Perisno 0.99 - The Main Thread (HF18 - 27.Mar.2020)

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Why should you play Perisno?

Download link (Full Version):
Required Warband version - at least 1.167.

The latest hotfix (1:cool::
Warband Nexus Link

Unofficial submods:

Anti-CTD thread

0.99 Changelog/notes:
First and foremost, this update is more of an improvement over 0.9 (finished features, fixed bugs etc.) rather than some huge new version. It is most likely the last version of Perisno for Warband (not counting small save-compatible hotfixes, which, as usual, we'll do our best to release as soon as new&critical bugs are reported) because at this point any work on the mod pretty much stopped and most of team members moved on to other projects. V1.0 is WIP.
But still a lot of changes have been made since 0.9 so we decided to release them.
- [Added] A few unique locations (e.g. Great Library of Galwe, Fountain Temple);
- [Added] Religion mechanic/flavor, a priest (a hireable NPC for player's kingdom);
- [Added] Battle AI from PNB ("a crazy mix of redone native AI, Motomataru's AI, horse archer's AI by Jun Yue and my own framework code that glues it all together, optimizes its implementation and adds some additional scripts");
- [Added] Different map icons for lords' parties from different factions (like in PNB), new/different icons for many other parties and locations;
- [Added] Craftable helmets and shields (see "Useful stuff" section for final notes on craftable gear);
- [Added] Fort Trilond and Heruclo to post-quest Venetor. Heruclo starts as a Hakkon village.
- [Added] More options to mod settings (turning on/off battlecries and ships).
- [Added/Reworked] Several troops;
- [Added/Reworked/Removed] Several items;
- [Reworked] Night ambushes;
- [Reworked] Town/village economy (what is grown/mined/produced in what settlements), characteristics of enterprises;
- [Reworked] Starting cities (based on race);
- [Reworked] In troop tree presentations factions are now changed via a drop-down menu (rather than by clicking arrows);
- [Replaced] Quite a few town, castle and village scenes. You should see the new Azure Keep! :wink:;
- [Replaced] Female bodies;
- [Replaced] Loading screen;
- [Tweaked] Plenty of minor AI/balance/quest/etc. things;
- [Fixed] Plenty of different bugs;

- [not fixed] Freelancer bugs and Adventurers' Guild bugs. In 0.99 these 2 features are disabled by default and if you want to play them, you need to enable them first in mod settings at your own risk;
- [not added] Canonical Perisno armor from the main menu. It was created by one 3rd-party modeller, then recreated from scratch by another 3rd-party modeller but it wasn't finished (it needs skinning; it needs some mesh adjustments; the texture that might look good on renders or in other games is really unfit for M&B and looks awful in the game, so it needs retexturing etc. - and there is no-one with that level of skill on the team, but if anyone is willing to give it a try and finish it, you can find it at the bottom of Perisno_Items.brf);

Useful stuff:
Useful tips by photolouis
List of expert soldiers
List of player's merc companies
How the new economic system works

A laggy, poorly optimized Excel file which can be used for planning your companions and main character (their skills and attributes). Includes Perisno 0.9, PoP 3.7063, VC 2.0, Native, Floris, TLD (good side only).
Also includes data about character creation for most of the mentioned mods.
Exceeding them will raise the upkeep of customizable troops, giving your soldiers worse equipment will lower it.
1h weapons with damage X counts as the same as 2h or polearm weapon with damage X*10/9.
Cutting damage X = piercing damage X*10/12 = blunt damage X*100/145
Crossbows can also be used by archers. Just give them like light_crossbow => just_crossbow => heavy_crossbow => siege_crossbow.
Do not give infantry bows.
What happens if you give your archers many quivers?
1) Crafting presentation can be found in camp => take an action. You can craft body armor, helmets, boots, gloves (except for male giants and dwarves) and shields.
2) This system relies on operation that was obviously poorly tested by tw devs and it initially caused ctds in certain cases and didn't work for boots and gloves before workarounds were found. So just in case I highly recommend saving your game before crafting.
3) Custom boots and gloves cannot be worn without custom body armor. That's forced by engine limitations.
4) Only your natural, learned engineer skill is taken into account when it's assessed whether you can craft a certain piece of armor or not.
5) Female frames don't work (also crafted helmets look funny on any women for an unknown reason), and there is no way I can think of to make them work. All custom armor (with the exception of female-only armor) will look masculine on any gender. That's another engine limitation.
6) Custom armor is quite demanding both CPU- and GPU-wise. Using it for yourself and companions is fine but I don't recommend giving it to household guards or Ingvar's troops unless you have a powerful PC and/or play at small battlesize and/or reduced graphics settings.
7) Custom gloves will lack arm plates (when such are present in the original item), they will be just... hand gloves.

