1. VVL99

    New mod

    What would you like to see in the new mod? Example.
  2. VVL99

    Closed Required animal

    1. It is not specified which animal is required for promotion. 2. In the picture, all the horses are ordinary, but they should have a mane, since a war horse is required. The player only learns that a steed...
  3. SP - General Simple immersion improvements

    Dear Bannerlord Creators 1600+ hours in. I think it would be great if you could make some improvements to make the game more immersive. 1. Implement a court system like in Bannerkings for your clan and faction. Have competitive elections for positions and crown favorites, intrigue etc. 2...
  4. VVL99

    SP - General Patch 1.2.9

    Dear Mount and Blade 2 developers, I see that you have a lot of work, but I also hear a lot of requests and complaints from users of your game. I myself have also repeatedly reported various problems. Could you look at the list of changes I made to the game, at the request of users, so that...
  5. VVL99

    Closed ---

  6. VVL99


    I gathered an army from clan detachments, the speed dropped sharply, there are about 1000-1600 people in the army, how can I count the horses in my inventory, so that when the number of warriors changes, I always know how many extra horses I have or how many horses are missing?
  7. VVL99

  8. When you equip two different arrow quivers, which one's stats are applied?

    When you equip two different arrow quivers, say a Legendary Bodkin Arrows and regular Bodkin Arrows, which one's stats are applied? Does it: - Take the best of each stat from either quivers - Take all the stats of the best quiver - Use the topmost or bottom most arranged quiver - Take the...
  9. BudsGaming0515

    Closed Bad AI targeting using offensive siege equipment.

    Summary: When besieging a town or castle the friendly onagers and trebuchets will actually hit the attacking army going up the ladders resulting in a substantial amount of senseless friendly casualties. How to Reproduce: Start a siege with trebuchets or onegers and try climbing the ladders to...
  10. VVL99

    Resolved The Attack button doesn't work.

    One faction besieged the settlement and built a siege camp, the second faction entered into battle with the besiegers, and at this moment I am attacking the settlement. Save game:
  11. VVL99

    Closed Invalid command

    Being between the goal, the player in some cases cannot give commands: “destroy the goal”, “take a position”, instead the “command to attack” occurs. This is likely due to the proximity of the enemy, but is an annoying inconvenience nonetheless. Game save:
  12. VVL99

    In Progress I am against my garrison

    The garrison of my castle makes a sortie, I join the battle and find myself on the enemy side. Game save:
  13. VVL99

    Need More Info Madness and Courage

    The enemy does not have a single chance of victory, but he continues the siege, even after the conversation. The AI's lack of military logic makes its actions meaningless. Using reconnaissance skills, the enemy must identify the danger in a timely manner and, choosing possible options, use the...
  14. VVL99

    In Progress Sturgia banners do not animation

    During battle, Sturgia's banners do not have animation, while other factions do not have this problem. Game save:
  15. BudsGaming0515

    Need More Info Glare during siege

    Summary: When starting a siege there's a chance that a negative filter will be applied and make the siege unplayable How to Reproduce: Start a siege Scene Name (if related): Happens in every town/castle Media (Screenshots & Video):
  16. BudsGaming0515

    Massive glare when doing sieges

    Whenever you start a siege there's chance that a negative filter will be applied and hinder the siege unplayable by the player due to lack of being able to see anything other than a bright white blue light. I have pics of the incident but it occurred on PS5 live branch.
  17. VVL99

    Closed Am I getting the town?

    I have 20 people, I already have my own faction. I see another faction besieging my enemy's city. I take part in the battle and the city is given to me.
  18. VVL99

    feedback The developer wants to fix the problem, but he needs feedback from someone who has the problem.
  19. VVL99

    Resolved tooltip

    If you clear a bandit point in a city and leave it empty, then in many menus inappropriate text will appear on the OK button.
  20. VVL99

    Resolved Thug

    In cities, you can hire mercenaries in the tavern and you can hire thugs in the city, but only these or those, while the number and price of them are the same.
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