1. Lave_HD

    Open game crash on alt tab and alt enter

    Both Mount and blade warband(napoleonic wars) and with fire and sword keep crashing every time I alt tab or alt enter. The only difference is that alt enter gives me a notification about 3d device. Would be really glad if someone could help. PS: Issue began about 1 to 1,5 years ago even though...
  2. Custom attributes incompatibility

    The method CreateStage2 of the EducationCampaignBehavior creates two dictionary with only the native attributes and simply iterates over all attributes including the custom ones to use them as a key for these dictionaries, obviously it causes the game to crash with the KeyNotFoundException, and...
  3. In Progress (Consoles) compilation of all issues

    Hello, im making this thread to compile all issues on consoles and improvements needed in console version of the game. I Hope this will help the devs to improve ans give justice to this amazing game Bannerlord is. We know the devs are working hard to deliver the best version of the game possible...
  4. Need More Info Mount&Blade Don't Open and too close process

    Summary: When I open from stream, charge the laucher but when I press play in any mode, this don't open and do nothing, steam recognize like is opened but doesn't it, neither stop process and close from task manager How to Reproduce: I only download the game from my library, Have you used...
  5. AddGameMenuOption index parameter don't work

    No matter what number you put on this parameter it will always stay at the top of the menu, it worked before i don't know what update after 1.2.0 broke it
  6. Resolved Servers down?

    Cant connect to any servers on Native or Napoleonic Wars. Other players have the same issue
  7. Resolved Crash when click "Smuggler's Party" in town.

    Crash Id:2023-06-24_17.17.30_af4e88c18dfd82f63f2fbf2a4621103e How to Reproduce: Click "Smuggler's Party" in town.
  8. Issue: The OnGameLoadFinishedEvent don't load when you create a new game

    If you want to do something after the game load and the player has created a new game you have to do it in the hourly tick event, fix this pls
  9. Farticle

    Thread for ping spiking I guess

    The last time I played everyone's ping on the server was spiking to around 1000 making the game unplayable. I've seen a couple posts from people reporting the same thing so I figure there should be a thread to give the issue some visibility. Anybody know anything?
  10. Farticle

    Consistant Multiplayer Server Crashes Poll/Petition

    Hello. Seeing as TaleWorlds obfuscates, ignores, and pretends that this doesn't exist, I figure an effort should at least be made to centralize support for fixing it. I don't necessarily expect this to change anything because Taleworlds have shown that they simply. Do. Not. Care. Anyways: The...
  11. JustAnotherBambi

    Need More Info Game crashes every time i load into a scene e.g load into a battle, a village castle or town

    Summary: Every time i load into any scene, a battle, training area, town village or castle, take a walk around then my game will begin to load, freeze and then crash, I've tried scavenged the internet and cant seem to find any fix, i wont get a crash log pop up or anything it just goes to the...
  12. Drakun - Ironhammer

    Resolved BETA 1.8 - Relation Loss/Infantry Upgrade Pathway Missing

    Summary: For relation loss: While playing I've lost relations with certain lords for no reason and it doesn't even notify me. For example, I noticed later that I'd lost lots of relation with the king of Vlandia, despite never doing anything to warrant it. For infantry pathway:While playing the...
  13. How do I create my own kingdom? (1.8.0)

    Firstly, I have not played for a few months and I just downloaded the game with the 1.8.0 update after I reinstalled my Windows. I am a few hour into a playthrough and I wanted to create my own kingdom. I am a tier 4 clan, I have a fief, but I still cannot create a kingdom. There is just no...
  14. synida

    Need More Info BUG: Character's avatar turns black after the patch

    Summary: Got the update today to e1.7.2.314157, and one of my characters picture turned black. I removed the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Shaders folder and verified the file integrity, the issue stayed with me. Save file...
  15. In Progress Warband ps4 in game server delay

    There is a delay on mount and blade warband that everyone is having in the ps4 community even if you have good ping/Internet. This issue has been going on for 1-2 months. It makes the game very annoying to play and I'm guessing that it is server generated so maybe if you reset the servers the...
  16. prominb

    In Progress Русский - RU Issue - village need tools - text cut off

    Translation Error: Issue - village need tools - text cut off in the description of the issue Corrected Translation: incorrect - question mark in {?NUMBER_OF_EXCHANGE_ITEM} - Correct is {NUMBER_OF_EXCHANGE_ITEM} to fix it. Where did you find this error (which conversation, screen, area,...)?: In...
  17. Spinozart1

    In Progress Gang leader issues: can not be started when at war with the town owner faction

    Summary: Since 1.6.4 (?) all the issues given by gang leaders are tagged as "conditions not met" when player is at war against the town owner faction. I'm not sure if it is intended but gang leaders issues are criminal type and should not be concerned by Calradia warfare (it was not the case in...
  18. limier

    In Progress [Issue] [Bug] As faction leader, player don't earn/lose rep when granting fiefs to faction's lords.

    I won the vote and became the new faction leader of Sturgia after the king death. Then I noticed a bug, when the vote to grant fiefs to other faction's lords pops in, and I picked one of the lords, there was no gain or loss of reputation with the lords involved in the vote. Is it just me or...
  19. In Progress Xbox Game Pass PC version: Failed to launch: Reason 650

    For some reason whenever i open Warband (Game Pass PC) the Second time after installing i get: Failed to Launch: Reason 650 I am unable to find any reference to this error online. As this is downloaded via the windows store / xbox, i am unable to read/write the game files which also limits my...
  20. SP - Battles & Sieges Siege issue - When leaving sieges time is advancing between Leave and Go On prompts.

    Hi all, I've posted a video demonstrating the bug: This is not plugging my youtube, I don't stream, I'm literally just using it as a place to post the video that demonstrates the issue. The issue is that when besieging a castle, if an enemy army comes up and you want to flee, you then pause...
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