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  1. Seek n Destroy

    SP Medieval [WB][Submod][LSP] Iberia Map for Hispania 1200

    Iberia Map Replacement for Hispania 1200 Hello gents, this here is a submod for the base version of Hispania 1200 that replaces the base map of the mod with one made by rgcotl, some additional changes include repositioning the parties, tweaking some scripts so the sea travel system from the mod...
  2. Jance

    Suggestion General A Proposal For TaleWorlds to Provide an Open-Source Fork of Module Source Code

    Hi TaleWorlds! While we appreciate the steps that have been taken so far in response to the open letter, myself and several other modders would like to propose a way we can more actively contribute to make Bannerlord more modding friendly and accessible. We saw this comment and thought it was a...
  3. KnowsCount

    Sharing my Open Source mod GitHub directory tree

    The current Mount and Blade module system source code is a bit messy to be put onto GitHub or even to be looked at, so I made a simple template, using ideas from front-end development directory tree (as I am a front-end dev). I have also created a which does basically the same...
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