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  1. Resolved Create non-Imperial kingdom: Be an independent clan possible bug cause of personal misstep?

    Summary:Finally went to Arzagos to follow through on quest. I created my kingdom a lot earlier and recruited clans to the kingdom. Reached clan tier 6 have gathered a lot more than 100 troops, I own I think 4 settlements+ half the map to clan members. BUT I am not an independent clan I think...
  2. Charly30

    What do you think about the Story Mode? SPOILER

    Hi, So what do you think about the story? Me? Thast's **** from professionals who sold me this game 50$. I guess that the story has been imagined by an intern? A14yo one during his 2 weeks internship (I use a translator for some words, sorry if it's not good)? If yes, this is a good job boy...
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