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  1. swally0ne

    In Progress Game Crashes when i try to kill the last lord remaining.

    Summary: I tried to kill every lord on the map to get all the settlements by doing that. Sadly, the game crashes when iam about to execute the last one. i uploaded the crash report (2021-07-30_10.15.07_1899c76e662294c9f33ce510e1889501) and the savefile can be found via as...
  2. TheGioManDude

    Need More Info Game Crashes in Multiplayer whenever I bring up the Scoreboard with Tab, and try to scroll down with middle Mouse button

    Summary: How to Reproduce: I am pretty sure it can be reproduced (since it happened for me multiple times). Join an online game (siege, team dm, or any other) and open up the score board with Tab. While pressing Tab, click and scroll with the middle mouse button, two view the entire score board...
  3. 你工人爷爷☭

    crash when entering online mode

    from 12:00 Beijing time, players in China cant enter mp game. crash reports have been sent, plz fix it hurry @AVRC
  4. Fuyuan

    Need More Info Game crash and PC freeze

    This happens to me in both 1.5.4 and 1.5.3 The game randomly crashed on campaign map, and my PC freeze. All I can do is force reboot. Sometimes I can hear error message box popping up upon game crashing but then my PC freeze and I have no chance to check the message. I have no mods installed...
  5. segroeg

    Resolved CRASHING on "recue your family" Quest

    Summary: When i click on Attack, i enter in the scene with my troops and then the game crashes. How to Reproduce: When i join in the SCENE; Scene Name (if related): recue your family Media (Screenshots & Video): , Computer Specs: OS: WIN 10 64 Bit...
  6. AlecSPQR

    Unresolved RGL Error and game crashes when joining server. Pls help!

    Hi all whenever I join a server I get an RGL error that says "End of File" and then a file address to what looks like a .txt map file in my Mount & Blade documents folder. I have verified my game cache, reinstalled, restarted my PC, deleted the rgl_config folder and started the game, and I have...
  7. Resolved Bandits after surrendering screen freezes and continue option doesn't work - 1.4.3 Beta

    When Bandits surrender we get screen to take them as prisoners and next screen to take their belongings and after that we get old screen where they surrender. From this screen nothing works 'Click to continue' is totally disabled and no keys will help getting ahead. Had to only use end game from...
  8. Resolved Cannot play Singleplayer

    I havn't played the game in a while and just updated to e1.4.1 at first i could choose singleplayer and open the game but then it said there was something wrong and they needed the files so i said yes. then i restarted the launcher and it was on multiplayer i wanted to click on singleplayer but...
  9. Mount&Blade Warband Tek Oyunculu Yardım!!!

    Mount&Blade Warband oyunu açınca (pencereli açmama rağmen) tam ekranda TaleWorlds yazısı çıkıyor daha sonra pencerede siyah ekran çıkıyo ve kendi kendini kapatıyo yardım edebilecek varmı ? Oyun Orjinal Steam'dan Aldım
  10. Need More Info the game crashes every time i start a new game

    the game crashes every time i start a new game, i've tried everything and it keeps crashing
  11. swishyrebooted

    Game bug report

    Wasn't sure where to post this on the forums. But I've found a repetitive bug that causes the game to crash during play. When being besieged you have the options to talk or sally out. Upon selecting the talk option and trying to convince the enemy to join you and succeeding it brings up the...
  12. Need More Info The game crashing every time even i'm not doing anything

    I'm just opening the game, playing it for a few minutes and its just suddenly crashing. I love that game but i can't play it more then a few minutes. That error thing makes me crazy. My first 3-4 hours in the game was perfect but after that 4 hour i can't doing anything. If you guys know how can...
  13. Need More Info Game crash on load and save

    When ever i try to open a saved game or save a new games the game crash please help me i am starting a new game every time i am not able to svae it
  14. Need More Info Game Crash at end of any siege on castles and towns. Version e1.0.10

    Game crashes when I select 'done' from looting screen after the completion of a siege on both castles and towns. 49 hours played and no problems with this so far. I've reinstalled, cleaned up game files, and tried to play on lowest settings. Went back to another save, same issue. Game is...
  15. Amen

    Need More Info 100% Crash when take castle(avto or manual fight)

    Summary: When i take castle after siege game crash, this happen when i press done in result atfter fight (avto or manual fight doesn't matter). How to Reproduce: I siege this castle and someone come to def castle, after win in battle i contine siege and start siege battle. Settlement Name...
  16. Die Foodswaffe

    Resolved [Solved] Crashing when ordering to hold fire on captain mode

    1/10 times when I toggle from "fire at will" to "hold fire" specifically , the game crashes instantly and there's no error message upon crash or after I run mp again. I do use VoiceAttack meaning I use voice commands which are translated into the usual key pressings by VoiceAttack but I find it...
  17. spikemapper

    Need More Info Game crashes when leaving kingdome

    Main annoying problem is the 1st one: 1. Game crashes every time I try to get released off an oath or whenever i tryto leave kingdome. 2. Family Feud quest - some family feud quests are glitched the way that who ever I need to talk to (the angry guy that wants to kill the guy I'm protecting)...
  18. Resolved Game Crashes Computer On Load

    Prior to today I was experiencing an intermittent issue with Bannerlord where the game would crash the system occassionally (and thus not allow me to submit a bug report). This morning, after ensuring I was updated with Windows 10 and graphics drivers, the game now crashes the system prior to...
  19. Resolved Game crashes after taking city

    After taking all the loots and prisoners of Ortysia, my game crashes when clicking done and I've tried it a few times and it still crashes. I've also noticed different crash issues that relates to big cities such as voting for a fief owner of the city. Plss fix
  20. Resolved Game crashes when voting for a fief owner

    Everytime i vote and click done, my game freezes for a second and crashes. This started happening after patch 1.0.5 Btw the settlement im having an issue with is Jalmarys Plss fix
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