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Why should you play Perisno?  :smile:

Download link (Full Version):
Required Warband version - at least 1.167.
Patch 0.81 link, changelog and notes:
You can also install the PBODless version of it from optional patches.
1) Unless you find some very critical bugs, this is the last patch compatible with original 0.8 and any hotfixes that were released between 0.8 and 0.81.
2) The next patch, if everything goes as planned, will bring a full overhaul of dwarves with all the suggestions I've heard so far taken into account. So if you're thinking of starting a new game as a dwarf, I would suggest that you wait till 0.82. And if you have any more suggestions regarding dwarves, tell them now.
3) If you haven't read "New hotkeys/controls in 0.8" section yet, read it.

Patch changelog:
- added a new option to mod settings (CHAAAARGE - if enabled, lords will always charge instead of dancing in circles);
- added overlooked Abot's Strange Rapier quest (talk to NPC in Arendal tavern, ignore when the game tells you that you started some blank_quest - it's just a minor purely formal save incompatibility; everything else but this notification worked like a charm when I tested this quest) + a couple of new events on the global map;
- added penalty for bows against heavy armor (yumi bows are an exception) and armor penetration for xbows;
- added a feature that makes few remaining enemies surrender if you press TAB near the very end of a siege (should help against siege scenes where a couple of remaining soldiers get stuck somewhere);
- changed troop upgrade cost and the algorithm which determines if lords will complain about other lords being granted fiefs. Read this;
- changed the way wages of patrols of player's kingdom are paid. Before it's your turn, money for a patrol are now contributed by (1) the patrol itself (it sells prisoners), (2) the center which is patrolled or the walled center to which the patrolled center is bound (they sell prisoners), (3) other nearby walled centers within a certain range (they sell prisoners), (4) the owner of patrolled center, (5) the owner of a walled center to which patrolled center is bound (if it's a village), (6) the richest owners of other nearby centers, (7) the center with most prisoners in player's kingdom, (:cool: the richest lord in player's kingdom. Then only if all this money is not enough, it's your turn to pay. Lords/centers only contribute a certain percent of their wealth/prisoners, so while large patrols will become a burden for them, they will never bankrupt them.;
- made land income from player-owned fiefs be automatically transferred to local treasuries;
- fixed night bandits quest, AG quests supposedly fixed by KS, forced other parties to ignore quest parties such as Immortals' Patrol, added cancellation of horde quests after Zann is defeated, added secondary weapon to Uliastai tournament, stopped Legion patrols from spawning after you finish the TL Fort quest, fixed ladies' titles not getting refreshed when they change a faction, probably fixed lords leaving your kingdom for no reason (random Native events), got rid of the last remaining fugly pieces of armor from old OSP pack, gave axes to Kaikoth Mountain Warriors and Keepers in addition to swords, set player's relation with the Third Legion to 40 after completeing their quest, fixed giant lords leaving your kingdom (Bullius will not leave, other giants will not leave if their relation with you is >= 40, even if you're not a giant and do not have giant culture), probably fixed the cause for autoloot giving you copies of companions' equipment (will only work for companions you haven't recruited yet; it was an autoloot/Diplomacy incompatibility issue), some unrecognized tokens were fixed by KS, fixed some other small bugs.

History of important&notable pre-0.81 hotfix changes:
- duels were fixed (after you make arrangements, you need to exit the party screen and take a couple of steps on the global map - it's a necessary workaround to an engine bug);
- fixed "special mission" (ask Baron Gereon for it if you ever have 75+ relation with him);
- added alternative keys to use treasury for players with laptops: ↑, ↓ and → in addition to NUM1, NUM2 and NUM3 respectively;
- added the ability to change the race of Household Guards (in "Manage your kingdom" menu in town menu);
- really important:,359948.msg8668568.html#msg8668568 - new hotkeys;
Hotfix 0.811:
Should be installed on 0.81. Does not include 0.81 changes.
Still compatible to 0.8-0.81 save files.
Just plenty of minor changes/fixes I found important to make while playing the mod. + a couple of fixed scenes.
Starting AG quest should also be fixed. In theory. Never did any of their quests.
File with LODs for giants' armor. Copy it to "Resource" folder. It should help with performance.

Optional patches / unofficial tweaks:
PBODless patch (removes PBOD and Advanced Formations; based on Perisno 0.81) - optional; compatible
- less stutters/lags in battles:
- better AI
- don't know any
1) Before or after installing it make sure that your and your companions' WPs are OK (don't check everyone, just a couple of them). PBOD has some night triggers or something like this that may decrease them. That's the only problem that can occur. So it's best to install the patch during a sunny day.

