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A new thread for all the news that affect the Bannerlord generation, bonus points for statistics, and use of research papers. Some points for citations and sources. Minus points for memes (unless I deem them to be funny).

Bromdenposting is of course strongly encouraged.
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Goker said:
I've just found out that 78 Liras of the 117 Lira price tag for a Turkish Raki in Turkey is just tax.
More or less the same for vodka in Poland. I especially loved the part when few years ago they bumped the tax to put paws on that oh so sweet moolah and got absolutely shocked that even less money flown into budget cause people just said '**** it' and went down the bumpy, 'welp, let's hope this bottle won't make anyone blind' road of self-made alcohol.

On the other hand when in the 90's SLD set the tax lower and went swimming in cash they were accused of causing plague of alcoholism. One just can't make everyone happy, I guess.
BNS Marko said:
Gotta post to keep myself updated with news on the mostfarquaad best news platform in the world.

Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode
Why was it necessary to create another thread again?
Is there some forum bug that prevents threads from going over 1001 pages or something?
Roman coins found buried under Japanese castle - Honourary Aryan status RECONFIRMED

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