Space Marines v. Space Marines

Who would win?

  • Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines of the Imperium, WH40k)

    Votes: 75 77.3%
  • Terran Space Marines (Army, Militia, Mercenaries of the Terran Empire)

    Votes: 22 22.7%

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Raz said:
AWdeV said:
Oh, they'd fight each other. Just convince bosses on either side that the other side is heretic.
Convince all 1000+ SM chapters that basically all of humanity succumbed to heresy? Not to mention convince the millions of IG worlds.

No need to convince them all. Convince a few, send some inquisitors with conflicting opinions in on it and watch the fight. No doubt there'll be some planet-crushin' going around.
Night Ninja said:
So are convicts with obedience implants who've undergone hypnotherapy.

Not all of them are convicts, some are unfortunate draftees who were standing too close to a recruiting office when they needed to fill in the ranks.
Raz said:
greatsword said:
Imperial Guard will win.
If they made a combined effort they probably would, since they have billions and billions of soldiers at their command. However, I don't see it happening due to the sheer complexity of the logistics involved. The fact that they are spread out over millions of planets isn't helping either.
Marines, however, strike with pinpoint accuracy and would be able to defeat any IG regiment before help (would take months - years), or in many situations call for help even arrived (sometimes up to weeks).

Not that they'd fight eachother though.
sheer numbers always win in the end. And what about super-heavies?
Raz said:
Marines, however, strike with pinpoint accuracy and would be able to defeat any IG regiment before help (would take months - years), or in many situations call for help even arrived (sometimes up to weeks).
Maybe if they select one of the few IG regiments not capable of fielding anti-Titan weapon platforms. There's nothing in the Marine armament capable of stopping a single Leviathan.
It's like my theory of an infinite number of walruses vs 1 emperor titan.
The walruses will win in the end even if it takes the 9 billion years.
greatsword said:
It's like my theory of an infinite number of walruses vs 1 emperor titan.
The walruses will win in the end even if it takes the 9 billion years.

Yes, but these are Terrans we're talking about, not the everlasting might of walruses. There's only so many battle-ready Terrans, and if the higher-ups found them a significant threat, then they would within 6 months have hundreds of IG regiments, not to mention the possiblity of a dozen, maybe dozens of Space Marine chapters breathing down their necks. Even Tyranids would be hard-pressed to combat those numbers.

Oh, and if the Black Templars or Grey Knights get involved, it's pretty much game over.
Seeing as though everybody here is mostly retarded and have no idea or haven't played either of these games let me tell from my experiences since I have.  Warhammer 40K will win hands down.  Let's list some reasons:
1. While your gauss rifles MAY penetrate 2 inches of steel, Boltguns WILL penetrate MORE than 2 inches of whatever it hits then will explode inside whatever it penetrated.  While the bullets the current soldier is Iraq are firing .223 caliber, the Boltguns fire .75 and do remember these are decimals.  They are also quite accurate.
1.1. Specialist ammunition is also issued to veterans in a chapter.
2. While your guns may be able to shoot down a battlecruiser, that's a lighter armor of weaker stuff than what the Space Marines are wearing.  Ceramite is much stronger than steel and they wear MORE than 2 inches of it.
2.1. In the unlikely event you do manage to penetrate that stuff, Space Marines heal instantly.
3. Going back to that arena idea where we put one Marine and one Space Marine to fight, you guys were talking about your terran recon systems.  What about ours you reckon?
4. Just an extra note on Drop Pods, they can carry a squad of 10 Space Marines, or one Dreadnought.  They also come equipped with a storm bolter or a Deathwind Missile Launcher.  The launcher is effective on its own so in times when they would rather allocate their resources elsewhere they send empty Drop Pods with those in instead.
5. Terminator Armor is the god of all armor.  Pray to your god that terrorists don't magically get one.
6. Apothecaries DO save people from death and if you need sexual equality, they can always enlist in the Imperial Guard.
7. On the note of space battles, according to your game, battlecruiser range is VERY short.  To even stand a chance to damage a Battle Barge you will need no less than 20 battlecruisers.  Half will be gone by the time it gets in range to fire their Yamato Cannons.  Half of that will be lost charging their weapons.  The rest will be gone by the time they've fired.  Losses for Terrans: 20 battlecruisers and crew.  Losses for Space Marines: damaged or penetrated shields.  Also bear in mind that the weakest weapon in their arsenal could just have the thermonuclear power.
8. It's a magazine, not a clip.  They are completely different.
9. Balance doesn't apply in the tabletop version.
10. Their power armor may look too bulky and heavy, and believe me it is, but a Space Marine is genetically and biologically enhanced to be able to utilize the armor.  Let me list their enhancements:
10.1. Mucranoid - This is an organ that responds to stimuli causing the Marine to secrete a waxy substance that seals the skin.
10.2. Larraman's Organ - Instantaneous healing.
10.3. Omophagea - If they eat flesh, they can see a part of its memory.
10.4. Occulobe - Replacement eyes that are enhanced.
10.5. Secondary Heart - A second heart that increases blood flow and can take over if the primary heart is destroyed.
10.6. Biscopea - Produces muscle building hormones.
10.7. Oolitic Kidney - Allows the Marine to filter out poisons.
10.8. Preomnor - A pre-stomach that allows them to eat inedible materials.
10.9. Interface - Implants that allow the user to attach itself to power armor.
10.10. Haemastamen - Makes the blood more efficient.
10.11. Multi-lung - A third lung that can absorb more oxygen and can shut off the primary lungs in hazardous environments.
10.12. Lyman's Ear - Advanced hearing.
10.13. Sus-an Membrane - Allows the Marine to go into suspended animation.
10.14. Betcher's Gland - Makes the Space Marine's spit acidic.
10.15. Ossmodula - Increases bone growth to the extent that the ribcage is just a solid wall.
10.16. Neuroglottis - The Space Marine can test for toxicity by smell and taste.
10.17. Catalepsean Node - Allows the user to only require 4 hours of sleep and can shut off parts of the brain in succession in case he needs to stay awake for prolonged periods of time.
10.18. Progenoids - Receives the genes from other organs so they can be reproduced when these are removed.
L_Dawg said:
Seeing as though everybody here is mostly retarded
Interesting choice of words for some one who necroes an eight month old joke thread to post an overly serious rant. :wink:
Particularly when he gets half of it wrong. Space Marines instantly heal? That'd be why Gullieman has been stuck in stasis for the past millenia or two then. And I don't recall a single Imperial deployment of empty drop pods which wasn't followed by an execution order for incompetence.

Plus how the hell does the Preomnor allow the marine to utilise his armour? By eating it?

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