills, and many other issues, as well as a lot of testing and the creation of a player planning tool

Thanks Pode for consulting on a wide range of issues including overall balance, new troops, character progression, courting, and anglo saxon new units, as well as feedback on the Morrigan ambush changes

Thanks Raul for consultations and feedback on several issues

Thanks Ashghan11 from Nexus for crown and some animation change ideas

Thanks to Kyomaku from Discord for suggesting changes to refuge and camps

Thanks Zdezlaw from Discord for consulting on several issues including multiplayer and balance

Thanks to Ale on Discord for suggesting weapon assignments, extensive feedback, and for work importing models of horses, throwing axe, and helping make new appearances for lords

Thanks to Hersir Olgierd Osvaldsson form Taleworlds for discussions regarding strengthening female troop tree and reports on quest timing

Thanks Paroni from Discord for feedback on several issues

Thanks Ze_Young_Kestrel from Discord for suggestions on improving Old Hero and feedback on a variety of issues, and suggestions on raiding franks, and suggestions on Alba

Thanks Samot0423 from Discord for report regarding Irish short swords and multiplayer dane axe as well as lots of general testing and work on multiplayer

Thanks Muirhied from Discord for suggestions on Elite Vikingr stats and comprehensive suggestions and research on reworking of multiplayer

Thanks Justaname from Discord for identifying problem with presentations

Thanks brengineer on Discord for feedback on a variety of issues

Thanks JonasG from Discord for consulting on several issues and discussions on weapons and feedback on long term campaigns involving extensive writeup of late game matters

Thanks Azura from Discord for suggestions and feedback as well as reports of a few issues

Thanks Steelrain from Discord for suggestions on dane axe strength requirement and animations as well as several other issues

Thanks Ventii from Discord for feedback and discussions on a variety of issues

Thanks Tex Silverstar from Discord for suggesting additional avenues of recruitment and feedback on a variety of issues

Thanks Martyn from Discord for feedback on the new increased combat XP gain for units and suggestions on several issues, including tournaments

Thanks Justaname from Discord for help fixing dialogues

Thanks Blackback from Discord for feedback and contributions to discussions, as well as suggestions on options regarding changing equipment

Thanks ZMasterofPie from Discord for feedback on several proposed changes

Thanks Double A from Discord for consulting on a variety of issues and providing feedback on several alternatives

Thanks justaname from Discord for prisoner related suggestions

Thanks Giova on Discord for feedback on troops and bandits

Thanks MaccyBoiLaren from reddit for posting thoughts on arena fights

Thanks BladeofKane from Discord for feedback on several issues and balancing discussions

Thanks Old Greybeard from Discord for feedback on a variety of issues and consultations on several new features, as well as feedback on the Morrigan ambush changes

Thanks Oliver from Discord for suggestions and feedback on several of the changes

Thanks Lemming of the BDA from Discord for suggestions on literacy and consultation on several issues

Thanks Brujoloco for his wonderful banners and sails!

Finally, thank you to the over 100 players who have helped test Balance Mod 13.0 on Discord. Your encouragement, feedback, and assistance is greatly appreciated, thank you!
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Balance Mod 13.0 is officially released at both Nexus and ModDB!

I'll probably be doing weekly small updates over at the Discord (all save compatible). Currently working on an expansion of the new scripted invasions (in 13.0, they currently are only for set locations, like the Frankish invasion of Frisia and the Swedish invasion of Norway).

Patches will be released only at the Discord (as updating ModDB/Nexus is a pain): https://discord.gg/b5ddSHK
Patch 1 (100% Save Compatible) uploaded to the Discord: https://discord.gg/b5ddSHK

The main change is an expansion to the new scripted invasions introduced in Balance Mod 13.0 (with Patch 1 each of the 4 invasions now has 3 potential targets, so Frankish invasions can occur in Frisia, Wessex, and Denmark, Swedish invasions can occur in Norway, Denmark, and Alba, etc). Patch 1 also boosts player recruiting (especially when recruiting in the player's own fief), and makes some adjustments to bandit behavior.
Patch 3 (100% save compatible) for VC Balance Mod 13.0 uploaded to the Discord: https://discord.gg/b5ddSHK

Lots of improvements, but the biggest addition in Patch 3 is many new swords, including several new unique swords as quest rewards, created by Charles de Tonkin. Thanks Charles!

I realize now I forgot to announce Patch 2 here: it is similar to Patch 3, and contains a variety of small improvements, as well as some new armor.
If you are looking for visual mods to combine with Balance Mod, Ale's Armor Mod is worth checking out: https://www.moddb.com/mods/armor-mod-for-viking-conquest Ale has done a great job with his mod, and is very active in development, recently releasing v4.1. He's using the submods channel at the Balance Mod Discord for development feedback, and is very responsive to user reports.
Thank you to everyone for supporting my modding these past years!

I'm proud to announce that the Kickstarter of Terra Invicta, Hooded Horse's first game as a new video game publisher, is going great. We've raised over $80,000 as we finish up day 5--and we've still got 25 days to go!

We've also received some great press coverage, including an article in Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

ASpec was kind enough to post a video introducing Terra Invicta.

And our Gameplay Trailer is up on YouTube as well.

Of course, if you aren't a Kickstarter user but are still interested in the game, our Steam Store page is open for Wishlists (as well as following the game).

And finally, our creator homepage is open, and if you follow it you will get news of all our games--including the ones we publish in future years!

Thanks everyone! Your support is much appreciated, from my early steps into modding to now, as we build Hooded Horse into a publisher of great strategy, simulation, and role-playing games!

Hope everyone has been doing well. Just a few shoutouts to compilation mods incorporating Balance Mod 13:

First, Ale's combined mod on Steam workshop, incorporates Balance Mod, Armor Mod, and a lot of other submods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2226228625

Second, Blood Eagle 4.2 on ModDB, likewise incorporates Balance Mod, Armor Mod, and a lot of other submods: https://www.moddb.com/mods/blood-eagle

Both are great if you are interested in combined Balance Mod with some graphical changes, and want a single combined download.
Great MOD! Been having some instability, but nothing deal breaking.
My only issue is with enemies (always?) fleeing... It makes for some really tedious battles at times. Is it a deliberate choice? (i.e. the enemy has more range units, hence it chooses to run). Thank you
Hello! First of all, amazing job! I'm considering installing this mod. Is it compatible with saves (I'm around 500th day if it matters)? I've read that v13 isn't. Would it help if I installed v12 first, make save in it and then add v13? I'm a total noob when it comes to installing, games etc. Can I play a while and then uninstall it if I want to go back to vanilla keeping all the progress I'd make in balance mod? I edited a save to get Morrigan back - it doesn't matter, I can still play balance mod? Can I also edit save to make Bodo back since he "died" during story mode and then install balance mod without any harm? Also, did I understand well - I'll be able to throw feasts (I'm a female character), and I don't have to marry a lady in order to do so? I've also read that I might learn traits - I'm past level 13, have berserk trait - if I already have it, I'll be able to use this option of learning other traits too? I'm amazed how much work you did and for the first time during playing MB I really want to try a different mod. I'd appreciate any help.
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