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Make of it what you will...
Comrade Temuzu said:
Úlfheðinn said:
I'm just confused why leftists keep falling for his bait.
The left has fallen behind in the arms race that is memetic warfare. That's why they can't avoid a simple bait when they see one.
It's amazing to see, innit?
They pay so much money for adivsers and everything and yet all they'd need is a single animu neckbeard low-life. Or Jacob.
MrMundy said:
Farquaad said:

Make of it what you will...

So Milo's a ****? "'News'"

Like I said, it's been blown out of proportion. I agree that Milo admitting he gobbles cock is nothing news worthy, though.
Wellenbrecher said:
Sockthrik said:
Amontadillo said:
Those memes are weak-sauce tbqh fam.
It's also not really "left". Only in relation to the new Euro right and Trump I guess.
Not to mention that it's easy to spot they're artificial memes. Only organically grown memes are kosher, they have a story behind them, they started as a joke before they turned into memes. Artificial memes skip the important steps of having a foundation where the humour of the meme stems from.
Today in Barcelona (near the beach, next to uni) while I was at class a Swedish thirty-year old something dude stole a gas truck into a traffic with the intention of blowing it up and killing everyone. Luckily the Catalan police shot him (non lethally). Apparently the threat of a terrorist attack in this one wasn't the case, it was simply a deranged guy. There has only been one wounded  :razz:

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