SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

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Heh, don't worry. In the traditional April Fool's prank of this forum, all members had our avatars and names changed(this year was to Warband NPCs). Some members had just changed avatars, though, not names, like you had an Seek n Destroy. Since 2/4, those went back to normal for all. :razz:
Ah ok thank you, I completely forgot April fool this year (too many things happening at the same time right now :eek:)
I'm playing 0.8 and I found a bug. When I tried to do a tournament in Burfell the game freezes when I clicked on the tournament element to the extent that I have to do a restart to get out of the game. This is the only major issue I found. Some of the taverns have garlic floating in the air.
This version of the mod is very good. I like the variation in hostile and friendly generic parties on the map. Some of the parties are 1-20, some are 30-60 and the right amount are huge 100 to 150+ parties of generic hostiles and friendlies. The mod feels more and more on par with the Prophesy of Pendor and Perisno because of the extra generic and unique parties that are on the map. I hope you finish this mod in Warband or continue it in Bannerlord.
Hey, I've been running across a bit of an issue while playing the mod. I keep trying to lower the difficulty in the settings so I don't keep take so much damage, but every time I enter combat it keeps reverting back to its default difficult settings. Is this intentional or is that a bug?
Thank you for your kindness, but I consider myself very bad at that, at least compared to FW, The Bowman, Alpha and all other more talented scenners and modders.
Besides that you are doing a great job at scening (don't only compare yourself with popular sceners :wink:) I wanted to ask what the background wallpaper at your PC is :oops:

Edit: Antonis has already send me the picture (he has it too) and I found the source where it's coming from ^^
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Heh, I found it under the "SciFi" category on Wallpaper Abyss. I didn't know it was from Dune, specifically, tbh.
But I have to confess, I never finished the Dune series, I didn't even finish Book 2, the Children of Atreides or however it is called. It was a bit too political/philosophical for me. :oops:
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