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1: I'd love to see the game *encourage* Lords (player and NPCs) to use units of their own culture. It always bugs me that Caladog seems to ride around with a dozen or two of Imperial Cataphracts, considering their shared history. If they're going to be hiring units from another culture, let it be mercenaries instead, adding new merc units (for the generic types; e.g. "Hired ____"), as well as mercenary companies (or at least new units for these existing companies). Giving the player to personally acquire mercenary units for their personal army (maybe by meeting with and recruiting from one of the captains for those companies) would also be pretty neat, as a way to complement one's army in areas where it might be weak (I personally like having some Skolderbroda Veterans in my army, but I really ever only get them after battles, either as troops or prisoners, which happens way too rarely).
Lords should be encouraged to use units from their own culture by giving them cheaper wages, morale bonuses (and discouraged by giving them tangible morale penalties for fighting their own countrymen), and/or even statistical bonuses based on culture (for example; Sturgians could get significantly better movement speed in snow, Battanians in mountains, and so on, as well as better damage against certain unit types or other offensive/defensive bonuses). The option to convert equivalent troops from one culture to another, at a morale penalty, would complement it well.
In addition to that, the game has some lovely loading screen art depicting certain cultures (especially Sturgians, although it's also seen for other cultures) wearing a variety of different colors, rather than just the flat 1 color from their kingdoms. It would be nice to have that option, even if it's just a 2-color scheme with varied shades (Battanian units seem to feature some of that, with various shades of green and other colors present in their armors), or at the very least varied shades of their base color (blue, in the case of Sturgians). I frankly never liked how units from the same culture, other than the Empire, all seem to dress in matching uniforms. It just makes units and parties look too dull and overly organized, considering that parties (outside of the Empire) are commanded by Lords who seem to be semi-autonomous. Furthermore, it would be nice to retain Clan colors, rather than just wearing your kingdom's (though I'd ask .for more complex coloe schemes)

2: Better traits and diplomacy. Make it so they actually mean something, other than character flair. I'd love to see them actually affect how you interact with these characters, though it'd require the game to get a deeper diplomacy gameplay and more options for diplomacy. I'd start by giving the player the option to have a more active participation in their child's life and development (rather than the current absentee parent/role model system of giving advice to your kid or clan member once every few years), which could influence stats by having them as a Ward, either your own, or of another NPC (either as a member of their court, in case of governors/stewards, or as a squire, in the case of fighters), so they can learn relevant skills (and potentially pick up personality traits from their guardian, if they spend enough time together) from the person they were assigned to, as well as increased relations with the Lord/Lady and their clan.
I don't like making comparisons, but I think Crusader Kings 3 did a significantly better job in this regard (traits and interactions with other Lords, and the diplomacy that comes with it) than Bannerlord. While these 2 games have some overlap, Bannerlord offers a completely unique (and, in my opinion, more enjoyable) experience, and I'd absolutely love to see Bannerlord get the same kind of depth CK3 has.

And finally, 3: I'd like to see larger parties. I just find it weird that I have the strongest party/personal army in my kingdom, and it only amounts to under 300 people. I'd expect it to be at least 4 digits, even if the battles I'm participating in only have 1000 men in the field at the same time. (Obviously, it's a small nitpick)
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