MelanieWard's tweak of female units
Lazy Buttons's tweak of 2h weapons and polearms
Tweak to take dragon from Khivachis

Useful stuff:
Useful tips by photolouis
Some small unofficial tweaks
List of expert soldiers
List of player's merc companies
How the new economic system works

A laggy, poorly optimized Excel file which can be used for planning your companions and main character (their skills and attributes). Includes Perisno 0.8, PoP 3.7063, VC 2.0, Native, Floris, TLD (good side only).
Also includes data about character creation for most of the mentioned mods.
[spoiler="Recommended" equipment values for customizable troops]
Exceeding them will raise the upkeep of customizable troops, giving your soldiers worse equipment will lower it.
1h weapons with damage X counts as the same as 2h or polearm weapon with damage X*10/9.
Cutting damage X = piercing damage X*10/12 = blunt damage X*100/145
Crossbows can also be used for archers. Just use like light_crossbow => just_crossbow => heavy_crossbow => siege crossbow.
Do not give cavalry or infantry bows or crossbows. Yes, for several reasons cavalry was coded to be heavy cavalry only, not horse archers.
What happens if you give your archers many quivers?
1. Invest in looting skill of your main character. Not just because of extra Native bonus points, but because of yet another multiplier added in the current version to loot probability formula that depends on your own looting skill. And don't forget that you should avoid using bandit troops in your army. They are cheap but they steal your loot.
2. In the Mercenary Guild there are 7 spots where soldiers change and are recruitable. 2 to the left of the castle near training dummies, 3 on the first floor, 2 on the second floor. The rest are for the atmosphere.
3. On rescuing enemies' prisoners:
If your relation with a soldier's faction plus 3x of your persuasion skill >= 40, you can recruit a soldier of any level.
If your relation with a soldier's faction plus 3x of your persuasion skill >= 0, you can recruit all of those whose level is smaller than yours+2x*persuasion. Others (whose level is higher) will join you partially, depending on the difference between the levels. The rest of "friendly" soldiers will go away.
You should get the remaining hostile "rescued" soldiers as prisoners.
Exception 1: if you're at war with faction X but also have its culture in your kingdom, you will get half of rescued troops from this faction as troops and another half as prisoners.
Exception 2: if a faction is defeated, relation requirement is passed automatically (Falcons are an exception), only level requirement remains.
4. You can only recruit prisoners from your own party if your level is bigger than theirs and you have positive relation with their faction.
Relation with Falcons >= 75; Relation with Field Marshal Gunnar >= 50; Honor  >= 500; RtR >= 80; Player character's level >= 38; Renown >= 5000; 1 000 000 aurums.
Fixing Zann armies stuck trying to capture their own fiefs.

New hotkeys/controls in 0.8:
1. To borrow ammo, press "O" during battle while holding a bow/xbow in you hand and standing very close to one of your archers/xbowmen (respectively) who also holds his/her ranged weapon and has some ammo remaining. You must have at least 1 quiver in your inventory. The kind of arrows/bolts (respectively) does not matter.
2. Treasury: press NUM1 to store 10000 aurums in the current fief's treasury or NUM2 to withdraw 10000 aurums. Press NUM3 to switch on/off the current fief accumulating money from rents/tariffs/enterprises instead of sending them to you. Players with laptops can also use ↑, ↓ and → respectively.
3. Mass prisoner taking: while viewing prisoner exchange screen after a battle, select any enemy prisoner (preferably the top one), hold LEFT CTRL, hold A and click "capture". It will add as many prisoners as you can have into your party, i.e. you will not need to select prisoner stacks one by one and click "capture" again and again.
4-12. Read this comment:,359948.msg8668568.html#msg8668568

Perisno 0.8 changelog in 40 bullet points:
General changes
  • New race: giants.
  • Tweaks 3.1, 3.2, 5.1, 6.1, 6.2, 8, 11, 15, 19, 24, 25, 29, 30, 32, 38, 39, 40, 43, 44 from this list were added.
  • Character creation one-screen presenation was added. CC was reworked (more options to choose from, unique backstories).
  • Financial system and the criteria for tax inefficiency were changed. You can find more info on this here.
  • Several new quests for Adventurer Guild by KonykSoldatyk.
  • Native quests were given limited distance. You will generally not receive tasks such as "move cattle from Grund to Amarna". Rewards for some quests were increased.
  • New customizable troop tree was added. Recruits for this TT can be hired in Mercenary Guild (see below). You will be able to use ~90% of items existing in Perisno to equip your soldiers. Only very few of them (like unique items or Third Legion items) are blocked. Unlike in PoP, you will not be limited to 9 slots. Every item you will put in a soldier's inventory will be taken into account. So if some of you don't like clone-like troops, you will be able to give your soldiers plenty of different items. The upkeep of custom troops is flexible. 469-line script calculates a special multiplier that will affect the upkeep (it can either decrease or increase it) depending on how stats of the equipment you will choose will compare with certain "recommended" values. If you try to give you recruit the best items he can possibly carry, you will not like the result. It won't be worth it. Still, when it will come to the highest-tier troops, then dragon scale armor, heavy full plates, best weapons and heavy chargers - they will all be yours if you want to maximize.
  • Zann invasion was re-coded almost from scratch. It will be 'a little' more devastating.
  • Troop tree presentations were added for several large minor factions.
  • Lots of bugs were fixed and several scripts were rewritten from sctratch.
  • Tournaments were polished (like what equipment is used in different towns) to make more sense. Earnings for arena battles were increased.
  • More banners: now there are a total of 252 of them. Kingdom banners are restricted, all the rest are available.
  • BS min and max sliders were changed to 120-504. Reinforcement waves in sieges were increased to infinite.
  • Max. limit for Ironflesh, PS, PD, PT, Athletics, Riding, Shield and Leadership skills was raised to 15.
  • Town/village walkers, merchants, village elders and so on now all wear clothes that suits their faction.

