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Hello again Fladin.

I have now a problem with transferring one of your heraldic shields to another mod.

I pasted the textures of the meshes both in Openbfr and on the textures file.

However, the shield appears improperly in the game. It's like various textures mashed together with the heraldic part being a small part of it.

It's this one :

As you mention, it's a heraldic shield, so they don't have a faction- or bannerspecific texture on them. That is getting done via some codelines which reference to the banners of the mod. You have to watch out for the item entries as well.
I still don't know how to put heraldic items into the mod.

I searched the internet but there's no proper tutorial explaining how to transfer them.

I tried spending some time tinkering with the meshes and tableau materials files. I put the lines of the shield into those files but to no avail.

It seems i'll stick with normal shields.

Is there any OSP with hand pavises (small pavise shields) but without having any heraldic colours?
Sorry for my absence, just wanted to get away from MB's universe (again) and try other games. I"ll try to pick up where I left off this weekend.

Thank you for asking
Just wanted to say this is a gorgeous mod and really enjoy the faction distinctions. Only a couple hours in but it's really great so far. Only nitpick would be the rather silly battle voices. Sounds like someone just speaking "raaaa" and "ouch" quietly into the microphone lol.
I realize that you've probably moved away from the mod, but should you ever decide to return to it the imifir confederation faction needs some love. Their pavise infantry gets crushed in nearly every confrontation, seems to be because their spears just perform poorly in the face hugging combat warband ai loves. It also seems that the crossbowmen don't deploy their pavises when under player control. I hope the passion for this project returns, this and sayazn are my favorite mods and both are incomplete :cry:

At least this one is done enough to have a very enjoyable campaign. Great work.
I just saw that you've started work on a new update, so exciting! This is the mod I install warband for. If you're up to it, I hope you consider altering the siege scenes to remove the ladder and tower components and open things up a bit more. If you've ever played sayazn or gekokujo they both handle sieges in a way that keeps battles interesting.
Hello, I made some new scene precisely to diversify sieges mechanism (almost all the northern cities have now brand new scenes). I've played the two mentioned mods (in fact I've played almost all the existing mods :facepalm:), and I loved it.

It's good to see aficionados still playing that good old warband.
That's wonderful news! Warband is such a great game thanks to the mod authors, I'll be playing it until a very compelling mod for bannerlord entices me to purchase it, and even then I'll return for mods like yours, the occasional buggy sayazn campaign, and some PoP(after heavily tweaking it to personal taste). It's a classic!
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