SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

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The opposite happens to me, the closer bannerlord is, the less I want to play modding on wb... if it's as addictive as wb modding I don't think you'll get to version 1.0 :mrgreen:
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Thank you
I would like to finish the story of Tohlobaria at all cost, so I will go to the end :razz:
To tell the truth, actually I want to play (or resume) some great Warband mods more than Bannerlord!
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I'm enjoying the new update a lot, at first I was a bit confused about what to do with rescued prisoners but I soon enough found out you can just upgrade/outfit them in the barracks. A bit expensive for the early game but makes sense.
Now I'm just wondering if I need to look somewhere specific to acquire firearms, I'd like to have a flintlock pistol + buckler and sword combination for my character.

#Edit: It's nice you made a video for the easy to miss early game features, thanks :wink:
Bought a grenade from the arms merchant in Free Port. I was quite excited to try it on a nearby band of traveling mercenaries, managed to throw it in a large cluster of troops and I feel rather underwhelmed by the result:
Highest inflicted damage was 9, I was counting on that grenade to give me an edge in the battle but I ended up getting steamrolled :cry:

I'm going back to Free Port and demand a refund :mad:
Thank you OldGreyBeard

I'm going back to Free Port and demand a refund

:shifty: He scammed you and sold you smoke grenades instead.

I'm going to increase a little bit the "dose" of these grenades (but not too much though).
If it wasn't enough I also assumed there would be something hidden in the room with the destructible door of Free Port castle interior but I just wasted my time :lol: As a sidenote, what is the purpose of the quartermasters you encounter in some of the towns?

Now I might just spice up those grenades a bit :twisted:
:lol: Sorry for that
Once you join a kingdom, you can buy this faction-specific items (arms, armors ... ) from these quartermasters...
That's good to know, thanks. As a suggestion maybe you could add a hint in their dialog lines (or maybe I just missed it) so it's clearer for new players?
I was about to buff the grenades myself but I suspect the source code provided with the mod is outdated, I guess I will just grab the part I need and overwrite the grenade entry in the txt files.
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