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  1. DennyWiseau

    The state of siege performance

    I've been playing a couple of sieges in 1.5.7beta and performance is still awful, major stuttering/fps drops occur at the moment troops rush for ladder/gates/siegetowers. Back in April it was definitely worse, so improvments has clearly been made, but playing siege battle is still such a...
  2. Can’t enable death in campaign option 1.5.6

    Hi, as the title stated there is no longer an option to enable death once you’re in the game. I accidentally clicked disable death when starting anew game as before it was to enable not disable. is there anyway to enable it in a saved file?
  3. Extreme siege lag after Christmas Patch and AI has also gotten worse

    Getting 2 to 1 frames during a siege with less than 1k soldiers when I use the speed up function when I am dead. When I used the same exact speedup feature with the same exact amount of troops in siege pre-patch I would get lag for a few seconds when units spawned, but then it would go back to...
  4. Wasn't the refactor supposed to speed up development?

    I know they had the code refactor for a while with promises it would speed up development. Which honestly makes sense, but now patches are slower and smaller than ever. What happened?
  5. ApplePie8558

    Singleplayer crashing

    Every time I either try and start a new save on bannerlord, or try to load previous save the game just crashes and tells me to send necessary files. I've re-installed the game, and tried to verify the game. Does anyone know why this is happening and if I can fix it?
  6. New Bugs with latest update

    Hi, I was playing a campaign recently, but have to stop now. Game is now unplayable in single player mode with the latest patches. When in army you cannot engage in already ongoing field battles Army does not engage single groups or other armies (only when you are outnumbered and overpowered...
  7. YouMoMCallME

    Resolved Some bugs found by me

    Some bugs found by me: Headmans troop are considered Mounted archery https://ibb.co/cLfHjD2 https://ibb.co/4jyZFVF Texture bug Headmans troop https://ibb.co/n1R8wMC Very strange background https://ibb.co/gywwHg1 BETA e1.5.4 Full Ultra Settings Steam Version No Mods Computer Specs: Win 10...
  8. Dead rulers, and donating fiefs to dead folks

    Hello. I'm in a fairly advanced playthough, trying to conquer all of the map of course. And recently I tried to eradicate whole clans, mostly the ruling ones from Battania and Khuzait. Killing the ruler triggers a vote to elect a new one, which worked at first. But after 2 or 3 executions, both...
  9. Drakun - Ironhammer

    In Progress Bugs - 1.5.4 (Beta)

    - After successfully carrying out missions (needs seed grains, extortion by deserters, etc) for notables in villages (in the Empire in this case) my character doesn't improve relations with them at all. - Locations previously under siege (towns usually) are stuck with the siege icon after an...
  10. Drakun - Ironhammer

    Need More Info Bugs - Beta 1.5.3

    Since the new update there's a weird freeze at random points, almost like it's catching up. This happens when you leave a city, stop, after opening a menu screen (party, etc) and at other random points. I've also noticed that only one of my caravans (or none after starting a new save) are taken...
  11. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    [1.5.2] OBS Studio cannot see the game (black screen)

    1.5.2 OBS Studio cannot see the game (black screen) Windows 10 x64 PRO. Any other games are fine. Prior to this update, OBS Studio was capturing everything fine. Window capture compatibility with anti-cheat tried to enable / disable - does not help. Video card: RTX 2080 Capturing the...
  12. Bannerlord, how to make a spawn character?

    Some of my children are 21 years old and did not show up, the game says that he is in my city but they do not show up, I want to know what command should I execute on the console to force them to spawn? to do this, do cheats need to be activated?
  13. Unresolved 100 days into the game, my character doesn't have hair when he enters castles and there is no tavern keeper, no tournament masters and no ladies

    So I was playing Warband for the first time using the native module and after 100 days or so my character became bald when he entered castles, the master weaver at my weavery became half naked, the tavern keepers have disappeared from everywhere and so have the tournament masters. There are no...
  14. sniparsexe

    Resolved World map visional bug

    So I started a new 1.5.1 campaign today and saw this, I don't think this should happen. I'm not sure but there might be bug on the west side as well (It is water so I can't really see)
  15. In Progress Landowner Needs Manual Laborers Quest - Repeatable dialogue

    Summary: Accepting the Quest: "Landowner Needs Manual Laborers". After leaving the village, a farmer tries to talk to you asking you to drop the quest so they can work for them. The dialogue option: "I understand your concern, Headman, ..." will give you some charm XP and increases the relation...
  16. Need More Info Persistent bugs

    I'm just gonna quickly outline some bugs that haven't been fixed yet. 1. Switching to any thrown projectile from your melee weapon can bug out the reticle and make it not expand and thus unable to shoot. The throwing weapon aiming animation does not initiate either. You can furiously spam click...
  17. Vostrum Workshop Bug?

    As the title says i bought a workshop in Vostrum. But I've waited 14 days and it hasn't made any money, doesn't even show up as an income source. Yet when i go to the clan page is shows i have bought the shop but nothing about the money it has made or if its losing money. Has this happened to...
  18. Jarl Snow

    glitched armor pieces beta 1.5.0

    Some armor pieces seems to be glitching out. Happening on 2 different pc's playing the game. Cant just be me
  19. NLCRich

    Bannerlord Comprehensive List of Implemented Perks (1.5.4 main branch and 1.5.5 beta) -UPDATE IN PROGRESS

    Disclaimer: This thread is created in attempt to make the information on perks available to all forum members. I didn't put the thread here to bash TW for not having the perks complete yet. I believe they are doing the best they can (but keep offering your suggestions). I compiled the...
  20. Need More Info Mission to escort herders to pasture is broken.

    I took up a mission with a villager in Inveth to escort their herders to Ab Comer's pastures, however when I escorted the herders there....none of the herders of Ab Comer came out to confront the herders of Inveth. This, obviously bugs out the game and the herders have been standing there for...
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