  • All items were rebalanced from scratch.
  • Almost all low-quality textures and models were replaced with better ones. More than a hundred of new items was added, including several heraldic armors.
  • Hundreds of textures we recompressed, resized and "re-uvmapped" which resulted in mod size decreasing from ~3.5Gbs to 1.7Gbs.
  • The mod now has ~140 mounts, ~450 pieces of body armor, ~340 helmets, ~90 boots, ~40 gloves, ~170 shields, ~50 bows, 12 crossbows, 26 throwing weapons, ~250 1h weapons, ~170 bastard and 2h weapons, ~130 polearms. 99% of them are mid-to-high quality.
  • Most items were manually assigned to factions, so no more mess in shops. If it's a Draharan town, merchants sell Draharan stuff, not Valahir, dwarven or Maccavian.
  • Better female versions of armor were made thanks to [email protected] and snouz.

Factions and soldiers
  • 5 new major factions: Aroulo, 2 Giant factions (Sut and Bakhal), Kuu-lan Horde and Cretas. Geldar (former Bluewood elves) also became a major faction.
  • All soldiers were rebalanced and reequipped from scratch. And while many were again given (partially) the equipment they used in previous versions, there are some that were completely re-done: like Falcons, Eagles or Freelancers. The main focus was to make each faction different from other factions and have its own easily distinguishable "style" and more pronounced color pattern.
  • ~25 soldiers were added to old factions, mostly in the form of household troops.
  • Recruitment conditions were "tightened". If it's your own prisoners, you can only recruit them as long as they are from friendly factions and have smaller level than yours. If it's some other party's prisoners you are rescuing, they will be more eager to join, though you will still need high level, high persuasion skill and good relationship with prisoners' factions to be able to rescue elite soldiers.
  • Your regular soldiers are no longer just muscles. Each faction has several soldiers that are good (skl>4) at one of the following skills: pathfinding, spotting, tracking, foraging, medical skills, leadership, trainer, engineering, prisoner management. The presence of a certain amount of such soldiers in your party will boost your own respective skills (up to the very limit, if you have many such soldiers), with the exception of leadership. Soldiers that are good leaders will boost your troops' morale instead.
  • Bandits (looting>4) will steal your loot. More charismatic troops (all sorts of champions, knights, nobles, kingsmen etc.) will demand higher upkeep than humble troops. Soldiers with higher intelligence and tactics skill will do better in autocalc battles than their less intelligent comrades.

Companions and lords
  • 1 new companion. Old companions were rebalanced and reequipped. So were all lords, claimants and kings. Their faces were also changed.
  • Lords' skill were made more important. Lords' income will directly and noticeably depend on their looting, prisoner management, persuasion and trade skills. Foraging and leadership will reduce troops' upkeep for lords. Rich lords will share their excessive money with their poorer family members, friends, fiefs (which always had their own budget, unaffected by lords' wealth) and generally lords of their faction that are at need.
  • Skills, attributes, equipment and banners for each lord were hand-picked and set manually. You will never find 2 lords with identical equipment or skills.
  • Getting 90+ relationship with a lord will give +1 to a certain attribute which depends on the lord' personality, i.e. your friend will give you useful advice that will help you get stronger, smarter, more chrismatic or agile.
  • A new, more straight way to recruit lords was added. This is a dialogue option that you will see when you start your own kingdom. The whole script is quite large and lords' willingness to join you will depend on their personality, but in general things such as your RtR, renown, honor, persuasion skill, tactics, leadership and level will be taken into account. There is no randomness or conditions that you can't influece (like in Native, when you can only start intriguing if a lord doesn't like his king) or some silly messangers with gifts and offers, just straight math - a certain number of points (difficult to achive, though still absolutely realistic) you need to get to persuade a lord to join you. Only 6 lords cannot be possibly recruited this way.
  • Quite a few lords were given unique party templates, e.g. some Valahir lords will use Volheere troops, one Hakkon lord will only use gladiators and so on.
  • You can make your lords use soldiers of your kingdom's culture, Freelancers or your custom troops.
  • Some companions' dialogues were changed from Native to actually match Perisno companions.

