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Allright, so I know most of you have posted some of these issues before, but I felt like a wanted to make a list where we can keep track of stuff that needs fixing and also some suggestions. If I perhaps leave out something that's very important, please comment the issue or suggestion and I will gladly add it. We can always confirm bugs/suggestions and remove them once they get fixed or implemented.

Issues and Concerns:
  • Map swarming/snowballing. One of the biggest concerns I see the community face right now is that AI Factions quickly grow and overpower other factions, this leads to the whole of Calradia being conquered by one faction prematurely. I have come across multiple people who face this concern and it is not tied to one specific faction, but a random faction.
  • Joining in a siege with other lords. When joining a siege to help your fellow lords, you have to choose which group of units you want to lead, but the button to select ''okay'' does not appear. Apparently there is a fix around this, playing around with different resolutions.
  • Forming your own Kingdom. Apparently there is a questline which you can follow when starting your own faction. This questline works, but I have seen several players reporting that their game freezes or crashes after the questline.
  • Buying armour in trading. When browsing for armour in trading, there only seems to be low geared armour and no ''high tier'' armour. There is a way to resolve this manually though, it requires you going into your game files and changing a value, allowing 250 game objects in-game and multiplayer items.

  • Tournaments. It would be really great if we could get xp when fighting in tournaments like we did in Warband. The rewards are nice, but fighting a whole tournament to win a weapon that sells for a 140 denars is harsh, also denars awards are also nice like in Warband. The last suggestion when it comes to tournaments would be that when you watch a tournament, that you could place some bets, just a suggestion I came across on reddit. It does seem nice though.
  • Training Camps. In previous games, you would get xp from going to training camps and training with weapons. Units in your party would also benefit from this and get some xp for training, that doesn't happen anymore. Also, if we can get some more training camps around calradia that would also be amazing, I've only come across one close to Poros.
  • Crossbow prices. One thing we have all come across, is the high prices for crossbows. Some of them are selling for like 21k denars. I don't know if that is to be intended, but that's quite a lot of denars for a crossbow.
  • Workshops/businesses. Workshops are capped at 200 denars a day and you can only have 3 of them at a time. I don't know what the devs have intended for them but I hope they implement something similar to what we had in Warband, or at least something that gives us more interaction. I do believe that the 200 denar cap is just a placeholder and will most likely be changed later.

These are just some bugs I have come across, as well as some players who are on reddit, etc. Also, I don't expect the developers to add or fix any of these. They are doing an amazing job and we all appreciate that so much! I love this game and I can't wait to see what Taleworlds have envisioned for it. If you guys come across any big bugs or have some good suggestions, please feel free to post them in the comments and we can consider adding them or if the devs fixed any of these, drop a comment stating the fix and I will cross it off. This thread is just to keep track of some stuff. Happy Bannerlording!

NB! They released a patch an hour ago, I went through the notes but if I missed something and it's still on the list please let me know.

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