1. DennyWiseau

    Freelancer should be implemented into vanilla Bannerlord

    Freelancer mod lets you join any lords party and serve as a soldier with the possibility to rise through the ranks from recruit to elite troop and eventually even serve as a captain and or a bodyguard retinue. It also allows for you to join bandits and even creating your own hideouts. The...
  2. Bloc

    [SP] - Freelancer - Askerlik Modu

    Anlayacağınız üzere, mod tamamen Türkçedir. Image: Battle in the Bog by kazzeth Freelancer artık M&B için neredeyse bir klasik. En sevdiğiniz modla Warband oynadıysanız, muhtemelen bu konsepte aşinasınızdır. Buradan İndirin Nexusmods Hakkında Freelancer, gereklilikleri karşıladığınız sürece...
  3. Bloc

    SP Native Freelancer Mod - Being a Regular Soldier

    Image: Battle in the Bog by kazzeth Freelancer is now almost a classic for M&B. If you played Warband with your favourite mod, you are probably familiar with this concept. Download From Here Nexusmods About Freelancer allows you to enlist any lord/lady's party as long as you meet the...
  4. Tulag

    Serving As an Individual in Army

    Serving As an Individual in Army This perk is commonly known as "Freelancer" and I really want this to be implemented to the game. Joining a Noble's or Ruler's army as a recruit and climbing ranks and eventually becoming "Banner Knight or Khan's Guard" (highest troop tier of whatever faction...
  5. ZydrateTheSmoothCriminal

    Freelancer - Serving as a common soldier in an army [Suggestion]

    It has been said countless times, but it cannot be said enough for obvious reasons. No doubt they're planning to add the feature eventually, so it's about time the community agrees on exactly how it will work. I expect that people want something a bit more advanced and in-depth than Warband's...
  6. FlowingJade

    Bannerlord 2: Freelancer Overhaul

    FREELANCER MOD HAS BEEN DEVELOPED BY A TALENTED MODDER GO HERE ---) Freelancer Mod (--- FOR MORE INFO I would be pleased if the freelancer feature would be more advanced than its warband counterpart rather than it being identical. This is not a demand it is just me sharing my thoughts about an...
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