Several balance issues (made worse by patch 1.5.0)

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Without going into incredible detail I'm gonna outline some issues the game has on its MP side that prevent it from being a fully enjoyable experience:

1. Patch 1.5.0 nerfed the projectiles unnecessarily. The reticle expands way too much when you initiate the animation and doesn't recede fast enough to be used quickly and efficiently during combat. I understand accuracy improves while you are standing still but projectiles are not archery, the whole point of projectiles is flexibility for their melee users and an anti-cav measure for fast approaching enemy horsemen in MP. This means that their use is primarily during closer combat encounters, not aiming over long distances. With the recent patch I don't think I'll be switching to projectiles from my melee weapon when enemies are quickly approaching me because there literally is no point exposing myself openly only to shoot my javelin into the ground or sky when they are four meters away (in what was previously an easy shot). I don't know if the devs have observed how javelins were thrown during battles? While there was static use from legionnaires etc skirmishers ran a short distance to add to the power of the shot (also something that can be observed in the olympics)

Also I don't understand the addition of shields to Menavlion Infantry and Falx using Battanians, both classes are very powerful as they are and them being exposed to projectiles is the only thing counteracting their strength in melee.

2. Movement was nerfed to be so slow it became sluggish, everything feels like its way too weighty now. Jumps became really affected by this as well. Combat feels different as a result, harder to move or jump away from engagements and that was the only thing that gave a player a chance when faced with 2 or more users ganging up on them. As it is now I won't be able to manoeuvre through enemy players while they gang up on me and hit them in the back or confuse them and I can't jump away as efficiently to increase the distance between me and their weapons. Humans can definitely jump higher and further than is portrayed in game, especially agile warriors.

3. Khergit cataphracts that use the Glaive are completely OP. The damage output from their weapon is incredible, blocking them is most of the time useless since their horse can bump into you and cancel your block exposing you to their weapon (which is a one hit kill). The only effective strategy against them as a melee user was to move or jump away after seeing them approaching in the distance or hearing the audio cue indicating they're approaching from behind. Since mobility got nerfed to sluggish levels this won't be nearly as effective. Even as a spearman the only thing you can do is brace, even the normal thrust animation needs three or more hits on an armoured horse to kill it.

4. Please for the love of god fix the dreadfully similar faction colours when two teams of the same faction are facing each other. Sturgia vs Sturgia, Aserai vs Aserai and Battania vs Battania being the worst offenders since their colours are the most similar looking. I have the overhead flags enabled but it's still not enough visual input for me and other players not to get confused and attack each other or mistake enemies for friendlies. It gets super chaotic during crowded fights, everyone just swings wildly hoping the attack lands on an enemy.

5. Exploding pots don't damage players when they explode next to them?? What is the point of them if you need to hit a player directly to deal any kinda damage (which also looks goofy since there's no explosion effect when the shot hits a player, only when it crashes on the ground do you see a blast with flames and smoke). Right now they're the same as rocks, just with higher dealing damage. Make them so that the blast always triggers on impact and affects a wide area, making it possible to hit many enemies at once.

6. Worst one of all is this last one. The one second delay that plays every time you initiate any sort of attack is god awful and takes away from the game. It takes skill to react quickly, I don't see any reason why there should be such a long delay to hit something. Why do I have to take into consideration one second of delay during combat when human reflexes are way faster than that? Seems like a huge pointless hindrance imo, especially after logging in 1000+ into Warband which didn't suffer from this issue. The way Bannerlord MP combat is right now a lot of fluidity is sacrificed only taking away from the general experience.

Will keep an eye out for anymore issues that need to be addressed as well. Love the game otherwise and have high hopes for it being great fun when it gets out of Early Access.
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