1. Invest in looting skill of your main character. Not just because of extra Native bonus points, but because of yet another multiplier added in the current version to loot probability formula that depends on your own looting skill. And don't forget that you should avoid using bandit troops in your army. They are cheap but they steal your loot.
2. In the Mercenary Guild there are 7 spots where soldiers change and are recruitable. 2 to the left of the castle near training dummies, 3 on the first floor, 2 on the second floor. The rest are for the atmosphere.
3. On rescuing enemies' prisoners:
If your relation with a soldier's faction plus 3x of your persuasion skill >= 40, you can recruit a soldier of any level.
If your relation with a soldier's faction plus 3x of your persuasion skill >= 0, you can recruit all of those whose level is smaller than yours+2x*persuasion. Others (whose level is higher) will join you partially, depending on the difference between the levels. The rest of "friendly" soldiers will go away.
You should get the remaining hostile "rescued" soldiers as prisoners.
Exception 1: if you're at war with faction X but also have its culture in your kingdom, you will get half of rescued troops from this faction as troops and another half as prisoners.
Exception 2: if a faction is defeated, relation requirement is passed automatically (Falcons are an exception), only level requirement remains.
4. You can only recruit prisoners from your own party if your level is bigger than theirs and you have positive relation with their faction.
Relation with Falcons >= 75; Relation with Field Marshal Gunnar >= 50; Honor >= 500; RtR >= 80; Player character's level >= 38; Renown >= 5000; 1 000 000 aurums.
Twitch channel with "pro" gameplay of Perisno that makes the mod look like a walk in the park
New hotkeys/controls since 0.8:
1. To borrow ammo, press "O" during battle while holding a bow/xbow in you hand and standing very close to one of your archers/xbowmen (respectively) who also holds his/her ranged weapon and has some ammo remaining. You must have at least 1 quiver in your inventory. The kind of arrows/bolts (respectively) does not matter.
2. Treasury: press NUM1 to store 10000 aurums in the current fief's treasury or NUM2 to withdraw 10000 aurums. Press NUM3 to switch on/off the current fief accumulating money from rents/tariffs/enterprises instead of sending them to you. Players with laptops can also use ↑, ↓ and → respectively.
3. Mass prisoner taking: while viewing prisoner exchange screen after a battle, select any enemy prisoner (preferably the top one), hold LEFT CTRL, hold A and click "capture". It will add as many prisoners as you can have into your party, i.e. you will not need to select prisoner stacks one by one and click "capture" again and again.
4-12. Read this comment:,359948.msg8668568.html#msg8668568
New Trade Screen (0.9+, can be disabled in options)
Also: left alt - sprinting (0.9+).

Perisno 0.8/0.9/0.99 credits:
Heraldic armor pack, fantasy armor and berserk armor by bogmir
Архаика OSP and GoT OSP by Легионер, Serega, Яроглека, HunterWolf, смертник, Radamate, dezz_spb, Глеб Ушкуйник, dimanas, Mark7, xxxxARESxxxx, RS1105252, Supersonic, akdesign
Khazad Ai Menu OSP by Yar_the_old, SithLord, Romuald, somlich, 3Dgrafer, Anton Po, Ivan1997
Crusaders Way to Expiation OSP Pack by Crusaders Way to Expiation Team
OhagiArmorsPack by junT
Chinese armor by KeVin (also thanks to Lord-Latis for finding them)
Armor by Brego
Turkic Yurt Model by Hun
Quapitty's Banner Pack by quapitty
FISH&CHIP OSP - Heraldry&Retexturing Unleashed by Lav
Character Creation Screen v1.2 by mercury19
Scene props by Adorno
Village Scenes by Gokiller, InVain, Andzy Proxy, Alpha, Akathir, Efe Karacar
The Library by SageMcQuincy
Jungle Grotto and Braddock's Booty Beach by Akathir
Female Faces by dearuser
Female face mesh for giants by y_sephiroth
Face and UI textures by Jed_Q
Faces by Yiyang Chen
Face Textures by Aquil
New female body by DtheHun
Fire Arrows by Mirathei
Armor/horses by The Full Invasion team
Weapons by Faradon (also some additions by Silver Wolf)
Helmet by сикомор
Retextured items by KingLeorik
K0nr@d and snouz - better female versions of armor, also snouz's help with some models
Improved Horse Archers AI by Jun Yue
Lancers' AI fix by Yeoman
TTL soundtrack "Not Lost Yet" by Feral State
Smiley stuff OSP by SendMeSmile
Banner pack by chukcha
Daydream OSP models by wheene
Bear by 3dregenerator
Classical Italian/Roman items OSP by Gothic Knight
WEe's Helmets by mr.master
Native Bow Retextures by Lav
Rauxa-alana - the idea, troop tree and lore of Kuu-lan faction
Perisno map (item) by SiWo
Nobility Shields by Kraggrim, Avelium, Mandible
Nordish Royal Sword by Mandible
Spartan sword by mimi3d
Alive Horses by AndyYa
Old main credits thread
Old 0.9 main thread
Old 0.81 main thread
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Today a person in a shop ****ed up while saying persimmon. So Im here. Nice to see this getting dropped off as you and the rest of the team ride off into the sunset. Thanks for all your work  :party:
I've been following this mod since 2013 (0.5 version) and after all these years of insane work for all the updates you lads deserve a praise of being among the best modders for warband. Perisno is definitely in my top 3 warband mods without a doubt and god knows how many hours i've sunken into it on my various playthroughs. It's been a pleasure to be a tiny part of this awesome world you guys made. Cheers and thanks for everything!  :grin:

Also perisno for bannerlord when? :fruity: :fruity: :fruity: :fruity:
Please, make the Cretan nobles spawn with guaranteed javelins. The top tier Noble troop has a chance to not have any javelins.
Stavros said:
Please, make the Cretan nobles spawn with guaranteed javelins. The top tier Noble troop has a chance to not have any javelins.
They also have top-tier archers without any head protection, so it's just their fate :grin:
Alright I've tried to find a way to rebind the hotkeys for the Combat Abilities such as War-Cry or First Aid (unsuccsesfully).
Tried to check the Data Files and I found in a txt. data named "Variables":


But found no keybinding attached to it. Can any1 who knows stuff help me out? There is also a txt. data named "Variable_uses" but only with figures in it.
Appreciate any help :smile:
HeyIamJack said:
a way to rebind the hotkeys
Starting a new thread was entirely unnecessary.

And I'm afraid Warband is not the kind of game where one can easily rebind module-specific hotkeys without the source code.
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