Minecraft: Mountain Blade SMP server [closed]

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So the ol' TWCenter community has made somewhat of a comeback. I'll just let Ditronian's text explain it all.

Link: legacyofworlds.com

Legacy of Worlds is a unique Minecraft community. For warriors, it is a place for those looking to elevate themselves to a balanced PvP experience based on skill and merit. For builders, it is a place where architectural brilliance is recognized and respected. Community aspect is important as many players are veterans of other games and communities. Instead of who has the most enchants and potions, skills, diplomacy, and creativity matter most in this server.

The goal of Legacy of Worlds is to provide a permanent place for experienced Community players to build, enjoy their creations and add to them, engage in PvP and factions politics, and explore the server's many interesting and varied worlds. Or just hang out in the forums, read the history and swap stories, enjoy the 3D dynmaps, and the like.   

For special group events, there are many excellent Event maps at Legacy of Worlds, including Push and Siege maps for special community-wide PvP events, Mob Arena, and Gravity Challenge. For exploration, there are a number of Tour worlds included, which showcase the Creative-mode architectural work of various popular communities at Planet Minecraft. For instance the long-lived Broville and Greenfield communities, Old York City including a 1:1 scale Olympic-class ocean liner, and others.
In order to achieve a balanced, realistic and gritty Factions PvP experience, Legacy of Worlds features a wide variety of specific plugins aimed to create the most balanced combat system possible within the limitations of the game. For an unsurpassed Collaborative and Survival experience, several unique and astonishingly detailed maps are provided which can be explored, builds added, and protected for future admiration. 
To ensure community stability, and presence for the long-term, no map restarts are planned other than the special events maps. The goal is to allow players to create and build for years to come without concern that the map will be reset or the server shut down .
Legacy of Worlds vision is maintaining a fun, long-lasting home for Minecraft player communities. A multiyear commitment has already been made, with no shutdowns during low-activity periods. The goal is keeping a permanent presence through the mid-2020s or longer. That said, such a commitment costs money. Donations are welcome, and would be helpful in ensuring the best-performing servers, best-quality presence, and the like.
There is also a need for experienced Admins, Moderators, Content Creators, and other staff dedicated to making Legacy of Worlds a great gaming experience and perennial home for the community. Please contact current staff members for info. 

I believe the server launched something like two days ago.
Wouldn't mind playing on that other server but lost my password and for whatever reason the Minecraft site rejects my card when I try to buy a gamecode -_-

Having said that, if it's still possible to gift it, and someone does, I will buy them a game of equal worth on Steam or something.
e - anyone?
Lmao just got back to this thread after a bit of a nostalgia binge. This whole ****ing thread kills me. (It's me Ash [Mat_FTW] BTW.)

God I was such a dickhead I love it.
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