Remove Debasement or adjust the non-culture penalty.

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When a town is taken over by a noble that doesn't match the town culture and Debasement of the Currency is in place, that town is destined to rebel, unless it is owned by the player and they can put a governor in place that matches the culture (even then it is difficult). A town owned by a noble not of that culture suffers a -3 penalty to loyalty. If the kingdom leader has put Debasement of the Currency in place it suffers another -1 to loyalty. A town suffering a -4 penalty to loyalty is doomed to rebel. It is just a matter of time. In my current game I am aligned with the Southern Empire and Rhagaea is the current leader. Once she dies I'm sure I'll be appointed leader and the first thing I'll do is remove the debasement policy, but until then any non-imperial towns will rebel. We've taken over 6 Aserai towns and all 6 have rebelled. Thankfully, after recovering one it was given to me and I put an Aserai companion in charge, so that is stable. 2 others have been taken back, but I'm sure its just a matter of time until they rebel again. In addition to this, when a town rebels it seems to be a top priority of armies to take them back, even when wars with other kingdoms are going on. So it wastes resources in wars.

Taleworlds should:
A) Either change the non-culture penalty from -3 to -2 or remove Debasement of the Currency from the game. The penalty for this policy is much worse than the benefit to the leader and, quite frankly, no lord other than the leader should ever vote for it anyways as every non-leader clan suffers a penalty and gets no benefit from it anyways, even for their same-culture towns. Yet the vote is always 100% for this policy.
B) Change the priority of armies so that in most cases (if not all) they fight wars first and only try to take back rebelling towns when there are currently no wars.
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