1. Closed Siege command

    Summary: I know this has been referred to as a resolved issue before, but it's still a major issue and actually has gotten worse now. If you are besieging a fief and another army joins the siege, you won't be in command of the siege anymore and as I noticed today, I'm not even in control of the...
  2. In Progress Crash when try to generate server token

    Summary: I cannot generate a server token on the Microsoft Store v. of the game. It just crashes. How to Reproduce: Login into multiplayer Microsoft Store version of the game and introduce customserver.gettoken into the console. Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS...
  3. Is the command "campaign.complete_active_quests" working?

    I am not able to use this command to complete quests. It just says unknown command.
  4. SP - General Option to command AI ally troops in battle

    Maybe it had been suggested before but my lazy search didn't come up with anything so; When player joins an AI vs AI battle or an ally AI close by decide to join ours, instead of listening to our command they rather do their own thing, which is usually suicidally charging head on or making a...
  5. SP - Battles & Sieges Auto-issue a “charge” command at the conclusion of a battle

    Recently, we lost the ability to issue commands after the last enemy troops begin to flee. And half the troops are now dedicated to celebrating their win. The other half continue on with whatever command they had been given prior to the last enemy troop deciding to feel. This means that troops...
  6. SonOfSaruman

    SP - General Commands: to Attack Certain Enemy Troop Feature

    The enemy ai lords are capable of commanding their units to attack certains troops. For the best example, the cavalry unit can effectively attack archers and wipe them up pretty easly. But we have to constantly move our units so they don't attack infantry. And cavs are won't attack effectively...
  7. SP - General Battle Strategy, Commands & AI.

    Currently the battle commands and unit AI is lacklustre and needs some changes. There is no effective way to use advanced strategies or tactics and controlling your party. There are a few small suggestions which help somewhat: the addition of a skirmish command (ranged troop attack while...
  8. Sh1mbo

    The old (and good) command keys

    To devs: There are a posibility in the near future to bring back the old command keys? At least for MP, its really a pain to face your enemy in a direction. Happy new year!
  9. Tomlolo

    Resolved [1.5.5] Army battle bug

    Summary: When fighting a battle while in an army, if you do not command any troops (either because you didn't have any or they all died) then you will be unable to view the scoreboard and leave the battle. How to Reproduce: Enter a battle while enlisted in an army, when prompted what regiment...
  10. MP Add a new command with F1

    Archers are not viable in the multi-mod captain. Reason : it's impossible to use the order "go to this position" (F1 ; F1) without them trying to defend themselves if an opponent is nearby. And the command "advance" F1 ; F4 is not really usable in multi, too bad against other players...
  11. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.5] No feedback message for Fire at Will command

    Using the new radial command interface to toggle from "Hold Fire" to "Fire at Will" will not print a feedback message in the chat box.
  12. khuzait haircut

    Resolved 1.5.3 Horse Archers now referred to as Footmen or Soldiers in Battles

    When selecting group 4 (Horse Archers) and giving orders, female character will call them Footmen or Soldiers instead of Horse Archers.
  13. SP - Battles & Sieges Formation against formation

    Hello there, Dear Devs, I have a suggestion for an optimal command during the battles. I think that it would be a very nice QOL addition to the game, if you could command a formation of your troops to attack a specific enemy formation. Perhaps if while we are pressing Alt to look at the...
  14. Bongorfians

    Dev console beta v.1.4.2. Command isn't there.

    I opened the dev console to use the complete active quest command but when i use it is says that not a command and then i use /help and there is nothing about quests in it. Was that command forgotten? or was it just removed for this patch?
  15. SP - General Formations & Commands/Pikes and Archers

    So I just watched this video and am reevaluating a few things about my strategies, let me see if I have this right and then I'll ask my questions: So if I have this right - and correct me if I'm wrong about anything - formations aren't just hotkeys, they dictate AI behavior. And "advance" and...
  16. AxiosXiphos

    SP - General Unit Command Responses

    So coming between Total War & Bannerlord I noticed something which really helped with the immersion in the total war franchise - unit responses. Every time you order your units into position they shout back an acceptance; "At Once" "By your Order" "At your Command" etc etc Thinking into it...
  17. Issue with Formations

    Hey guys, For about a month now I've been having an issue that occurs when I am commanding an army that includes other Lords. I'm not sure if this is a "presence of a certain troop type in the formation" thing or what but when I order my infantry into any formation at all, they break apart...
  18. Resolved Unit possions

    Hi all maybe i am the only one who has this but atm when i command my unit to look a away or just place them, they instand stand out of each other even when i call to a shield wall the troops are spreading with an open space of at least 1 unit in between them. I hope this can be fixed because...
  19. How is Cavalry to be used in this game?

    like the title said, what is the intended use of cavalry? in terms of situations, formations and commands? how many to have in terms of % of your army? if you know please tell me the answer and your source, if not you are welcome to post any speculations you might have here. also i'm interested...
  20. SP - Battles & Sieges Command Negotiation when assisting Allies

    Even back in Warband, there were often times I would march on by an allied lord as he was getting hammered by an enemy that our combined forces could defeat. The reason for this is that if I join the battle, it's a 50/50 chance that he's going to just charge his men into an overwhelming force...
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