Star Wars Conquest Mod for M&B 1.x and M&B Warband

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Winter said:
Kayne said:
you could do something in mission
Like use mouse_clicked, then check the id of the weapon, and then play sound if its a lightsaber

This is your best bet. ti_on_weapon_attack won't work, and there's no other way to single out lightsabres. If it doesn't work then you're out of luck.

Of course, if it does work, you'll have to remove all sword-swinging sounds and add them in to the trigger for non-lightsabre weapons. Otherwise the normal sword-swinging sound will still play over the lightsabre swing.


hmmm...  So this method might work but it has some limitations:

1) the key_clicked lightsaber sound will only work for the player, not all the other troops with lightsabers
2) as winter said, unless we remove\modify all normal sword-swinging sounds then the player would hear both
3) however, if we do number 2 then will there be no sounds for all the other troops with swords?
4) there are other sounds, sword_clash, etc, that we may also want to think about changing.....

I think it may be worth it to do #1 and just deal with hearing both sounds (this currently happens when you throw a lightsaber) but I'm not sure its worth trying to remove\modify non-lightsaber weapons, etc.  Eventually this may be modified with new troops and we just give everybody lightsabers or vibro-weapons and then we could just modify the global sword_swing, sword_clash, etc, to be a lightsaber type of noise.  I think it would be kinda cool to have a Jedi vs. Sith type of war where we have a few competing factions with lots of jedi/sith recruits and a few masters on the battlefield with lightsabers.  I'm too busy tho, so only have time for minor changes, not a larger scale mod.  I'm planning on playing with this for another week or so and then may send the source to anybody who is interested in looking at it further.  However, I'm hoping to hear from somebody from the original star wars team before I distribute the source to mine because technically I have not gotten permission to use their models.  :wink:
I extracted the Star Wars map with every file in it to .960 Modules folder. When i open mount & blade there is no Star Wars Module.
Thank you!

I had always wanted to play the star wars mod but I couldn't find a place to download .751

I'll edit later.
Antoxi said:
How do i install it? cause i extracted map to right version in the modules folder.

Download the zip file and unzip to your Modules folder (ie. C:\Mount&Blade_0960\Modules\").  After that you should have a Star Wars sub-folder created (ie. C:\Mount&Blade_0960\Modules\Star Wars\).  When you start M&B you should now see Star Wars as an option in the Current Module drop-down.
Random question for people...  As I mention in the description I just did this for fun and don't really have time to do a full-conversion or large scale mod.  So I'm thinking of what EASY changes could be added to make the game a little more fun/interesting/different. There is a problem with all sword swings being the lightsaber sound so I was thinking about how to fix this....  One easy option would be just to give every troop in the game lightsaber's or vibro-weapons.  :smile:  Now I know that the Star Wars universe isn't meant for everybody to have lightsabers but currently you can have a Wookiee kill a Nord so I'm not following SW logic too closely....  :wink:  Would people have any interest in a new troops.txt file which basically did something like the following:

- all troop bows\crossbolts get replaced with blasters (thrown weapons = throw lightsaber/force push , lances = ?, staff = ? )
- all troop swords\axes get replaced with lightsabers (or vibro-weapons for low-level troops and probably archers)
- each faction could have their own lightsaber and laser bolt color  (green, blue, red, etc)
- maybe make shields weaker or just remove them?  currently it can take a while to blast through them
- I'll probably keep the current horses\armor\names for all the troops (possibly remove some items like plate mail, etc)

Anyway, just a though since something like this might be fun and if we kept the Calradia base (names, troops, etc) and just added/subtracted items it wouldn't be that difficult or time consuming.
Hokie ive done that, tough there is only Native to choose from. And what the hell do you mean Unzip there is such no option.
HokieBT said:
- maybe make shields weaker or just remove them?  currently it can take a while to blast through them

It takes me two blaster shots...

Antoxi said:
Hokie ive done that, tough there is only Native to choose from. And what the hell do you mean Unzip there is such no option.

Are you putting the .zip file directly in the Modules folder? You need to extract the files first.
So, you have MountandBlade/Modules/Star Wars/(all the files in here)?

It was a .zip for me, not a .rar, so there wouldn't be a "winrar book thing" in any case.
Antoxi said:
I have it as a winrar file. And yes i have it like that, Star Wars/All the files

In order for it to appear in the list there should be a ..\Modules\Star Wars\module.ini file, do you see that file in this folder?  Also, have you successfully downloaded other modules and gotten them to work and appear in the list?
The problem is:

I have gotten the Star Wars in Mount&Blade.960/Modules/ and there starwars. When i start 960 i can only see native.
Antoxi said:
Yes i have Hokie. I see a module in that folder thats named: module_info

module_info?  My mod does not contain a file called module_info, Are you sure you download the right file (see link below)

The files in the "..\Modules\Star Wars\" folder for my mod should look almost identical to the Native folder except it has a few extra files under the Resource, Sounds, Textures folders, etc.  In terms of why it isn't showing up in your list I would test this by making a copy of the Native folder and see if you see a choice for "Copy of Native" in the drop-down when you start the game.....
Antoxi, I had the same problem. I just reinstalled 960 and it worked fine. btw great mod,but really what it needed were some "adjustments" so I used troop editer and now I can have huge laser battles! :mrgreen: (it was getting kinda boring killing medieval style soldiers, so I turned all the bandits into Star Wars guys, sea raiders now Wookies, Looters now Storm Troopers, Steppe Bandits now Sith Masters, Forest/Mountain Bandits now Republic Pilots and Scout troopers, and farmers now Jedi Masters.(try raiding a village NOW!)) anyways, great mod, but I highly recommend using troop editor with this one.
FYI - I talked to Grocat, Rory, and Highelf who all worked on the original Star Wars mod and they are fine with me using these models and textures.
'S there any other parties walking around with these new troops in it? I would love to have a blaster shootout or a Jedi dual.
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