Fiefs, scenes, locations
  • Many fief locations were changed for better logistics and logics (like villages are now often placed closer to factions' centers while walled fiefs form a border).
  • Completely new scenes for Zann Castle, Mercenary Guild, Kuu-lan town (Tumatarhun) and its villages and some quest scenes by Syabr. New scenes for Leuven and Aroulo fiefs by cwr.
  • Quite a few fief scenes were swapped/replaced to match global map terrain.
  • New location: Mercenary Guild. It works the same way as refugee camps in HOMM3 or Mercenary Guild in Eador or similar locations in some other games. Any soldiers (apart from very few exceptions) can randomly come there and be hired as a mercenaries.
  • 19 new entry points were added to castle interiors in each town - feasts in towns will now be a lot more lively. A couple of new castle interior scenes were added.
Screenshot thread:,359880.0.html
Perisno 0.8/0.9 credits:
Heraldic armor pack, fantasy armor and berserk armor by bogmir
Архаика OSP and GoT OSP by Легионер, Serega, Яроглека, HunterWolf, смертник, Radamate, dezz_spb, Глеб Ушкуйник, dimanas, Mark7, xxxxARESxxxx, RS1105252, Supersonic, akdesign
Khazad Ai Menu OSP by Yar_the_old, SithLord, Romuald, somlich, 3Dgrafer, Anton Po, Ivan1997
Crusaders Way to Expiation OSP Pack by Crusaders Way to Expiation Team
OhagiArmorsPack bu junT
Chinese armor by KeVin (also thanks to Lord-Latis for finding them)
Turkic Yurt Model by Hun
Quapitty's Banner Pack by quapitty
FISH&CHIP OSP - Heraldry&Retexturing Unleashed by Lav
Character Creation Screen v1.2 by mercury19
Female Faces by dearuser
Face and UI textures by Jed_Q
Faces by Yiyang Chen
Face Textures by Aquil
Fire Arrows by Mirathei
Weapons by Faradon (also some additions by Silver Wolf)
Helmet by сикомор
[email protected] and snouz - better female versions of armor, also snouz's help with some models
Improved Horse Archers AI by Jun Yue
Smiley stuff OSP by SendMeSmile
Banner pack by chukcha
Daydream OSP models by wheene
Bear by 3dregenerator
Classical Italian/Roman items OSP by Gothic Knight
WEe's Helmets by mr.master
Native Bow Retextures by Lav
Rauxa-alana - the idea, troop tree and lore of Kuu-lan faction
Perisno map (item) by SiWo
Spartan sword by mimi3d
Alive Horses by AndyYa


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Congratulations!  Can't wait to get back home and play it in a few days.  Hope you have some down time to relax over New Years.


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Old thread now locked. Happy New Years everyone! Thanks Leonion for all the hard work in this release as he did the majority of the work.


How can we make the  download work on steam? I downloaded the files but I'm not really sure what to do after that.


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davidm27 said:
How can we make the  download work on steam? I downloaded the files but I'm not really sure what to do after that.
This download is for the NON steam version. If you subscribe to Perisno on steam then it will download automatically. AT the point of this post the steam version is NOT up yet. We will post as soon as it is.
From what I've played I love it! Giants are very cool. I just wish I could speed the map up without it going into slideshow mode, but alas. Great work!


This update rekindled my love for this mod :grin: I was annoyed by some things in earlier version, and this version patched them. Thanks for an amazing New Year Present, keep up the good work.


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I'll use this message for tweaks...

1. Removing skill loss in hard mode
To remove skill loss, find this piece of code in mission_templates:
-26.000000 0.000000 0.000000  0  101 2071 1 1224979098644774912 4 0 31 2 144115188075856241 1
Replace 31 2 144115188075856241 1 with 31 2 144115188075856241 22


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Michadr said:
davidm27 said:
How can we make the  download work on steam? I downloaded the files but I'm not really sure what to do after that.
This download is for the NON steam version. If you subscribe to Perisno on steam then it will download automatically. AT the point of this post the steam version is NOT up yet. We will post as soon as it is.
It'll be uploaded tonight but it may not be released immediately as I have to switch the view status from hidden to public

Lag'ier Barlida

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Hi, as persino has so many amazing troops, guess many people want to have plenty of tests between them, so can u make a patch(which can be inluded in a hotfix) so that people can test troops in cheatmenu?  :fruity: :fruity:
Can't wait for the combat between troops such as perisno champion and kingsman.
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