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Lyze said:
While we may revisit some very recent past issues as a Moderation Team to review evidence and perhaps revise decisions, the Cannoning of the Stark Embassy has been dealt with and that issue is now closed. Any concerns about that incident should be PMed to myself, and I will address those concerns individually.
Addendum: If you wish a recent issue to be revisited, please PM me here with a detailed description of the incident and the moderator who dealt with it, so I may contact them and get their account, judgement, and decision on the incident.
And why not? I see nothing but you trying to cover up an extremely careless moderating decision.
I should be amused and condescending, but I don't have time for that.

Pray tell, Rmrman, explain yourself in detail as to the accusations you are laying against us. What exactly do you assume happened, and in what way are you so outraged at my dealing with the aftermath?
Unreasonable punishment for non-existent rules.
Removing a plot of land from someone for logging out in someone's base is unheard of. As well as forcing us to give an enemy ten diamond blocks when we've already returned 2/3 of the earned, looted armor, especially when the majority of the so called "victims" are denying any wrongdoing on our part.
Can I get a list of rules broken that weren't made up on the spot for CW's sake?
CrAzy_BeAst said:
IA said:
Yawn..... They gone. Matrixx and heycs something or other.

Hecys not gone yet. His main account maybe so, but he told me he has alot of other accounts he plans to use.

I caught him flyhacking again on another account.. here it is:



You want to re-size those into a readable version? Can Make out Ala something in the middle Dragon
    Information has come to me  that will result in the Banning of Rmrman for using an extra account for five days. The extra account in question is that of  Mcramesy. I swear Mcramesy's account at least started out as a real person. McRamsey52 will be banned until he confirms that he is either back or had lent Rmrman his account. If that is the case PM me immediately.

If there is some information you yourself have to say on this Rmrman please PM me. As it stands at the moment I am quite disappointed, as I expect better of you.
I talked with Rmrman about this incident and am no longer disappointed:smile: I will be lifting the ban on him as well as his brother.
Hmmm, seems like this kinda thing could be cleared up easily with a nice comprehensive set of rules, where everyone could see all the rules, huh?

Lyze said:
Since there have been numerous complaints and issues lately with a lack of clarity regarding the server rules, the Moderation Team will be meeting in one week to discuss, codify, and establish a clear Set of Rules that will be posted (hopefully) on the server site and (definitely) in Centralia's central square, so that there can be no confusion or misunderstanding or miscommunication about the rules and their violation and the resulting consequences

so yeah puppy you can stop whining
From an anonymous mod:
Anon<3 said:
As I said to others....That list for the most part will remain known only to the mods while the more mundane things will be posted

Love you too, Crotchy.
Wellenbrecher said:
That wasn't whining, twat.
how is it not whining, when pretty much every post he's made on the last few pages have been asking about it

not to mention he hasn't been on the server in almost as long as krik, though i might be wrong about that. i certainly haven't seen him anyway

[quote author=Puppy]Love you too, Crotchy.[/quote]
you should hop back on and build roads to the colosseum

edit: also all your pictures are cats
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