Serve as soldier - the mod Author was bullied?

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It'll be hard to beat the time someone paid Big Man Tyrone to read somebody's post as mockery.

That´s some ****ing epic move, I love it!
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What happened to the author of the "Serve as soldier" mod?

According to rumors, the mod Author was bullied.

A lot of people liked the mod. He developed the idea of the abandoned "Freelancer" mod.

It was a great mod and I get a lot of feedback from viewers about it.

Author, if you read this, please write here or add me on steam or wherever is more convenient for you:

I would be interested to hear from the author and perhaps I could be of some help.

If there are haters of the author here, you can argue your position. Let's try to figure it all out together. I will be the arbitrator. :grin:

Good mods shouldn't go to waste so easily.

p. s. By the way, the developers should have taken the idea of a mod and added it to the game.
maybe he/she doesn't have time anymore?
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