1. Otto man Bismarck

    Need More Info A Single Bug That Made Campaign Totally Unplayable

    I got 'exortion by deserters quest'. NPC lord started to loot village, quest abandoned but 'waiting in village' screen stuck just because all the selections are gone. Game kept going and going i got nothing to stop waiting at vilage. (I tried to talk with vilage npc and reload the game). This...
  2. Otto man Bismarck

    In Progress Crossbowmen and Companions Joining to Malee Infantry with Startup

    Levy and mercenary crossbowmen, mamluk regulars and companions always start in the malee infantry group 1 with every launch. It was same all the time since game released. Is it realy hard to fix?
  3. KHVRN

    Need More Info Random Crashes

    Hi, Seen a widespread reporting of issues with game crashing, but a lot of them appear to be related to inclusion of mods and/or specific events in game. I am also experiencing consistent crashing, but its entirely random, not tied to any specific event. Sometimes on main menu, other times in...
  4. Searg_Kowal

    Solved no servers for With Fire and Sword DLC

    Hello dear Taleworlds, it will probably take 5 minutes to solve this issue. There is a big community in the DLC With Fire and Sword (there is a competetive league since 9 years,about 25 played seasons, with +12 active clans with +150 players) ( Unfortunately we...
  5. Otto man Bismarck

    Upgrading Party Leader Companions is Problematic

    We need to go our settlement, disband NPC party, press space, wait a moment, press space, go to settlement, take NPC to party, upgrade the NPC and create party again. All of that just because we cant upgrade NPC unless its in our party. Its for almost no reason and the reason is not worth it.
  6. Unsolved Auto Allocate not working for companions.

    Been an issue for me since the 1.3 update. Its been more of a chore than fun to clear up perks for my companions. Anyone else having this issue? anyone?? its been driving me nuts since!
  7. Laptop won't charge while playing M&B Banner Lord

    I'm having charging issues playing Mount and Blade Banner lord. I have reinstalled the driver, reinstalled windows 10 as well as bought a new charger. My laptop is a brand new Predator Helios 300 that I bought two weeks ago. I only Experience this issue while playing Mount and Blade Banner Lord...
  8. Otto man Bismarck

    A Weird Thing Happened

    I was in a tournament final. My opponent was npc named Tharos. For a single moment game slowed. Than Tharos started to attacks at a thunder speed. Its blocks and walks was normal but only the attacks. I dont know what happened.
  9. soldier123222

    In Progress Big lagspikes and game using full cpu

    I am having weird issues with the performance i am using a 6 months old laptop, and the first time i launched the game it ran very bad,even o lowest settings I used the nvidia experience optimal settings which set a lot of options on medium and textures and texture shaders on high The...
  10. Solved Strange graphical glitches

    Summary: Graphic Glitch everywhere How to Reproduce: On every screen of the game even on main menu, icons, buttons Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: e1.3.1.228624 Installed community-made modifications: No OS: Windows 10 Education 64-bit GPU: NVIDIA GeForce...
  11. Radimov

    Unsolved Several Bugs

    Summary: I had a siege tower, my troops climbed and fought against the enemy on the wood plank that connects the tower to the wall, the problem is that my troops couldn't leave the plank to the wall they were stuck on an invisible mini wall, soon after, i climbed up myself and couldn't pass as...
  12. Bannerlord: I Can’t have kids!!

    So in my game I decided to marry Phaea. My character has been with her for 3+ years but I haven’t had a single child yet. I carry Phaea in my party most of the time, and yet nothing is happening. I’ve looked for solutions, but I haven’t got proper answers. It’s frustrating because I’ve sunk 126...
  13. Otto man Bismarck

    An Important Crash That I Dont Know

    I've shut the single player and tried to open multiplayer. My computer has crashed just after i pressed launch button. I tried to open game but Steam asked me to download files again. Game file looks complete (50 GB) and game icon is still on desktop. But its not on Steam library list and cant...
  14. In Progress Game activation problems.

    My friend has recently gifted me a Steam version of WFAS. I downloaded it, played for a little bit, and then the game requested a serial key. It was supplied by Steam, but regular and manual activation don't work. There lies my question - is there any solution to this problem?
  15. Edarin

    Unsolved BETA 1.3.0'da Karşılaşılan Hatalar ve Çözüm Önerileri

    Başlıkta da belirttiğim üzere BETA 1.3.0'da karşılaştığınız hataları, eğer hatanın neyden kaynaklandığını anladıysanız hatanın kaynağını, hatta yapımcıların işini kolaylaştırmak amacıyla save dosyanızı da atarsanız hepimiz müteşekkir oluruz
  16. Someone please help me with this.

    So I have bought this game day one and it runs horribly I have a gtx 970, i5 6400 and 8gb ram. (i know cpu isnt the best) When I shoot a bandit the game freezes for 2 seconds, game stutters the whole time. Cant even walk in a city without wanting to alt f4. Please help I have tried lowering...
  17. How do I unbind keys?

    I need to unbind/rebind some keys but there are so many keys in use that trying to find a new spot for everything is very difficult, I'd prefer to just remove unwanted bindings. Some of these bindings are fairly useless, such as the "Equip Item 1-4" keys, there are only four item slots...
  18. key binding file location?

    I need to rebind a lot of keys and there's some bindings in the menu that I straight up don't need. In most games I would just bind the unwanted binds to something like "#" with each new binding deleting the old, making them unassigned. I cant do that in this game, when I try to rebind to an...
  19. In Progress When I siege a town and build the siege towers whit 3 stairs my troops only uses the middle one

    Here's how I get this issue: - Siege Zeonica - Build two siege towers - Start fight Result: - My troops only use the middle stair of the siege towers Expecter Result: - My troops use all the stairs of the siege towers Versions: Native: e1.1.0.226306 All the others: e1.1.2.226306 Computer...
  20. superniceguy

    Need More Info The performance in the newest update (1.2.0 hotfix) doesn't go well as the version before the hotfix

    Summary: Before that hotfix, my game work just fine with 60fps~ , all maximum ultra setting. but after the hotfix for 1.2.0 . The frame rate is pretty low 4x~5x in normal battle (not siege). Usually my game got 60fps~ in normal battle and ~60fps in siege battle (before 1.2.0 hotfix) How to...