Star Wars Conquest Mod for M&B 1.x and M&B Warband

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As said, Swyter has kept the mod half-alive on life-support for the last couple of years, but it's mainly critical bug fixes, and whatever else he finds time to do between work on several other mods, such as Solid and Shade.

I suspect that you're seeing a graphics card incompatibility issue.

My own pet peeves include the total lack of ammo in the markets after the first few days of the game (they're placed at the start, but gradually vanish, and no new ammo ever spawns).  Then there's the over-abundance of sizable groups of high-level deserters compared to other troop tiers (46 Novatroopers, or 38 Incinerators, while I've got a total of only 30-35 mid-tier troops and relatively low level companions).  It may be that they all spawn in equal amounts and the weaker ones don't survive, but there should never be more top-tier deserters running around than there are of those troop types in the faction armies.

Fortunately, the last nightly patch fixed about 75% of the dialog issues that I worked on but lost, although the two droid companions still have placeholder dialog entries.  I'm really impressed with the improvements made since the original M&B version.

My own attempt had the one droid as a failed comedian (turning to comedy after several instances of being told "you must be joking" and "you can't be serious").  He/it makes a horrible attempt at a joke when you meet, and has no understanding of why his previous "audience" shut him off.  "I don't understand, they laughed at the joke the first time I told it."  The player's own hiring dialog included "I suspect I'm going to regret this, but...".

The second droid was having some difficulty fulfilling his previous master's last command to "get lost", after having been sent to negotiate with a rival faction, with a bomb inside, unknown to the droid, and unexpectedly returning without the bomb exploding.  I had intended that the player wouldn't be informed about the bomb until some time later.  Sadly, I was unable to fix the "location" dialog for those two droids, triggered when the party nears a specific spot on the map; every attempt I made crashed the program.
There is a new iteration of this project by Kham, it has been remastered and polished over Swyter’s great work here. It is called Star Wars Conquest: New Order edition.
Since this mod was one of my favorites for M&B Classic, I checked both other Star Wars mods I know (new order edition and turmoil across the stars) I found that this one is still the most enjoyable, gameplay-wise. I found the others impossible without heavy use of cheats.

The warband port has some minor issues though (for example missing hands/legs of NPCs, strange animation for dismounting the bikes, etc.), but still has the best gameplay of the three in my opinion.
There is only one bigger problem, one cannot fight on board on his ship. For folks who want to try it out, I found a solution what works:
- install the "standalone final" version from the page linked in the first post
- make a backup copy of the scenes.txt file found in your module folder
- download the last nightly patch, and install it
- overwrite the scenes.txt file with the one from the standalone version (= the backup from step 2)

This will make ship battles work, it will not CTD if you click fight on your ship by accident. Big thank you for the steam forums for the solution. As a side effect, this also fixes some (but not all) missing textures/invisible walls in the walk around the ship scenes.

Also, a big thank you for the modders! This one is still with me since M&B classic days, among the few real monoliths of M&B modding.
edit: and a second big thank you for porting to warband. Unfortunately, since I upgraded was forced to move to windows10, I cannot get M&B classic to work at all, which means I had to say goodbye to some old favorites of mine (1866, Hyboria and Eagle and the Wolves).
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Same issues with original M&B not functioning on Windows 10, and I'm likewise much more fond of this old Conquest version than the New Order one (and I miss Eagle and the Wolves). The Warband versions of both SW:C and SW:NOE eventually begin to develop periodic crashes as the game advances and party sizes increase for the NPCs as well as the player. Good info about the ship battles, although I've simply been avoiding them since I discovered the hard way that they don't work.

As said, thanks to all of the modders who put time, effort, and a good portion of their lives into making this happen.
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