1. Resolved Wrong Unit/Troop stats

    So this is just a little bug, but at least it is one :smile: Some Units doesn´t have the "right" stats, regarding their type Still, best example: Battanian Oathsworn(Infantry) Skill: 130 Riding, 80 Athletics Aseri Veteran Faris(Horse Skirmisher) Throwing: 80 => Aserai Faris, one Tier lower...
  2. Player and NPC Attributes

    Attributes. Currently they're a bit dull - you get one attribute every three levels and besides increasing the learning limit of their governing skills they don't really do a whole lot to justify that level of rarity. Especially when there's perks that are dedicated to give you one of these...
  3. Player Campaign Stats

    Hello everyone and hopefully Taleworlds. Im the kind of gamer that really likes to get invested within games and how you progress through them. With that being said, I would like to see a system that tracks your game actions such as: kills deaths Player soldiers lost/killed Castles Sieged...
  4. Lornloth00

    Troop tree equipment stats.

    Can we get a peak at the equipment and equipment stats in the troop trees please? We can get more insight if we can see what types of clothing, armor, weapons and horses each unit uses. This would help a lot and it has always bugged me.
  5. Caps

    In Progress Wrong Movement speed value

    Version [1.2.1] At the moment the base movement speed gets displayed. But the weight has a huge impact and changes that value completly. So in the end it just displays the wrong value. There are several benefits of fixing that problem: It will be easier for players to compare units. It will be...
  6. Rwemix

    BL Eleftheroi/ Oath Keeper (bug ?)

    Bonjour, récemment j'ai recommencé une partie avec des mods, au bout d'un moment j'ai croisé le fer avec certaines factions mineurs mais elles ne ressemblaient plus du tout à mes précédentes parties, les eleftheroi ressembles désormais à des nomades random avec des stats nul de chez nul (cumul...
  7. nuekboi

    Some perks need a rework. Every perk should provide a noticeable change and not just a tiny percentage stat boost

    By and large, the perk system is pretty good (minus the fact that it doesnt work right now, but still). There are two main issues with it I have ATM 1. Too many tiny percentage stat boosts, especially early on in weapons skills. 1.5% more damage with two handed weapons is pointless as a perk...
  8. Vitold I

    For game creators!!!

    I propose to add a widget (forum) for the profile in the form of statistics in the game! It will be interesting and a little motivation. LIKE this:
  9. GG Cannon

    Wrong stats in Jawwal units

  10. Long Padded Robe weight set to 22.3

    Version: 1.0.10 The armour item " Long Padded Robe " has a set weight of 22.3 (I guess instead of 2.3). That makes your char really encumbered while he should actually only wearing light armour. cheers
  11. cihanaytunc

    Trading with a lord

    It would be great to see the stats of items while trading.. And maybe chance of success of trade? Thanks, regards..
  12. Unresolved Bug Encounter - Equipment stat comparison

    Checked known issues and couldn't find this on the list, encountered today. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes; Summary: Equipment will no longer show comparison of stats (green or red highlight indicating higher or lower value) in shops or in inventory after...
  13. andycott

    Question. Does tactic stat matter for companions/lords?

    So if it really matters, than generic tactician companions are much better for the role of secondary parties than any other, because they will have a bigger chance in winning battles. It's logical that it should be this way, but does it work as intended? If not, will it?
  14. ULtimate army character

    so i have been crunching numbers over and over to find the best character/ army leader. i basicly broke it down into 2 hand bows athletics leadership medicine. with these stats you can buff your armys damage hp speed experiance gain ect. the extra charm and trading perks early help generate soem...
  15. Reissen the Healer no Skills or Levels

    I recruited Reissen the healer. She came as level 1, with -206/5 SP and no skill points or focus points. This must be a bug as I have recruited other companions who came with a lot more levels and xp. See below for a screenshot of her character sheet. Thanks.
  16. The companion skill and focus attribution often leads to an exp bottleneck

    If not almost always. Summary : Let me explain : most companions will have 90% of their attribute points in the combat orientated skill trees. They'll have 8 vigor with 150 200 150 in vigor stats, and 4 control with 135 90 90 in control stats. They'll have focus points in all melee stats and in...
  17. How do you enable the Green/Red indicators when comparing weapons

    I accidentally turned off the Green/Red indicators when comparing weapons so its a hassle to quickly sell my junk, luckily I have good armor on and dont need to really worry about selling anything too good but I would still like to fix it. I've made a new save to see if It is set by default and...
  18. Singleplayer suggestions

    Hi all, I'm sorry if I'm sometimes not right on the spot but I'm still in overhyped mode. This is a bit of a rage but with enough structural critizism to still be considered a suggestion. So lets start. First of all I have about 1940 hrs in Warband with 1939 of them in singleplayer. I played...
  19. WouLinX

    Resolved Kuzait Ağır Kargıcısı Statları Hatalı

    Ansiklopediyi kurcalarken birliklere bakıyordum ve resimdeki gibi Kuzait ağır kargıcısının statlarını gördüm. Oyun içinde de statları bu şekilde mi bilmiyorum ama ansiklopedide gösterdiğine göre büyük ihtimal öyle olabilir.
  20. Is there a way to view companion stats before you hire them?

    is there anyway to view companion stats before you hire them? and what are the ideal stats for quarter master etc?
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