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1/10 times when I toggle from "fire at will" to "hold fire" specifically , the game crashes instantly and there's no error message upon crash or after I run mp again. I do use VoiceAttack meaning I use voice commands which are translated into the usual key pressings by VoiceAttack but I find it unlikely that this is the culprit.Could it be the game doesn't like command and movement buttons pressed at the same time?
Am I alone with that issue?

Version: e1.0.9
Computer Specs
OS:Windows 10 Home x64
GPU:GeForce GTX 970
CPU:Intel i7-6700K @4.00 GHz
Motherboard:ASUS Z-170-A
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): 2TB HDD Western Digital
Aaaaand now I feel like a complete buffoon.Peculiar it never happened on SP or when ordering to fire at will but I tested it and it looks to be that.
Thank you.

PS: for anyone else using VoiceAttack, as of version 0.6 of Screamerlord there is a disable commands if alt is pressed function.
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