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  1. prominb

    In Progress Русский - RU Issue - village need tools - text cut off

    Translation Error: Issue - village need tools - text cut off in the description of the issue Corrected Translation: incorrect - question mark in {?NUMBER_OF_EXCHANGE_ITEM} - Correct is {NUMBER_OF_EXCHANGE_ITEM} to fix it. Where did you find this error (which conversation, screen, area,...)?: In...
  2. In Progress Gang leader issues: can not be started when at war with the town owner faction

    Summary: Since 1.6.4 (?) all the issues given by gang leaders are tagged as "conditions not met" when player is at war against the town owner faction. I'm not sure if it is intended but gang leaders issues are criminal type and should not be concerned by Calradia warfare (it was not the case in...
  3. limier

    In Progress [Issue] [Bug] As faction leader, player don't earn/lose rep when granting fiefs to faction's lords.

    I won the vote and became the new faction leader of Sturgia after the king death. Then I noticed a bug, when the vote to grant fiefs to other faction's lords pops in, and I picked one of the lords, there was no gain or loss of reputation with the lords involved in the vote. Is it just me or...
  4. In Progress Xbox Game Pass PC version: Failed to launch: Reason 650

    For some reason whenever i open Warband (Game Pass PC) the Second time after installing i get: Failed to Launch: Reason 650 I am unable to find any reference to this error online. As this is downloaded via the windows store / xbox, i am unable to read/write the game files which also limits my...
  5. Siege issue - When leaving sieges time is advancing between Leave and Go On prompts.

    Hi all, I've posted a video demonstrating the bug: This is not plugging my youtube, I don't stream, I'm literally just using it as a place to post the video that demonstrates the issue. The issue is that when besieging a castle, if an enemy army comes up and you want to flee, you then pause...
  6. DennyWiseau

    The state of siege performance

    I've been playing a couple of sieges in 1.5.7beta and performance is still pretty bad, major stuttering/fps drops occur at the moment troops rush for ladder/gates/siegetowers. Back in April it was definitely worse, so improvments has clearly been made, but playing siege battle can still be a...
  7. Resolved Keybinding issue

    Having an issue when rebinding the controls under the menu shortcut section. I keep having the controls duplicate themselves when I rebind them, and it doesn't set them to the new bindings. Example 1 Example 2
  8. blanketParty

    Need More Info Scene Editor Black play button Scene editor

    Described in this photo series
  9. Bloc

    In Progress Default-Posed Empty/Ghost Characters

    I'm pretty sure that this is a known issue but I'm kinda tired of seeing this every single time I connect to a server. This issue is there for like months already. Since there is no fix going on, I'm thinking that it's not "that much" known as I first imagined. Issue: In multiplayer, you are...
  10. DezLezz

    Questions about how the quest system works

    Hey I'm looking to develop a mod related to the quests (something in the lines of implementing proceduraly generated quests) of the game and I would like to know how the quests are actually implemented. What I kind of figured out so far: - Quests are first loaded in the QuestManager class after...
  11. Notealot

    [1.5.2]settlements' issues reduced prosperity seems unreasonable

    As the title you see, team added a feature that settlements' prosperity will be reduced because of issues existing. When I working on war between kingdoms, and I have no time to solve those issues, then my fiefs' prosperity drop to very low. And at the same time, if I am going to face those...
  12. Lusitani 5th Empire

    A way to find bugs, issues and other problems

    On YouTube there are tons of Bannerlord gameplay, youtubers often give feedback on problems they are having. Next time you hear someone reporting a bug or anything relevant consider posting it on the forums! Apart from that, many videos have in-built subtitles which you can access by opening the...
  13. Companion Issue

    Whenever i enter a town, My companions show as still traveling to said town. This means i cannot send my companions on quests and my wife is never in town so cannot get kids. I have waited in town for up to 5 days and my companions never show as they are in the town just Traveling to said town.
  14. Holy Shift

    Resolved Terrible Problem

    I was in a Vlandian army, We were at war with Empire, A Battanian party attacked an Empire party near us, We joined to fight and we won but when after we return to campaign map i've learned that i've been taken prisoner and i've been released because captor army is dispersed. I was seperated...
  15. Several balance issues (made worse by patch 1.5.0)

    Without going into incredible detail I'm gonna outline some issues the game has on its MP side that prevent it from being a fully enjoyable experience: 1. Patch 1.5.0 nerfed the projectiles unnecessarily. The reticle expands way too much when you initiate the animation and doesn't recede fast...
  16. sensorial

    Resolved Game Crashes when i talk to Istiana in epicrotea

    Hi there Summary: My game crashes when i talk to istiana to start the banner mission. How to Reproduce: Talk to Istiana in Epicrotea Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Dunno. Banner quest? Media (Screenshots & Video): cannot insert it here. I subbed a crash report with id...
  17. Resolved Caravans

    Hi, in my game I can't gain other expenses than my main army's expenses, furthermore I can't get any income from caravans too (no mods). 1.5.0
  18. Bannerman Man

    In Progress [1.5.0] Here's one possible cause of the number of available issues/quests dropping over time. Save/Reload bug.

    Summary: With 1.5.0, there have been many people noticing a drop in the number of available quests over time. This is possibly cause by a variable not being saved properly when quiting the game. The value of the variable "_additionalFrequencyScore" is set to 0.2 when a new game is created in the...
  19. Bohemicus

    Resolved Quest bug/issue that should be solved

    Summary: You have to bring 34 units of grain to the village. But if that village was raided and plundered you can't ofc deliver the product. Whereas quest timer is still running. So you sit next to the burned village, waiting for it to repair, and you can't deliver quest items. Meanwhile your...
  20. My observations from 1.4.3

    After playing yet again a single player campaign until i got bored I have noticed some issues with the game First of all, passive income is kinda useless atm. My problems are not with how workshops are currently generating money, as i believe they should had been nerfed, but with caravans...
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