Minecraft: Mountain Blade SMP server [closed]

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My Minecraft server is now closed for various reasons. Sorry, guys.

Original post below:

OK, so I was talking about setting up a Survival Multiplayer server for Minecraft. Well, it's open now. Head over here for the webpage with all relevant info:

Mountain Blade Minecraft SMP server website

My in-game name is "Brettflan" (a shortening of my real name), but don't let that stop you from treating me like any other player. I will be playing without using any Admin/Op abilities, except to repair things on the spawn platform, investigate griefing incidents, or do other absolutely necessary stuff.
Comrade Temuzu said:

Also, I thought we could kill other players? But it might be better this way.

EDIT. Nevermind, read the site for a bit.

Yeah, sorry, I had an unfinished sentence which I missed when typing up the post. The corrected part:
The spawn platform should be relatively safe, unless another player decides to attack you. Attacking other players will not get you banned unless you're simply attacking people as they respawn and have been reported as doing so by several people. Otherwise, anyone is fair game if you think you can deal with them and their friends.
I plan to build my base around
Anyone want to join me?
Awesome! I guess I'll finally get back to playing survival multiplayer, for the first time in quite a while.
I should also add that boats are supposedly broken with the current version of hMod I'm running. So, avoid using them for now.
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