1. TheLordOfTheDiamond

    Would you like to see more information in the diplomacy tab?

    Yes, I would like to see who is at war with who, for example.
  2. Suggestion: king abitities

    I would to suggest that if you become an indipendent kingdom you automatically get the ability to trade cities and settlements as the high level trade perk even if you haven't reached it Hope can be interesting
  3. Feedback

    Feedback on the singleplayer campaign

    So i made an account on this forum because i would like to share my thoughts on how to improve this game, because the replayability is very low at the moment. I played through the entire campaign, experienced a couple of crashed and model bugs but played around those it is early access after...
  4. Feedback

    My feedback on the singleplayer replayability.

    So i made an account on this forum because i would like to share my thoughts on how to improve this game, because the replayability is very low at the moment. I played through the entire campaign, experienced a couple of crashed and model bugs but played around those it is early access after...
  5. StaceMcGate

    Mercenaries need rework

    So in the current meta, here is how a war with a weaker faction will play out. 1) Kingdom is pushed back to having little or no fiefs, Vassals begin defecting. 2) The Kingdom will then begin hiring every mercenary company available. 3) They will spawn at the former capital faction and raid...
  6. Resolved 1.5.7 Calradia has been at peace for years now

    After the latest beta branch update, nobody in my kingdom, the Khuzaits, wants to go to war. Same for every other faction. Nobody goes to war. Against every faction, even those that are only half our strength, I have 0% support to declare war. Before the latest update everything worked fine.
  7. Resolved Diplomacy Tab UI Error

    Summary: On the diplomacy tab it indicates that Valandia is at war with my custom nation when it is not. How to Reproduce: Unsure Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  8. VersusXY


    My suggestion is TRUCE system. Kingdoms are declaring war to eachother while they are exhausted and while they did a peace recently, it is out of respect. Bring Truce system, example for like 6 months or 1 year truce. Non will attack to eachothers villagers, caravans, villages and lords. If...
  9. addjam

    Lords being able to defect to players Kingdom.

    I think that this addition from Warband would make the experience a whole lot better. I think that grinding a lot of gold to convice lords isn't very fun. Is it alredy planned to be implemented?
  10. Apocal

    More war information?

    Is it at all possible to get a bit more information on wars? Right now, the current War tab isn't bad but it is a bit bare. Can we get something like: the start date of a war and/or days since the war began. a total number or listing of nobles killed in the fighting (including mercenaries in a...
  11. More Wars Between All Factions

    It seems like every big update is different but for the most part it seems like each faction is hardwired to attack one other faction and this is extremely frustrating, making me take a break from this game again. I'm tired of fighting the same faction constantly with no real variety. No matter...
  12. isamurai

    Player kingdom and AI war declaration

    I created a kingdom ( I had three castles and 2 cities) from a single sitting of the game was at war with one AI nation and holding them off then peace for a while. Turn off computer and come back the day after to continue. The second I load the save All AI nations declare war one by one on my...
  13. Need More Info Eleftheroi hired as mercenaries by the Northern Empire

    The Eleftheroi were hired as mercenaries by the Northern Empire, even though they are at war with them. I haven't check No information about how to reproduce, seems to happen randomly, sorry. I've got not relevant savegame either. But let me know if there's another way to gather more...
  14. My observations and suggestions

    Hi, wanted to post this for some time and I finally think I got most of my stuff together. I am sorry for making it so long and I know it does not meet the guidelines for suggestions, but i would feel silly for posting each thing separetly. I would rather have an overall discussion over here...
  15. chepox2004

    pax eterna ?

    sorry for the bad english khuzait and batannia dominates the map, i play as vlandia , battania got about 2 cities of vlandia , then whe recover one an then he make peace paying tribute , then the battania get to figth the kuzhait 4 the rest of the map , and any of the vlandian lords whant to...
  16. Lornloth00

    Stellaris War Exhaustion for Diplomacy in Bannerlord

    "War Exhaustion War Exhaustion goes from 0% to 100%, and measures the total weariness and attrition suffered by all empires on one side in a war. War Exhaustion goes up from suffering losses during Space and Ground Warfare, destruction of planets (either from Colossus weapons or Armageddon...
  17. Darkath

    Character Assignment Gameplay

    Introduction One of the main immersive point of Warband is most actions were not automatic from a click in the user interface, you had to travel to see different lords or gather them around a feast to facilitate your interactions with them, request favors and improve your relations. In...
  18. Resolved "This Kingdom Decision is not relevant" Bug

    Summary: The bug doesn't allow fiefs to be voted on because whenever you click on the voting page, there is a prompt that says, "This Kingdom Decision is Not Relevant." However, the fief is never given to anyone and the popup comes up over and over, for a split second each time. How to...
  19. ZavodilaSauklus

    Make Bannerlord Great. Part 3: Clan, marriage and parenting; Espionage and intrigue; Diplomacy and domestic politics.

    Clan, marriage and parenting 50)The ability to create a vassal clan and dynasty. A dynasty is a union of several clans. Accordingly, as soon as we create a vassal clan, a dynasty is immediately created. Vassal clan. We can send our vassal clan to serve in another kingdom or make them...
  20. In Progress Empire Diplomacy Screen wording

    The "Casualties Inflicted" part of the diplomacy screen is confusing. After a large battle where we decimated the enemy our casualties inflicted went up only a small number but the enemies went up a lot. Would suggest this is actually "Casualties Received" not inflicted, either that or the...
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