1. StaceMcGate

    Suggestions for 1.59 onward

    Below are just some thoughts I have after playing for around 600 in-game days on patch 1.59 and what I hope to see in the future. Personal suggestions you've might of seen before, but I think there is value in reiterating them. Bandits - There are simply too many bandit parties spawning on...
  2. Is the war AI broken?

    I've been playing PoP for a few days now, and am now a vassal of Ravenstern. I noticed that wars never go anywhere. I was mostly away doing my own stuff so I didn't know what the big deal was, I thought maybe they just had bad luck with the battles they picked or those OP roaming armies pick...
  3. make death of old age only an option again

    hey. i bought bannerlord when it first came out and i loved it. i bought it full price and its the first game i ever buy full price thats how excited i was to get it, but once 1.5.5 or 1.5.6 when death in battle became a thing, i hated it and i deleted it ever since i haven't played it im...
  4. Riffraff99

    Campaign Spawn

    I dont understand it, we have now origin based campaign spawn points in sandbox mode but not in the campaign itself, WHY?
  5. Emil

    1st Battle of the NARC Campaign

    The Dawn of this years' campaign is upon us. The event starts at 7 PM UTC, and will be hosted on the NARC_RP server. We will update the map and publish moves in the #narc-campaign-map-moves channel on our Discord, and on our Interactive Map. The moves end when we have a nice selection of RPs for...
  6. Fenix202

    Militia Commander

    I really want to see a new notable in the castles and towns. The militia Commander, they would offer quests dealing with town security (gang issues, bandit "armies", ect.) They could offer unique rewards like special cultural weapons and armor or special faction troops (Battanian highborn for...
  7. niekdegrijze

    Siege engines put in reserve once build

    Put siege engines automatically in reserve once built. It would remove a lot of tedious actions to prevent you engines getting damaged and your troops injured. If I want to destroy the walls and destroy the enemy siege equipment . I need to build 4 siege engines, keep them in reserve and...
  8. Satur9

    Betting on Arena matches without being a participant

    I've been playing around as a pure trader with no combat abilities and I have to say I miss the arena. Having to completely ignore that portion of the game because I'm unable to participate directly as a squishy merchant is pretty immersion breaking. It would be excellent if players could "join"...
  9. WouLinX

    Campaign Map Camera Turn with Q and E Keys

    Can you please add camera turn with Q and E keys on the campaign map. I got so used to it from other strategy games. Frankly, it is very useful.
  10. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Custom Campaign Start

    I would like to suggest the ability to fully customize a campaign start. You would be able to: Choose which factions you start the game with, dominated by a particular faction, with x or y factions eliminated Change and choose which settlements each faction holds if any. Change the names of...
  11. BL Coding Campaign speed Multiplier

    Hello Everyone! I am wondering whether there is .ini or .dll file somewhere in Bannerlord install folder where I could find the parameter responsible for the campaign speed multiplier, the same one that exists in the dev console. It speeds up the game for everyone, depending on the multiplier...
  12. DippyGr3mbles

    Resolved Game crash when starting a campaign

    When I hit start campaign it gives me "The application faced a problem. We need to collect necessary files to fix this problem..." box. I have no save files. This is the crash report ID: 2021-02-18_21.50.14_5a9dc54a5893611c1b43495ee2a5bfa4 I found a thread that showed me...
  13. Resolved Mountain Bandits Spawn En Masse - No other bandits spawn anywhere else on Map, including Looters

    As per title, the only bandits that spawn are mountain bandits. As a side effect, anywhere mountain bandits do not normally spawn, there are *no* bandits at all. There are no bandit troops or looters in the Aserai, Sturgian, or Khurzait lands. There are only bands of mountain bandits...
  14. Sacking Towns and Castles

    Hello this feature of Sacking castles and towns was a great part of the Viking conquest DLC and I have some ideas for how it can improve Bannerlord. First off I believe this can help with factions expanding to much and balance the game out so that certain factions like Sturgians or Battanians...
  15. Schoulayer

    Idea for Multiplayer Campaign Action

    I had an idea that would allow multiple players to smoothly play the single player campaign together. What if you could create a mercenary group that consisted of yourself and a few companions or soldiers. Imagine if you could join another player's single player game with your mercenary group...
  16. TheWesterlander

    Masked Spiked Helmet and It's Removal

    I'm on a Khuzait campaign and I was looking for that cool masked helmet and I found out that developers removed it. Why they removed it? Like, you're supposed to add armors and helmets not remove them.
  17. SmokeyDragon

    Need More Info Money drops to 0 denars after winning siege as part of army

    This was a really weird one, and I don't know what things contribute to it. I've had it happen twice, though, and both times I was in a Battanian army as part of a siege; both times I lost over 20k denars to this bug. I'd go into the siege with a full purse but as soon as the siege ends I'm...
  18. Ling*

    Suggestion: Dynamic World Events

    Before I continue, I want to make it known I've never played Crusader Kings but I am indeed aware that a system similar to this is present in that game. I'm not suggesting we try to turn Bannerlord into CK by any means, however a system like this would I think add more depth to the world of...
  19. ManWithKnife

    Alter Looter upgrade from "Imperial Infantryman" to "Watchman"

    Once you get the 'Disciplinarian' perk, you gain the option to upgrade Looters, one of the weakest units in the game, into Imperial Infantryman, who have the potential to become the Imperial Legionary, which is one of the most powerful infantry units in the game. While not a major issue of...
  20. WouLinX

    Campaign World Map Must Be Fixed

    Outer parts of the map looking diffirent from the actual map. We can see the lines, it's looking bad, broken. If they limit our zoom out or limit our camera moves, we don't have to see that bad looking outer parts.
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