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  1. xGreedo

    Bug Report trade exploit with prices

    I honestly can't explain it with words.
  2. Need More Info When the garrison is 0, the garrison doesn't increase at all daily, regardless of it saying (+1)

    Summary: When the garrison is 0, the garrison doesn't increase at all daily, regardless of it saying (+1) How to Reproduce: 1. Go to a castle you own 2. Move all garrison troops to your party 3. Wait for a day to pass Result: the daily garrison increase stops even if it says (+1) Have you used...
  3. Kaptain Cnuckles

    Pushing Each Beta's Crash Fixes to the Respective Stable Branches as Hotfixes

    In a previous suggestion, I highlighted that Beta branches tend to be exceptionally buggy (which says a lot due to the game already being an EA state but I digress). It's most players' big deterrent for serious playthroughs on those branches. However, those betas usually come with loads of crash...
  4. Hi eveyone, in my paythrough the general(in general clan) are spawning like rabbits.

    Hi there, sorry I cannot attach any photo because I just registered. In my 1.60 playthrough I notice the general's clan in all the vanilla factions are spawning up to 100+.. Is the general's clan a vanille feature or it is part of any mod? I am experiencing difficulty of finding it out. Please...
  5. Percyvelle

    Resolved Bugs and glitch in Bannerlord

    I found a lot of bugs and glitch in both games and would like to show it to you. I attach 3 videos from Bannerlord. 1. Cheat place in one of your siege maps. I think that you tried to make this place inaccessible for attackers but I found the free space to get in. 2. Horse spam. Maybe you know...
  6. The Sign of 33

    Why the bugs that have been fixed come back the next version?

    Since closed beta I've been observing it and it makes me think there's a problem with managing the versions or something. Although I have forgotten about the details of the old ones, there are recent examples, the slow movement bug came back with 1.5.9, "Sound of Doom" happens to come back every...
  7. Need More Info The game freezes after the start video

    Summary:Я купил игру на релиз, проблем не было, играл в песочнице, решил дождаться сюжета. Через полгода или больше я решил посмотреть, что изменилось в игре, установил ее и столкнулся с этой проблемой. После загрузки и показа стартового видео игра замерзает. В диспетчере задач я вижу, что он...
  8. In Progress Sister spawned without base attribute/skill points.

    Summary: Sister (Aitheen) Spawned without base attribute/skill points, despite having picked development choices for her while she was growing up. Many attributes/skills are 0's. It seems our younger siblings are not getting the points that they should be getting for their education during...
  9. In Progress DLSS Ghosting is still a problem even after latest patch.

    Summary: DLSS is still causing faction banners to ghost through all in game objects. The latest game patch did not resolve the issue and the problem persists. Please fix this. Thank you. How to Reproduce: Turn on DLSS, play game, and ghosting will occur during any combat, both in single...
  10. Sieges don't work again

    Greetings dear developers and riders of Calradia. In patch 1.5.8, sieges are broken again - troops do not attack walls, do not climb ladders when losing a battering ram. They just stand there and do nothing. Screenshots are attached.
  11. [POLL] How do you feel about TaleWorlds starting a new SciFi game?

    TaleWorlds has job openings for a new game (previously listed as SciFi but that has been removed) How do you guys feel about this? Would you get it or support another EA by TaleWorlds? I personally think with the state Bannerlord is in (bugs, delays, cut features, lack of depth, dead...
  12. Pvt Banditcoot

    In Progress Screen Resolution Bug When returning to map

    Hi All, I just purchased the game today and have been having a odd screen resolution bug. I have a 1440p monitor and everything is set to 1440p, All games, desktop etc. I set the game up to run in 1440p however every time i go back to the map from a battle or from visiting a town the game...
  13. Squibbles

    Need More Info Lord Needs A Tutor Companion Issue

    Summary: Lost a battle so I got separated from my companion for the Lord Needs A Tutor quest. When going to the city he is located in (Varcheg in this case) he doesn't exist and I cannot retrieve him. How to Reproduce: Lose companion for Lord Needs a Tutor for Raganvad of Sturgia Scene Name (if...
  14. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    Resolved [e1.5.7] Disappeared hideout location on quest with brother and sister

    [e1.5.7] Disappeared hideout location on quest with brother and sister. The hideout must be near Seanon. I decided to postpone their rescue and after ~ 300 days the hideout disappeared. I tried to destroy other hideouts, but it did not lead to the revival of the one I needed. Help me...
  15. DennyWiseau

    The state of siege performance

    I've been playing a couple of sieges in 1.5.7beta and performance is still pretty bad, major stuttering/fps drops occur at the moment troops rush for ladder/gates/siegetowers. Back in April it was definitely worse, so improvments has clearly been made, but playing siege battle can still be a...
  16. Can’t enable death in campaign option 1.5.6

    Hi, as the title stated there is no longer an option to enable death once you’re in the game. I accidentally clicked disable death when starting anew game as before it was to enable not disable. is there anyway to enable it in a saved file?
  17. Extreme siege lag after Christmas Patch and AI has also gotten worse

    Getting 2 to 1 frames during a siege with less than 1k soldiers when I use the speed up function when I am dead. When I used the same exact speedup feature with the same exact amount of troops in siege pre-patch I would get lag for a few seconds when units spawned, but then it would go back to...
  18. Wasn't the refactor supposed to speed up development?

    I know they had the code refactor for a while with promises it would speed up development. Which honestly makes sense, but now patches are slower and smaller than ever. What happened?
  19. ApplePie8558

    Singleplayer crashing

    Every time I either try and start a new save on bannerlord, or try to load previous save the game just crashes and tells me to send necessary files. I've re-installed the game, and tried to verify the game. Does anyone know why this is happening and if I can fix it?
  20. New Bugs with latest update

    Hi, I was playing a campaign recently, but have to stop now. Game is now unplayable in single player mode with the latest patches. When in army you cannot engage in already ongoing field battles Army does not engage single groups or other armies (only when you are outnumbered and overpowered...
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