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Hi all,
I'm sorry if I'm sometimes not right on the spot but I'm still in overhyped mode.
This is a bit of a rage but with enough structural critizism to still be considered a suggestion.
So lets start.
First of all I have about 1940 hrs in Warband with 1939 of them in singleplayer. I played all big mods and some smaller ones and I am following the game for about 4 years now.
My first impression of the game was the obviously better graphics. Something in the direction what you would have imagined with many graphical tricks. It's astonishing how similiar it looks to warband if you turn of the shadows and use the sharpener.
Which brings me to my first point the state of the game. So lets summarize:
- most if not all of the scripts from warband are taken over. Sometimes with the same errors in the first versions.
- most of the ui changes just show these old scripts now ingame instead of background rendering. I think there will be much work here and I hope there will be as you would normally expect much more from a game which was 8+ years in development.
- the new skill system. Well how to put it. Not really rape? I mean the meaning is obviouse: You want more character specizalisation and a slower progression through the game. At least it feels this way. Would be all fun and games IF IT would actually work as intended. Most of the skills don't progress at all the way it is described in the tooltip and why is there a limit from focus points and not only attributes? It is really hard and very time consuming if would like to have a balanced approach to a fairly formittable warrior and a somewhat charaismatic person.
It also cuts out some of the benefits from companions from the previouse game. I.E. the surgeon stuff and so on. It is a mess in a whole and I still don't understand the point after it.
- The new bantering system which is also hugly based on old scripts isn't correlating with charm stats at all in the moment ( patch 1.0.2 ) as of most stats.
I mean early access all fair and good but for 40+ bucks it's not what you would expected but maybe I haven't read up on something.
So my main criticism is the old scripts are still in place. I guess you have newer ones and they are not implemented yet but boy, please don't wait to long! Else it will be a mod game all over again. And btw. please release the data and tools for that so we can start working on it.


Lord Earl

You're pretty good.... You caught a lot of small details and bugs. You might want to report some of these in the bug section.

Out of question, do you plan to do any modding?
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