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The current Mount and Blade module system source code is a bit messy to be put onto GitHub or even to be looked at, so I made a simple template, using ideas from front-end development directory tree (as I am a front-end dev). I have also created a which does basically the same thing as build_module.bat, making it easier for macOS or Linux modders like me myself. Here is the link:

You can take a look at my Money and Honour as a exemplar generated from this template:

By the way, many of us modders do not use GitHub nor git for version control (as far as I know), so I also hereby recommend it.

You are warmly welcome to post an issue here if anything goes wrong by your side.


You can see the detailed explanation of what each folder does here in the spoiler:

assets: Miscellaneous resources or assets should be stored here.
dist: the .txt files after build should be stored here. (automatically)
doc: documentation, tutorials and such should be stored here.
src: source code should be stored here.
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Wait, we don't need module folder to compile module system? How have you done that? Can you change WRECK too? Also I have found that compiler creates new ID_ files in root folder. I think it's a bug.


to answer the first part, you can take a look into wherein I wrote this snippet:

import os
path = os.path.abspath(".")

# Point export_dir to the folder you will be keeping your module
# Make sure you use forward slashes (/) and NOT backward slashes (\)

export_dir = path + "/dist/"
#export_dir = "C:/Program Files (x86)/Mount&Blade Warband/Modules/Native/"

src_dir = path + "/src/"

the second part is indeed a bug. I cannot figure out why does this happen, and my current solution is adding a line of code that deletes all those id files. I did it in my Money and Honour repo but not this template one. I will create a minor hot fix on this in a sec.


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This files are needed to move to src folder. Sometimes, when you add new troop for example, outdated id_ file cause bug in compiler.


Oh! you're right! that makes sense to every bug I am suffering from rn! thank you so much for saving my life and this project!
I am still kinda noob to MnB modding so... modding is hard, way harder than I imagined.. I literally just spent two hours merging open source contents and it did not go right


then I must edit the process files.. this would take a moment.
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