Response Sheets from two years ago surrounding Server Donations/Micro-transactions

Do you agree with the result? [Two responses maximum.]

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I kinda owe to publish the result even if it won't make any difference now. This was related to the new private server monetisation policy for servers.
As Duh pointed out, people may have responded several times via VPN or by promoting the same ideas to friends. This goes for both sides though.
You can read more about the policy in the topics below, as well as a lot of arguments against and/or for it's points:,376447.0.html,373916.html

The questions were made to respond to each of the points of the policy. The response sheets are sorted from majority allow to majority deny below:



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People don't want things that make gameplay unfair, but still want to allow server owners to make money off of things that don't hurt balance. Makes sense to me. Props to Taleworlds for doing this when so many other game developers don't care.